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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Tues 14 June

Tuesday 14th June (One hour)
SARAH’S BEHAVIOUR IS OF GRAVE CONCERN When Bethany asks Sarah to help her with her exam revision, Sarah stares into space. Bethany’s hurt. Kylie suggests to Max he might want to attend his Dad’s funeral but Max refuses. Against the family’s advice, Sarah sets off for Callum’s funeral. In a panic, David tells Todd that Sarah’s gone to the funeral, which can only be bad news. Todd agrees to fetch her back. As nervous Billy prepares for the funeral, Lee appears at the back of the church and begs Billy for money but Billy refuses. As Marion places a photo of Callum next to his coffin, the pressure becomes too much for Billy and he hurries from the pulpit. Todd finds Billy and orders him to get on with the service for Marion’s sake. Marion thanks Sarah for coming and suggests that she’d like to be involved in Harry and Max’s lives. Sarah gazes blankly at her. Lee watches from a distance. In the Rovers, Lee approaches Sarah and introduces himself.
JASON AND PHELAN DON’T SEE EYE TO EYE As Phelan and Jason set off in the van, Phelan notices the yard gates are unlocked. Forming a plan, he phones a mate and instructs him to steal the conservatory glass that’s earmarked for the Nazirs. Jason and Phelan arrive back at the yard to discover the glass has gone. Phelan acts surprised whilst Jason blames himself for failing to lock up.
ALEX DRIVES CATHY TO DISTRACTION When Cathy opens a card from Nessa, she’s shocked to read that she’s moving to Bali until Christmas. Alex insists he’s not bothered. Egged on by his mate Jordan, Alex pulls a sickie, making out to Cathy that he’s actually really upset about his mum. Cathy gives him the afternoon off. When Alex shows Gemma a video of him racing cars with Jordan, he fails to notice Cathy peering over his shoulder. Cathy berates Alex for driving illegally and orders Jordan out.
ELSEWHERE On Sally’s orders, Tim sets about building a summerhouse in the garden and enlists the help of Craig. Sally returns home and is appalled at the wonky summerhouse. Sharif and Yasmeen watch in amusement as she drags Tim inside for a dressing down. Bethany confides in Craig that she walked out of her exam. Kylie and Max plant a tree on the Red Rec to commemorate Callum’s life. Sean finds Billy upset in the Rovers and suggests they could start again. Will Billy agree?

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Anonymous said...

Sean, ever the narcissist, must assume that Billy is upset because they've split... rather than Billy having an entire life beyond Sean that is actually what's bothering him. Naturally Sean would assume that Billy getting back together with him would fix him right up. What a jackass.

Tvor said...

Billy was upset *when* he told Sean they were not getting back together and since Billy hasn't been completely honest with Sean about the true depth of what was bothering him, why wouldn't Sean think it was the breakup that was upsetting Billy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, not looking forward to the Alex storylines. Annoying & embarrassing to see so-called "friends" playing him for a mug.

MartesBC said...

Anon 11:56 that's kind of the way I feel about Jason and the Phelan storyline. Alex can be developed out of this quest for independence at all costs and make a home on the Street.


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