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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Preview of tonight's hour long Coronation Street - Weds 29 June at 9pm

Wed 29th June - for one hour at 9pm

JASON’S MOMENTOUS DECISION DEVASTATES EILEEN As Gemma appears from the kebab shop, Jason turns on her, demanding to know which of Callum’s mates torched his van. Gemma denies all knowledge. Phelan sows the seed in Jason’s mind and suggests he should take a break until the Tony scandal has died down. As Eileen, Todd, Sean and Billy ready themselves for Jason’s birthday meal at the bistro, Jason announces he’s leaving and Phelan has kindly offered to look after the business. Phelan furtively phones his mate and thanks him for torching Jason’s van.
LEANNE HAS A GENTLEMAN CALLER Robert continues to goad Zeedan, suggesting he’s got the hots for Leanne. Zeedan’s embarrassed. Tracy calls in the bistro and complains that her kidney is causing her pain. Robert’s dismissive and reckons it’s just a ruse to try to worm her way back in. Nick calls at Leanne’s flat and apologises for his earlier behaviour. He admits to Leanne that he still has feelings for her and tries to kiss her.  Leanne resists and Nick heads home mortified. Leanne listens to the messages on her phone from Nick then Robert, then Zeedan. She’s interrupted by a visitor and invites them in. As Leanne’s visitor lets himself out, Leanne sits with her head in her hands, deeply regretful of what just happened.
STEVE’S TICKING CLOCK BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE Steve and Michelle exchange an awkward farewell, neither willing to admit they’re heartbroken. Michelle’s taxi pulls away and Steve watches, devastated.
ELSEWHERE Chesney and Sinead dupe Kirk and Beth into spending the evening together at No.5 in the hope they can sort out their differences. However, their plans are thwarted when Norris calls round and begs Kirk to return to No.3 citing a problem with his electricity. Having looked at Norris’s fuse box, Kirk realises he’s been conned. But when Norris shows Kirk the new board game he’s bought, Kirk feels sorry for him and agrees to stay for a game.

JASON’S DEPARTURE LEAVES PHELAN SMILING Jason reaches a decision and announces to Eileen and Phelan that he’s leaving for Thailand later today. He visits Sarah in hospital and tells her of his plans. Sarah gives him her blessing and insists he must forget about Callum and enjoy himself.  Eileen, Todd and Sean bid Jason an emotional farewell. Phelan gives a smile of satisfaction as Jason’s taxi pulls away.
AMY SETS UP STEVE AND MICHELLE Amy berates Steve for letting Michelle go, pointing out she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Subdued Steve admits Amy’s right. Maria lets herself into Carla’s flat and is startled to find Michelle there. Michelle explains that the job on the cruise ship fell through but Steve mustn’t find out she’s back. When Amy tells Maria how much she misses Michelle and how much Steve misses her too, Maria’s conflicted. Michelle heads out of the flat and is taken aback to find Steve waiting for her. Amy admits she set them up. Steve begs Michelle to give him another chance. Will they reunite?
 IT’S THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE FOR LEANNE Determined to make a fresh start, Leanne tells Eva she’s going to look for a new job. She resigns from the bistro leaving Robert flummoxed. Leanne apologises to Nick for messing him about but tells him she’s decided to go for a completely clean break and look for a new job. Nick’s understanding.
ELSEWHERE In the flower shop Tracy suffers a stab of pain and doubles over. Beth takes her to the medical centre where the doctor refers her to the transplant clinic. When Kirk admits that he fell asleep over a board game at Norris’s and that’s why he didn’t come home, Chesney tells him it’s time to choose between Beth and Norris. Kirk finally snaps and tells Norris he’s happy to visit him now and again, but Beth is his wife and he loves her. Beth’s thrilled.

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