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Thursday 30 June 2016

Coronation Street Weds 29th June Episode Review (9:00pm)

Hiya! It's just Jordan - back again after my two-week absence from the blog. I've had a fabulous week enjoying musicals in London and now I'm back, ready for some Corrie-reviewing. Although, I was unsure how I could manage watching three episodes in one night so Rachel kindly reviewed the first third (!) of last night's episodes.

The second episode last night picked up exactly where the first had left off: Jason's van has been torched and is roaring with flames, the ever-loyal emergency services fighting to extinguish the fire. The police are straight there, too. I think the emergency services are going to take up board in Gail's house. There's enough room. The culprit of the crime, for now, remains a mystery. But I've got a sneaky Phelan I know who was behind it all. At number 11, Pat does some more medalling for no apparent reason when he persuades Jason to leave Weatherfield. They're interrupted by Todd, who calls in to see how things are. Pat coldly assures him that they are fine, but his persuasions are put on hold when Todd mentions that the toilet at the shop needs fixing. Jason jumps at the chance, only to take his mind off things. Todd's not daft though and he looks rather suspicious when he sets eyes on the pantomime villain that is Pat Phelan. Out on the Street, Todd reveals the day's drama to David, rather unenthusiastically explaining that Jason thinks it was friends of Callum who torched the van. By this time, Jason has fixed a toilet at lightning speed and is back in the clutches of Phelan, who offers to take him for a drink.  They return from the pub, Jason now unwilling to go out for a birthday dinner and hell-bent on leaving. Pat steps out to buy a bottle of wine and on the way, calls a friend to congratulate them on the fine job they did of torching the van.

"You still haven't said where you're going or for how long"
"Well, I haven't decided yet, Mam"

"You did really well. In fact, it worked out better than I could have dreamt"

Leanne is struggling to choose between two men yet again, but Robert seems to have warmed to the idea of employing her at the Bistro while she cooks up a "business" venture with Nick at the same time. She pops out of work and invites her two-time ex-husband round to discuss their plans. But then she makes cups of tea and the emotional speech from Nick about how he misses her. Or something. Leanne tries to rightly point out that he is not over Carla yet. I find it silly that he'd be genuinely confessing his undying love for Leanne only weeks after marrying Carla for five minutes. Thankfully, when he leans in for a kiss, she stops him and he leaves. But later on, after a glass of wine an listening to a few voicemails from a pathetic Nick, she looks pleased when a mystery caller turns up at her door. In the next scene, there are two empty wine glasses on the kitchen countertop. Hmm. What has gone on there I wonder?

"You always did it for me. And you always will."

Elsewhere, the Michelle/Steve farce limps along on our screens as Michelle has accepted a singing job on a cruise. Liz has apparently come back from Spain to sort all this out,  but yet again, she has failed to offer relationship advice successfully. Somehow, she has secured this job in a matter of days and Steve simply wishes her well as he watches her get into the back of a cab. She hugs her new best friend Maria and apparently leaves.  It really irritates me how she's now best friends with Maria. I know they're family but they seldom spoke before Carla left. And now they've both forgotten all about Carla. Michelle should be on the phone to Carla lamenting about how pathetic her love life is. As well as all this, the Kirk/Beth/Norris farce continued, with Chesney and Sinead plotting together to get the two talking at the same time. In such an original plot device, Chesney invites Kirk round for a lads' night in, while Sinead persuades Beth to have a night in with her and watch a film. Typically, though, this does not go to plan when Norris intervenes. He pops round (obviously missing his new housemate) and a problem at the house causes Kirk to run back to number 2 and mardy Beth flings a bowl of popcorn right into the air before storming upstairs.

But it doesn't end there! In the second episode, we're into actual Wednesday now. And Jason has made up his mind- he's going to...Bangkok! Y'know because, just hopping on a train to London isn't good enough. Eileen is obviously distraught to see her son go to a land of diseased water and beautiful sights but doesn't seem to stop him. Over at Preston's Petals- now renamed Preston's Problems- is a hotbed for lamenting as Todd, Tracy and Beth all vent their problems to each uncaring other. Leaving Beth and Tracy to fight over who has the biggest dilemma, Todd spots his brother outside of the shop and follows him home for a pep talk and reminds him of Sarah- the woman who has ended up on the psychiatric ward thanks to all of the Platt/Logan/Grimshaw drama. Todd reminds him that while he runs off to a Thai beach, she can't. In a rather touching couple of scenes, Jason goes to visit Sarah and she supports his decision to emigrate at the drop of a hat. In a soft wispy voice, she asks him to send her a picture of an elephant.

