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Sunday 19 June 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for June 12 - 14

Widow's Weeds: Gemma! Half Black Widow and half goth punk, I think!

Blame shifter award: yes, it takes two to make a relationship work but Michelle can't put the blame on Steve for the choices she made.

What a coincidence award: Marian has come to Billy's church and wants to have Callum's funeral there. I thought poor Billy was either going to pass out or vomit on the spot!

Classic Literature award: Amy is reading one of my all time favourite books, Little Women.
Fashion award: Sally's new outfit for the Council do really was nice. Even soaked in beer!
Dirty drunk award: Nick.

Stormy weather: Michelle stormed out and everyone used the same terminology!

The Law is the Law: A Not-Guilty verdict would set a dangerous precedent so Guilty it is.

Rock and a Hard Place award: Sean wants Todd to convince Billy to take him back. Todd. The man Billy is falling for.

Manipulator award: Alex is perfectly capable of making decisions on his own, including manipulating Cathy to get what he wants.

Architectural Fail: Tim. He's too macho to read instructions. I've seen sandcastles better built.

Lines of the Week:
Todd to Billy "You're just another bloke trying to do his best"
Steve to Michelle "Putting salt on your cornflakes is a mistake. what you did is in a different league" (she's still making herself out to be the victim, isn't she?)
Sean "You're dumped" and "somehow, I've managed to turn the local clergyman into a love rat"
Sally "I really wanted to make a splash" (asked and answered! I was waiting for it and was rewarded with a huge laugh!)
Billy "A gay vicar with a junkie brother"
Jason to Todd "Who do you think he was, the Penguin?"
Michelle "When you storm out, you can't just waltz back in"
Jason "He weren't no angel. But he weren't no killer either"
Sally "Successful people don't have days off, they just fit moments of leisure in between work"
Alya "What is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?" Yasmeen "Orangeries aren't as common" (That's Sally told.)
Tim "There are real men and quiche-eating instruction readers, which do you want to be?" Craig "Always liked quiche" Tim "oh yeah, me too. Quiche Lorraine" Craig "I've always wondered who Lorraine is" Tim "Yeah, imagine being famous for quiche!" (It's a region of France, actually)
Yasmeen "it's a work of art, The Leaning Shed of Weatherfield!"
Eva "Mary! I can totally see you in the desert with an Arab prince, like with one of them harlems"

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Rapunzel said...

Playing out Her Mother's Script Award - Amy, who has apparently spent most of the last few years in her room - just like her mother did in the '80s.

Anonymous said...

What did She Expect? award-Michelle,If the roles were reversed and Steve had a brief fling with a childhood sweetheart,I doubt Michelle would be 'grateful'they didn't go all the way and forgive Steve so quickly but that's what she expects him to do by playing more games instead of showing genuine remorse for her betrayal?

Zagg said...

Ugh....Gemma. I am so not happy that they brought her back. What a completely ridiculous character.

Anonymous said...

What is with the writers? Steve and Michelle are a middle aged couple acting like a pair of 13 year olds..Michelle kissed another guy..omg..too bad she didn't shag the hell out of him. Then Steve would have something to cry about instead of this kiddie crap. And Steve is a dog anyway so they deserve each other IMO.


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