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Saturday 4 June 2016

Corrie weekly update - let's go paddling again

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With Carla gone, and the grannexe smashed to pieces, the Platts move up in the world and into Carla’s empty flat. While the cops swarm all over the street looking for Callum’s killer, they interview the Platt lot at the cop shop. Gemma tells the cops that she thinks David killed Callum and Callum’s mum turns up to give David a slap. But David deflects attention from the Platts and pins the blame on Jason, who turns into suspect number one. Sarah continues to have trouble coping and when Todd offers some support, she breaks down and tells him she was involved in Callum’s death. Todd takes this to mean that Sarah killed Callum, and he reports the news to Billy the vicar, who hasn’t a clue what to do.  Meanwhile, up in Carla’s flat, Bethany celebrates her 16th birthday.
Roy has much on his mind this week as he mulls over Cathy’s proposal.  When he gets a call from Sylvia saying she needs her son by her side, Cathy tells him to go. And he sets off to do so, but he doesn’t get very far. He returns, hours later, with an engagement ring for Cathy, telling her that she’s his priority from now on. On a bench on the Red Rec, Roy tells Cathy that when Hayley was dying, and they had their day in Blackpool, Hayley told him that after she’d gone, she hoped he’d paddle in the shallow waters of the sea, with someone else, someone new.  “I think it’s time I went paddling again,” Roy tells Cathy, in a lovely scene that fair broke my heart.

Chesney returns from Portugal and he and Sinead have some catching up to do. So, when Aidan offers Sinead £150 for a couple of hours modelling work, Chesney makes it known he’s not happy about her going off to do this and reluctantly she turns the work, and the money, down. But then Chesney goes into work at the kebab shop and leaves Sinead on her own, as he comforts Gemma who’s having trouble coping as the love of her life (Callum) is dead. Sinead’s upset, as you can expect, with Chesney for being such a blockhead and goes off to get drunk. With the spirits inside her, she leans into Aidan Connor for a kiss. It’s a kiss he brushes off, he knows Sinead’s drunk, but Eva finds out and won’t let it lie. She blurts out the truth to Chesney in the Rovers.  To be honest, I think Chesney and Gemma would make a far better couple than he and Sinead.
Norris gets well and truly ripped off this week when he gives a fella called Alistair a wad of cash to take his damaged roof tiles away. Alistair disappears with both the tiles and the cash, and Norris is left fuming at his own stupidity. However, Alistair reappears to have a word with Pat Phelan, it’s clear that the two of them are working in cahoots. And it’s Pat that gets Norris to agree to him fixing up the roof.

Amy refuses to go back to live with Tracy at No. 1 and moves in with Steve and Michelle at the pub. She answers the back door to a strange man she’s not seen before, it’s Michelle’s fling-man Will.  Amy reckons there’s something going on between Michelle and Will and blackmails Michelle into letting her stay at the pub in exchange for keeping the news about Will from Steve. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Tvor said...

BIG plot hole. Carla's empty flat... appears to have a spare room, or so I heard someone reference on the day the Platts moved in. If there had been a spare room in Carla's flat, Carla never had to sleep on the sofa and let Amy have her bed! There was a spare room for her to sleep in even if she did let Amy have her bed rather than sleep in the spare room. And I don't believe Gail would really want to sleep in Carla's flat considering how she feels about her and Nick's own flat just next door.

Jo said...

Maybe after the fire when the flat was refurbished, the bedroom was split into two? Anything is possible in the world of soap

MartesBC said...

Or maybe she was too drunk to find the spare room? Bad camera angles in there :).

MartesBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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