"I think that Thailand sounds lovely. They have elephants there, don't they?"
"Yeah. Yeah they do"
"Promise me you'll send me a picture of you with one"
"I promise"

The wonderful Amy Barlow was playing her usual cunning games in last night, fearlessly voicing her strong opinions on her dad's decision to throw away his marriage to Michelle. Much to Maria's surprise, Michelle turned back up at the flat early in the morning. She got herself to the conference for her cruise job thing in Leeds and backed out when she was asked to fill in part of a tribute act with bunch of eighteen-year-olds. She  has booked a flight to Ireland for tonight and has sworn Maria to secrecy about her return.

"And then he tells me that one of the other singers has dropped out and would I
mind filling a slot? Part of some tribute act"
"The Spice Girls"
"And who did they want you to be?"

 Later on, Maria bumps into Amy in The Kabin and is guilt-tripped into spilling the beans to Amy when she tells her how upset she is that Michelle has gone. Naturally, Amy tells all to Steve and the trio seem to have hatched a plan to get Michelle back for good. Steve is waiting outside Victoria Court as the taxi the train station (even though she's going to the airport) arrives Michelle agrees to talk to him, If he joins her in the back seat as she's going to be late. Steve tells the taxi to pull up outside the Rovers and the pair reconcile, much to Amy and Maria's delight. Amy runs into number 1 to alert Ken of the good news, but much to her dismay, Tracy is also there. She's been suffering from pains, presumably from her Moroccan kidney and even had to visit the doctor. Still, Amy refuses to have anything to do with her mother.

"Michelle loves you. Just like your dad loves you"
"I'm a product of broken Britain. They make documentaries about kids like me"

"This is your future. Our future"

Elsewhere, Reconciliation Street continued as Kirk finally decided to ditch Norris with a comically-charged speech and made up with Mrs Sutherland. Prior to this, Beth had been the source of ever-hilarious jibes towards Norris. While I enjoyed the double act of Kirk and Norris, it could not have lasted and I much prefer the double act of Beth and Kirk. A true Corrie couple and Lisa George as Beth is one of the few characters I'd be more than happy to watch for the next 50 years. Oh, and Street Cars will not be sure whether they're coming or going- as one taxi went to the next street and another actually made it to the airport. Jason has left the Street, after an emotionally charged goodbye with the lovely Eileen, the lodgers and his brother. Congratulations on surviving his sixteen years of drama, and best of luck to Ryan Thomas!

"How could you choose that owl in a cardigan over me?!"
"I'll have you know this cardigan is very on trend"
"Yeah, well, shame your face isn't!"

"I've got some prawn cocktail crisps in for later"
"Don't you rub Kirky's prawn cocktail in my face!"
"That's enough. Beth- you're my wife and I love you"

Wow! That was a long review- and well done to you if you got to the end. I personally did not enjoy three episodes of Corrie in one night. It was hard work to watch them all. But, out of the three episodes, I enjoyed the final one the most. Small storylines were wrapped up and we bid farewell to a long-standing character.  Performances of the episode(s) go to Lisa George as Beth, Elle Mulvaney as Amy and Sue Cleaver as Eileen. Three wonderful performances, comedy and emotion in excellent measures.

As always,

Thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

The bit with Norris might be somewhat silly but it does serve to address the loneliness of seniors and gives Kirk the spotlight for a bit. Although I've no idea why Beth and Norris can't share Kirky, with a couple of nights a week at Norris' playing board games.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon 23.55. Kirk did say that although he wss going back to Beth, he was gonna spend some time with Norris. I do hope tptb keep true to this, as the scenes between Kirk and Norris made a pleasant change

Anonymous said...

Fantastic line, Jordan: "...lamenting as Todd, Tracy and Beth all vent their problems to each uncaring other."


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