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Thursday 9 June 2016

Coronation Street Weds 8th June episode review

Happy birthday, Andy!

Hiya! As usual, it's Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. This post is a bit special as it marks my one year anniversary of writing for the blog. How that time has flown!

Tonight's episode started off at number 11 and morning is interrupted in the Grimshaw house when the police arrive. They've come to question Todd again, after he confessed to them in Monday's episode that it was Tony who killed Callum. Of course, we know who really killed Callum and Todd's "confession" was nothing more than a desperate ploy to save his brother from being framed. The ridiculously patronising inspector we've had the misfortune to endure since the case began makes an unwelcome return. After giving a dramatic speech, she suggests that Jason, Tony and Todd were all involved in Tony's murder. She gives this ludicrous proposal with the same smug look she always wears. As the audience who know who killed Callum,  it is easy to revel in the fact that she is completely off the mark. It is later implied that this theory has been discarded Jason refuses to believe that his dad, who he is still grieving for, could have possibly killed someone. Over at the café, Eileen is trying to persuade Jason that Todd may be telling the truth. He is having none of it though and Eileen is wrong yet again. When did she become so bad at reading a situation?! The darling Billy has been unwillingly dragged into all of the Callum shenanigans ever since Sarah confessed to him.  He vents to Todd about having to go along with Todd's fictitious confession and knowing what Sarah told him is putting him under such pressure that he is now questioning himself, and his faith. This, coupled with the sudden reappearance of his rough brother, is putting strain on his already chemistry-lacking relationship with Sean.  Needless to say, Sean is being kept in the dark about details but he knows that Billy is not happy.
"The longer I go along with this, the more I'm starting to question myself, my faith.
I'm risking everything I believe in"
"Right. Then, what are you gonna do?"
"I don't know"

The pair decide to go out for lunch at the Bistro to try and rectify things, but just as Sean is ordering his steak, Billy receives an urgent phone call from Todd. He's just found Lee collapsed in the ginnel as a result of a drug overdose. As Billy runs out of the Bistro, citing work as his excuse to leave. Todd helps Billy load his drugged-up long-lost brother into his car to take him to hospital. Later on, Todd and Billy arrive back on the Street and Billy thanks Todd for acting fast and saving his brother's life.  Sean just happens to be watching on the corner when he sees Billy and Todd hug. Soapland logic tells him that this means they are having an affair. Not yet, Sean, but I'm sure they soon will be! Billy and Todd work far better than Billy and that disaster of a stereotype.
"I'm coming with you"
"No way"
"Oh right. Who else is gonna help you, eh? Sean? He doesn't even know Lee exists"

The silly saga of Steve and Michelle also played out heavily in tonight's episode. Steve gurned his way through a number of scenes in which he simply acted petty towards and about poor Michelle. Monday's revelation that she kissed Will while he was away has certainly put the pub owners on the rocks. He acts unreasonably towards her, conveniently forgetting that he had a full-blown affair with Becky several storylines ago. This was brushed under the carpet by Steve on Monday though, when he suggested that it didn't matter because he and Michelle weren't married then. So now they've both signed a piece of paper which entitles one of them to inheritance should the other one die, that makes a difference and means Michelle should not be forgiven, even though her act of infidelity was minute compared to his. Brilliant logic there, Steve. His idea that he has been made a fool of is borderline infuriating. Get over it!  Near the end of the episode, the wonderful Amy bursts in and asks them why they are being so horrible to each other. Steve reassures her that no matter what happens, he will always be her dad. Well done, Steve. Despite your stupidity and somewhat childishness, you seem to have grasped the basics of human biology. However, a comic moment from this storyline shone through tonight when Tim ignored Steve's wittering to think about his lunch.

