Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tracy's graveside grief in Coronation Street

It's been almost a year since Deirdre Barlow passed away - July 8 2015.  Next week on Coronation Street, the anniversary of Deirdre's death is remembered when Tracy visits her mum's graveside to lay some flowers.

Tracy has to go to her mum's graveside alone, says Inside Soap magazine. Ken and Amy have fallen out with her. Robert has stopped talking to her and Ken even tells Tracy he doesn't want to visit the grave with her. But as Tracy lays the flowers on Deirdre's grave, she gets an unexpected couple of visitors in the form of Robert and Amy who have come to make amends.

You can relive all of Deirdre Barlow's 42 years on Coronation Street with the official ITV tribute book: Deirdre, a Life on Coronation Street.

The Little Book of Carla Connor
A Decade in the Life of a Soap Queen

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Tracy is so self-centered, I'm surprised she even remembers Deirdre's anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I would like the grave to open up and swallow her into it.

coconno196 said...

A "Carrie" moment?

Anonymous said...

Derelict Cumberpatch,I thought the same thing about Ken and considering he dated Cathy's sister three months after Deirdre's death,I'm surprised he remembered Deirdre's anniversary too.
Tracy visiting her mother's grave seems like a sympathy ploy and I'm not buying it.
Perhaps while she's at the cemetery, Tracy can visit Kal's and Maddie's grave to apologise?

70sStreetFan said...

It just beggars belief that no matter what Tracy does,she's always forgiven in a matter of days or weeks at most.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Is this meant to signal Tracy's redemption? I guess the soap mag interviews will say that she has had a wake-up call. Too late for me to care.

C in Canada said...

@Humpty Dumpty - we've been waiting for that moment forever, it never seems to come, so I'm not holding my breath!
I really don't give a rat's behind about Tracey anymore, she leaves a trail of misery in her wake without any consequences.

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