Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Michael's back on Corrie - and ready to face Phelan

Les Dennis is back on screen on Coronation Street next week as Michael Rodwell - and he's going to square up to Pat Phelan.

Off-screen, Les Dennis has been acting in a play in Liverpool. On-screen, his character Michael Rodwell has been living in Brighton. And now Michael is back - should Phelan be scared? Even just a little bit? Probably not, but the dynamics of having him back on the Street will be good to watch.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that Andy and Steph will move in with Michael. I wonder where his heart might lead him this time? Will he fight for Eileen or go back to Gail?

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I would prefer him to go back to Gail, where he belongs. His reasons for leaving her were stupid.

Added to that, I can't see why any man in their right mind would want to be with Eileen.

coconno196 said...

Well said. He's far better suited to Gail than any of the hunks she's managed to bag in the past, which really stretched credulity. I'm just hope she doesn't start fluttering her eyelashes and trying to be seductive. Time she acted like a mature woman.

Anonymous said...

Michael has a weak heart and is not rather good at managing stress. The Platts are all about living on the edge and if he were dumb enough to return to that hornet's nest he will be dead within a year.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I see the beginning of Phelan's downfall with Michael and Todd joining forces. Michael should go back to Gail where Phelan can do little to harm him. Agree with above comments that it's about time Gail grew up and that means she keeps off the alcohol. Not authentic, not pretty and definitely not funny.

70sStreetFan said...

Can't bear this pointless character. And certainly don't want him to reunite with Gail,over whom he has a unfathomable and decidedly unfortunate effect.

Anonymous said...

Let the geriatric follies begin.

Anonymous said...

70's street fan, I agree with you completely. I have never liked Michael and find him irritating. Gail acts like a complete idiot any time she is around him. Not looking forward to his return at all.

C in Canada said...

I like Michael, and I hope he also gets back together with Gail, and gets in cahoots with Todd to bring Phelan down!

Anonymous said...

Didn't miss Michael at all and especially not Gail simpering over him. What is that about? How old do the script writers think she is, the way she acts is more like a teen might, and I mean a young teen.

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