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Sunday 5 June 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 30 - June 3

Conclusion leaping award: Sarah's nearly incoherent rantings made Todd believe she was the one that killed Callum. You can see where he might think that.

Hypocrite award: Chesney didn't want Sinead to work so they could spend the day together and dropped Sinead the instant his mate Gemma needed encouragement to go to work.

Weird Science award: After 8 months, could they really tell to an exact date when Callum received the head wound that killed him?

Mean Girls award: Eva for embarassing, nay, bullying Sinead about the sloppy attempt to kiss Aidan when she knows full well she's probably done similarly stupid things in the past.

Pet Owner fail: Gemma, kept forgetting to feed the guinea pig Callum gave her. It died.

History repeats itself award: Chesney is overreacting to Sinead's drunken attempt to kiss Aidan. You may remember he shot his relationship with Katy to bits over a mere kiss, as well.

Lines of the week:
Phelan "I've got bigger fish to fry as far as this street's concerned" (Bring it on!)
Sarah "What if some people do see the dead?"
Gemma about her guinea pig "I called him Ginga Ninja"
Fiz "Her mate's just died!" Sinead "Oh Boo Hoo. He was a drug dealer. It's been ages since I had a Chinese"
Gail "A middle aged woman half his size? What am I supposed to do? Hit him over the head with a frying pan?" (Yeah, pretty much)
Roy "Funny 'Ha Ha' has never been my forte"
Chesney "So now you're blaming me?!" (yes. It was your fault)
Gail "People are going to think we're cursed!"
David "Thanks for that, Gail. Your Mother of the Year badge is in the post"
Todd "I'm thinking now I know what it's like to be caught between a rock and a hard place"

Plot Hole Alert!  Carla's empty flat... appears to have a spare room. I heard someone refer to it on the day the Platts moved in. If there had been a spare room in Carla's flat, Carla never had to sleep on the sofa on the night of the fire and let Amy have her bed! There was a spare room for her to sleep in even if she did let Amy have her bed rather than Amy sleep in the spare room. And I don't believe Gail would really want to sleep in Carla's flat considering how she feels about her and Nick's own flat just next door. It's just ludicrous that they would all pile into a two bedroom flat from an already overcrowded three (four counting the grannex) bedroom house.

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Anonymous said...

Who are these "bigger fish" Phelan's got to fry? Hopefully he'll be taking Eileen's house off her and cause her ruination, so she ends up leaving the Street - well, I can dream!

And maybe she'll take awful Gemma with her, that would be the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of Phelan taking Eileen's house as well as Jason's business a la Alan Bradley and see her reaction as she realises too late she should've heeded Anna's warnings and Todd's suspicions but who's dropped the ball keeping an eye on Phelan because of his concern for Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite of the decade - Steve..he was having it off with Becky right under Michelle's nose but she snogs another bloke and he's ready for divorce court? Please.

coconno196 said...

It's the scriptwriters moving the goalposts again. When Michelle almost told Steve about Will, she got him to understand how neglected and insecure she felt about him staying in Spain for so long and seeming to be happy without her in spite of her supporting him through his depression. Steve was then very apologetic, so if Michelle now confesses that Will exploited her unhappiness and tried to draw her into an affair, but she didn't go through with it, surely Steve could forgive her? Not least because he was partly responsible for the situation.

Anonymous said...

Todd's "permanent" scar on his cheek seems to have healed in that pic.

C in Canada said...

About the spare room - that was Carla's old apartment that got demolished in the fire. Perhaps the new apartment does have a spare room after being rebuilt.

Unknown said...

Also, why did Carla leave all her kitchen appliances, cushions and ornaments in the flat?! Surely she would of taken them with her?


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