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Saturday 18 June 2016

Corrie weekly update - digging a body up to bury it again

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Fresh from being dug up out of a hole in the ground, the body of Callum Logan is buried in another one this week when his funeral takes place.  It’s too much for Billy the vicar to cope with, and he exits his pulpit before the proceedings start. Mind you, there’s hardly a crowd in the church at the funeral of Corrie’s campest villain. Just his mother, his druggie mates and the glorious Gemma in an outfit that must surely win funeral wear of the year.  Oh, and Sarah and Todd turn up too.  Billy of course, is under the misapprehension that Sarah killed Callum (as is Todd) and this is the reason he feels he can’t go through with the funeral, what with Callum’s mum crying in the church. But Todd persuades Billy to give it a go and so the funeral carries on. However, there’s more going on with Billy than Todd knows about until Billy breaks up with Sean and tells Todd he’s got feelings for him. Amen.

Nick gets drunk in the Bistro in a wonderfully funny scene. He’s mourning the loss of Carla of course, but also the loss of his Bistro that he feels Robert robbed him of. He’s living in the past, is Nick, wallowing in it and Leanne isn’t helping by colluding with him. Nope, she’s not helping, not one little bit.
With Sally away in London visiting Rosie, Tim turns the conservatory over to making homebrew. And when Sally returns home dressed in her finery for the Queen’s 90th birthday lunch at the council, the bottles Tim’s beer start exploding, all over Sally. You could see this coming a mile off but when Corrie does comedy, they really do it well.
Relations in the Rovers remain strained and so Michelle moves out and into Carla’s flat. She gets Steve there to talk by pretending she’s afraid of a spider and he comes round armed with a plastic bat.  But Steve and Michelle remain estranged, for now any road.

Phelan swanned around Eileen’s house in her best silk dressing gown this week. Well, when I say silk, knowing Eileen, it’ll be the type of silk that’s not best placed in front of a three bar heater. Phelan gets his claws well and truly into Jason by pretending to care for him as he struggles to cope with Tony’s death. He also takes the bag of Tony’s tools from the yard when the cops come sniffing round, pretending he’s doing Jason the biggest favour of all by hiding the bag which could contain, Jason thinks, the murder weapon used to kill Callum.  When Jason buys the windows to fit into Yasmeen’s orangery, Phelan rings a mate and tells him the windows are there going cheap if he wants to come and nick them, which he does. 

At Weatherfield Court, Izzy is up in front of the judge for possession of cannabis and assaulting a police officer. Her testimony in court is powerful, heartfelt - “It’s not recreational, it’s essential!” - but ultimately falls on deaf ears as the judge finds her guilty on both counts. Sentencing will be made next week.

And finally this week Maria, Kate, Mary and Eva start belly-dancing in a new class at the gym with a new instructor.  And jealous of Yasmeen’s orangery, Sally instructs Tim to erect a shed, sorry, a summer house in their garden.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Catsmom said...

Gemma's funeral outfit reminds me of Keeping Up Apperance's Rose, when she decided to kill herself and was dressed for her funeral. Except Rose had a black veil.

DavidS said...

Has it been explained at any point in the dialogue why Steve's got his arm in a sling? Or is it just a real-life thing that's happened to Simon?

Anonymous said...

Simon fell off his son's mini scooter and damaged his collarbone/shoulder area

Anonymous said...

Linda,I had the same thought too regarding Gemma's outfit and wondered if the writers saw the same episode?LOL!
Instead of playing games,why doesn't Michelle sincerely and genuinely tell Steve how sorry she is for hurting him with Will instead of thinking Steve should be 'grateful'they didn't 'go all the way'.

Karen said...

Didn't a previous tenant have a really nice shed in Yasmeen's back garden? I think the son lived in it.... Or am I in the wrong house?

Tvor said...

Gemma's outfit made me laugh and again when Sally got doused with beer. I did like Sally's outfit, however!
Karen, yes Gary lived in the shed for awhile and then when Owen tore it down and put in a pond, Faye killed his fish out of spite.

Anonymous said...

Rose from Keeping Up Appearances wore the same outfit again when she decided she would become a nun and chased the vicar up a ladder in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Sally looked like Hyacinth Bucket!

Catsmom said...

It's Bouquet!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the people before the windlass's build the shed? I cannot remember their name but they had a lot of kids and the bad mother showed up and was trying to poison the father. Anyone remember this family?


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