"Every time I look at her, all I can see is that creep with his hands all over"
"What about dinner- what you having? Hot? Cold? Bread based?"
"Do you know what that feels like?"
"Yeah course I do. I think I'm gonna have chips"

Elsewhere, we welcome the return of the gorgeous Andy who has been away visiting NotDad Michael and Leanne, who had been visiting Peter. It's Andy's birthday and Steph is very eager to see her boyfriend again. However, when they are both at work, Robert cruelly tells them to work rather than celebrate. He's in a dragon-like mood, sniping at everyone in sight. Leanne is no longer a member of staff at the Bistro thanks to Robert but she wants to go back. I'm sure she will though. And anyway, if she doesn't manage to secure herself a job soon, she could easily go back on the game. From serving the punters in the Bistro to servicing punters in hotel rooms. As well as this, at number 5, Craig is ill. Beth initially thinks her Craigey is ill with a stomach bug, but it soon transpires that this illness is self-inflicted. Yep, Craig's got himself a hangover. How? Well, if you think back to Monday's episode when something suspicious was going on at number 4 and Tim wouldn't let Sophie into the house, it turns out that Tim is being naughty while Sally is away. He's been brewing beers- and lots of it. Even Craig has sampled a bit of it- or a lot of it. To make Craig talk about his indulgence, she fabulously holds the radio to his ear and plays cheesy pop til he spills the beans. Beth is initially furious with Tim, but Sophie cleverly settles things by giving Beth some of Tim's home-brewed beer for herself. What a brilliant way to appease a woman such as Beth! She can now indulge herself in very strong beer as long as she doesn't carry out her original threat and tell all to Sally when she returns.

"What is that?!"
"Whigfield. Now spill. It's a slippery slope, y'know.
I've seen that Amy Winehouse film"

As a whole, tonight's episode was rather flat. The dramatic twist of Lee being found in the ginnel didn't really amount too much and I fear that there is a long, dragged out road ahead for the Platts/Grimshaws/Billy. But at least we got to see more of Todd and Billy growing closer. The pair of them are just screaming out to be coupled off together. I am very pleased to see Andy return; he has been missed, as has Leanne. It was also great to see Steph back, even though she hasn't been anywhere. I yearn for the writers to give Steph a proper storyline, rather than just waiting tables at the Bistro. Oh, and the less said about Steve and Michelle, the better. Performance of the episode has to go to Lisa George as Beth. Whenever Beth is featured in an episode, a flash of glorious comedy is always guaranteed. I loved her justification of her reaction to Craig's hangover. According to Beth, even though she likes a drink, the whole point of being a parent is to make sure your kids don't make the same mistakes you do.  So even in a flat episode, Corrie always has gem-like moments. 

Corrie isn't on next Wednesday (see the different schedule here) and the week after I am off holidaying in London, enjoying a week of musicals.

I've had a wonderful first year writing for this amazing blog and can't quite believe it's been a year already. I'm so honoured to be a part of the team here.  I read all your lovely comments and would just like to thank you all so much. I'll catch you all in a few weeks!

Until then,

Thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

A week of musicals? Anne Robinson would say something to that! :) - maybe before you time? Anyway, well reviewed. Corrie is seriously limрing along at the mo - can't wait for Kate Oates to save this show, or maybe it's already unsaveable? (John H)

Anonymous said...

Happy blogging birthday! And a spot-on blog today too :)

John McE said...

Although I have no personal experience of being interviewed by the police (honest!), I've seen enough footage on the news of even the worst perpetrators being interviewed, to firmly believe that most of the time, police interviews are conducted in a professional manner.

Yet time and again, Coronation Street portray them as sarcastic bullies, with the current Ms. Plod being one of the worst yet.

It might add to the drama, but I do think that the producers have a duty to portray the police in an accurate manner, which they clearly do not.

Something else the incoming producer will hopefully address.

Anonymous said...

Granted Steve may be over the top but he is allowed to be hurt by Michelle's betrayal.
Frankly Michelle's attitude acting like almost sleeping with her client's fiancée is nothing and worse thinking she's the victim is also getting on my nerves as she seemed more upset about Steve finding out and not immediately forgiving her[as I doubt she would if it was him]then she was about cheating on him with Will.

