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Thursday 2 June 2016

Coronation Street Weds 1st June episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. As the big ratings week is all over now, this week is dealing with the aftermath.

In the opening scene, Beth is discussing how she always squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, in order to get as much use out of it as possible. And that is what tonight's episode did. Every thin drop of story was wrung out in what was most definitely a bridge episode.

The bulk of tonight's episode was, of course, dedicated to the aftermath of the discovery of Callum's body. However, I can see this aftermath going on for way too long and becoming afterlongdivision. Jason bumps into Sarah on the Street, having been released from questioning and shouts the odds. She can't even look him in the eye as she brushes her way past. Todd advises him that threatening people is not the best way to prove his innocence and later seeks out Sarah to talk to her himself. However, her mind is elsewhere and she does not want to be questioned by her ex-boyfriend of many moons ago, especially when today, 1st June, should have been the twelfth birthday of their son Billy. It is after this that things take a turn for the worst, and the downright strange.    While out on the cobbles, Billy (the Vicar one) tries to strike up a conversation with her but she's distracted when her mind sees something. Shoving baby Harry into the arms of Billy, she runs off into the next street, scream-crying Callum's name. Surprisingly, Callum is nowhere to be seen. She's imagined him- or as she later puts it, she's seen his ghost. Todd has become heavily involved, obviously wanting to clear his brother's name, and pays another visit to Sarah that evening. She lets him into the flat and begins to spout a bunch of claptrap about hidden worlds and ghosts. She's started to believe that people can see the dead. When Todd tries to make sense of what she's saying, she bursts into a fiery meltdown and throws him out of the flat, leaving him shocked and suspicious. She even does that very soap thing of slamming the door and proceeding to slide down it, her face awash with tears. I'd love to know whether that particular action is written in the script. I've seen countless episodes close with that now cliché "slide down the door while crying" thing.

"Did you see someone?"
"See who?"

"Some people say there's like this spirit world that we just don't see"
"What you on about?"
"I didn't believe it but what if some people do see the dead?"
Chesney is apologising to Sinead for going to work yesterday after persuading her to turn down a lucrative modelling job so they could spend time together.  Sinead then went and got drunk and attempted to snog Aiden. Chesney, of course, doesn't know that last little bit. Yet. The day continues and over at the factory, Sinead cannot concentrate. She apologies to Aiden for actions and he reassures her that everything is fine. Or it would be, if Eva hadn't just walked in at that moment. Suspicion begins to arise for Chesney after Fiz accidentally lets him know she wasn't with Sinead all evening.  Over at the factory, Eva coaxes an answer out of her boyfriend and things begin to unravel later that night in the Rovers. Conveniently, the only space left for Chesney and Sinead to sit is in the booth also occupied by Eva and Aiden. Eva wastes no time in getting her claws into the blatant hussy. In actual fact, Eva knows Aiden was far from being unfaithful and is, for some reason, taking great pleasure in embarrassing poor Sinead (albeit with a couple of fabulous idioms) and revealing all to Chesney. Why she would do this,  I have no idea whatsoever. It would be very unlike Eva to bully someone as meek as Sinead in such a manner. Surely Eva is intelligent enough to realise that when Sinead tried to snog Aiden, she was- as she put it- three sheets to the wind. Typically, Chesney storms out, accusing Sinead of lying. What a silly storyline. Sinead would be so much better off if she just dumped duller-than-dishwater Chesney, got on with her modelling and became Weatherfield's answer to Katie Price.

"You not having hair of the dog, Sinead?"
"Oh well, I heard you were three sheets to the wind last night"
Elsewhere, Roy and Cathy announce their engagement to a thrilled Anna and Fiz. However, only moments later, Roy receives a phone call from Sylvia asking him to come visit her as she claims to be ill again. However, she does mention a fall out with Auntie Jean, so this seems a far more plausible reason for her to want Roy to be with her. From what I remember, Sylvia was a headstrong battle-axe, reminiscent of the wonderful Ena Sharples, someone who would most certainly not ask for fuss when ill. Later on, much to the surprise of Anna and Cathy, Roy returns home. He decided not to visit his mother after all. He reveals that he had called his Aunty Jean and in terms of health, Sylvia is no worse off than usual. The pair of them have however, had a falling out about the location on the wheelie bin. Instead of traipsing to Syliva's side, Roy put the day to some use and went shopping. He stiffly hands Cathy a small box, in an attempt to get his priorities right. Cathy opens the box to find an engagement ring and gleefully slides it on her finger. Cathy will never be Hayley, but I doubt there could have been a better replacement for her. 

