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Thursday 30 June 2016

Coronation Street set to be expanded for 6 episodes

Following the announcement yesterday that Coronation Street is moving to six, yes six, episodes per week in 2017, there's more news on what this will entail.

First off, the Coronation Street set will be expanded. The Guardian reports today that the current eight acre set in Trafford, Manchester, will be expanded to accommodate the extra filming.

In an email to staff, ITV producers said they would be holding a series of face to face meetings with staff to discuss the changes and the extra workload it would entail.

Programme makers said teams would be expanded “right across the board” and said the extra episode would enable a wider variety of storylines encompassing more families and give “space for the comedy of the show to really breathe”.

“The talent and commitment of the Corrie team, writers, cast, and crew will be central to making a sixth episode into reality,” said the email.

“We’ll also have substantial investment in our physical infrastructure, extending the current lot and creating additional studio space. And we’ll be able to strengthen and increase our teams right across the board to support making the additional episodes.

“It will also enable us to enhance all the positive things we currently do and are rightly proud of, such as training, apprenticeships, social inclusion, and sustainability.

“Editorially, moving to six episodes will give room for a larger variety of A stories spread more equally across our character groups and families. It will also help us ensure that our lighter stories don’t get squeezed out, giving space for the comedy of the show to really breathe.

“We’ll be going on air with six episodes in the autumn of 2017. That’s over a year away so it gives us the opportunity to define a bespoke Coronation Street solution for how we’ll achieve six, while carefully maintaining and enhancing the quality of what we do.

“To this end we’re setting up a project team of subject matter experts from across Corrie and the business. The team will pull together detailed plans covering all the editorial and operational elements.

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Unknown said...

Six is too much for the older cast, I guess that's one way to get rid of a few. Oh to be back to the days of three-four episodes a week.

C in Canada said...

I hope this means that we viewers in Canada won't get further and further behind the timeline. I hate being a few weeks out as it is.

Anonymous said...

Spreading the already threadbare quality even further is a good way to hasten its demise. Well done.

Anonymous said...

This is a cash grab, a sixth episode will squeeze in more advertisers, that is all. This giving room for lighter side lark is nonsense. You are not making room for more characters, but more commercials.

Anonymous said...

Oh ell, the writers struggle as it is to supply the current 5 episodes. They need to reduce not increase to improve the quality of material, and give the cast chance to rehearse to give their absolute best. This will maybe kill it off!


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