Anonymous said...

She didn't cheat on him with Will...she was tempted by Will and resisted that temptation which actually shows a lot of character and self-restraint. What makes wedding vows meaningful isn't that you're never tempted--we're all human and beautiful women like MIchelle will face more opportunity than most--it's that you stay true to them despite temptation. In my opinion, she actually proved her love and commitment to Steve--in a very concrete way--by rejecting Will even though she had been abandoned by her husband and was at a low point in her life.

So: well done, Michelle! Unfortunately, the object of your love and loyalty is a whining, self-pitying prat--who actually DID do the dirty on you and DID brazenly lie to your face about it for months. Jeanie

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [15;34]I doubt Will's fiancée Saskia would pat Michelle on the back for not giving in to temptation with Will. Hence my grievance with Michelle acting like she's the 'victim' when she betrayed her client by flirting with her fiancée because she needed attention!
For what it's worth,Steve did not abandon Michelle per se,he was looking after his brother and Michelle wasn't exactly missing him spending most of her time with Carla until her childhood sweetheart conviently showed up.

Dolly Tubb said...

Loving your blogs, Jordan, and happy 1st birthday! Great write up as usual. I'm afraid I've given up on Corrie right now, it's painful to see its charm and character ebbing away like it is. But your updates keep me 'Corrie Current' but without the pain! Thanks, and here's to (at least) another insightful year of blogging!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Well done, Jordan. Happy Blogday! Don't envy you though, having to watch every Wednesday!

I dip in and out these days and am waiting to see if the new producer can pull anything out of the hat. Corrie really needs to find good actors and give them good scripts. How hard is that?

Abercrombie said...

Thank you for the blog, Jordan, always entertaining.

Thank goodness someone has mentioned Steve 'gurning his way through several scenes'. At the risk of incurring the wrath of many Steve supporters, although I do not at all dislike the character, I find his acting skills to convey emotion somewhat lacking. They are a continuum of nail biting and gurning which makes uncomfortable viewing.

Anonymous said...

Well done Jordan for the last year. I have really enjoyed your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Steve..sooo much teenage angst..for a middle aged couple.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I always enjoy your posts so much! I think you are a great addition to the team. :)

I find there's often a flatness to the shows after a Big Event (consider the doldrums we had after the tram crash) -- everything seems irritating and stupid until the Big Event's effects have faded and the storylines can take a different turn. Does anyone else notice that, or is it just me?

Rapunzel said...

I would imagine that cast and crew are simply exhausted after a big week. A lot of extra shooting and stress of the build-up. That could account for the flatness you pick up, Anonymous above

Was it just the light in her hair, or is Leanne returning to her Ginger Spice glory days?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 'big week' filming haррened a lot closer to the time than we think, so these eрisodes were filmed before the actual big week eрisodes, hence different characters and storylines being used just after the big week.

Cobblestone said...

Filming is certainly not a linear process, so I suspect you're right.

vintgal003 said...

Well done Jordan! Always enjoy your 'take' on our beloved show! Your addn. of pictures/captions adds a stellar touch! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Jordan....forgive me if this is the wrong episode...there is no mention of Simon and his personality transplant. lol
I wondered if his new interest in cooking was the door opening for him to have a father figure in Robert and the coupling of Leanne and Robert.....we shall see.
Enjoyed your update.

coconno196 said...

Good spot. I'd far rather see Leanne with Robert than Nick yet again. Also wonder how Simon is suddenly cured and did he go to school during his several months in Portsmouth? Plus, what happened to Peter's job abroad,the reason why Simon couldn't live with him?!

MartesBC said...

Happy blog day! And enjoy your week of musicals. Poor Leanne though, casting her back into her past career is so sad 😔. I guess Simon’s cooking will connect what he might have learned from his dad (cook in navy?) and Robert. Good catch posters above.


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