"On a day for getting my priorities right... I bought you this"
Over at the Kabin, the latest attempt at a comedy storyline unfolds. As we know, Norris is looking to get some loose slates replaced on his roof. He is standing behind the counter with Mary (as much as I love Mary, this is very jarring. It should be Rita he is standing with), inundating her with a lecture on roof slates. Just at that moment, a man walks into the Kabin who just happens to be looking to buy original Edwardian slates. He explains that Edwardian slates can fetch a hefty sum, and Norris is intrigued. He leaves his card for Norris and later offers him said hefty sum over the phone.  Although, typically clever Mary has been doing some background research and finds that is bloke may not be all he says he is. He's looking for slates for an Edwardian summerhouse in the country and had also mentioned having a client at Bramwell Manor, which Mary discovers is owned by the Duke of Gloucestershire, which prompts her to have serious doubts of slate man's integrity.

"Well, you know what they say. If something's too good to be true, it usually is"

Honestly - I didn't enjoy this episode. It was weak in story and as threadbare as Liz McDonald's tights. Sarah's apparent insanity is interesting though and Tina O'Brien must be praised, not only for her performance in this episode but throughout the whole of Sarah's latest trauma. I am also very much enjoying Todd as of late. Oh, and Todd and Billy, my two favourite Corrie men,  seem to be growing closer, something which I applaud wholeheartedly.  There was some good comedy from Mary and Norris, but I'm not really slating this roof storyline to go anywhere.  Also- one thing that bothered me about tonight's episode was the timeframe. I'd assumed that  tonight's episode was set on Tuesday, as Chesney kept making reference to the night before. However, it was most certainly set on Wednesday, as Sarah pointed out. Does this mean that Monday's episode was set on Tuesday? But I'm sure they made reference to the Bank Holiday. I don't know. My head hurts now!

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree that I'd like to see Todd and Billy get together. They seem infinitely more compatible than Sean and Billy... as odd as that may sound.

Anonymous said...

a wierd eрisode - who's writing this rubbish and when is Kate taking over???

abbyk said...

Hate personality changes made to suit a story but that's what happened to our Eva. For characters, integrity = depth. That whole story was so over used it actually put me to sleep. In the morning. After a coffee. Boo!

My spidey sense says that Alistair was hired by Mr. Phelan. TG for Roy, Billy, Sarah and Todd. Again.

Anonymous said...

Sinead and Chesney...please....The moribund Chesney has inexplicably won the hearts of two of the best looking girls on the street (bombshell sexpot Katie and classic American girl-next-door look Sinead) and he STILL looks like he's at Schmeichel's deathbed. To have Sinead endlessly fretting over what she did wrong in this relationship is just masochistic. Even her brief friendship with the hottie in the wheelchair at the hospital had more spark than her relationship with Chesney! Put me out my misery please...they are so stupid together. Chesney needs someone loud and brash and similar in style and looks, like Gemma--who actually WOULD be grateful if he brought her home a free kebab as an apology; Sinead needs someone more sensitive and thoughtful who would appreciate her romantic nature and idealism (eg. a millenial version of Spider N.) jeanie

Anonymous said...

I also agree that Todd and Billy are more suited rather than Billy and Sean.Sean can be self centered, selfish and petty as he was recently to Jenny after she saved Jack Webster from being hit by a tram.
I may be in the minority, but I don't think Cathy and Roy are a good couple either.She seemed happier about the engagement then he does.
I think being a honourable man,Roy only accepted her proposal because she was accidently hit by Carla.
I would love to see Sylvia return and meet Cathy and Alex and see what her son is getting into.

Shells said...

So true about Chesney - no offense to the actor but it defies belief that the character Ches would win those two girls. The character is a wet blanket.

On a side note - I respect that the show doesn't make actors do a lot of kissing and sex scenes. But sometimes seeing a hug instead of a kiss between the characters is more jarring and weird. For example, if you become engaged, would you not plant a kiss on your fiancé instead of going in for a side hug? I think a quick kiss between Cathy and Roy would not be inappropriate. Or a kiss between Ches and Sinead upon arriving home after weeks away.

coconno196 said...

The scriptwriters are letting Chesney down. He had such a spark and a mischievous streak as a little boy but they've made him too serious and boring as he's grown up. Sinead deserves better. Pity Craig is too young for her! And how could Chesney afford to go to Portugal for a month? (or was it longer?) Katie's Mum may have paid for the flight, but what about his loss of earnings?

Tamar said...

I think Craig is Sinead's cousin (or something?) so that would be a different story line all together!

Christine said...

So is Jason still mad at Liz? Or has the whole murder investigation thing made him forget about Tony passing away?

C in Canada said...

I'm with Anon above - bring back Sylvia! The street needs a battleaxe!

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- Didn't Todd steal a boyfriend from Sean some years ago? If so, history would seem to repeat itself. I agree with Anon and C in Canada, bring back Sylvia -- we need those oneliners that only a battleaxe like her can deliver!


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