Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dev and Mary sleep together in Coronation Street

I just love the sound of this from the previews for next week's Coronation Street.  Dev and Mary are going to end up spending the night together. But as you can tell from the preview picture above, all is not what it seems.

Inside Soap magazine tell us that Dev and Mary spend the night together after a mix-up at a spa break hotel. Dev books the  break for himself and Erica but when Erica has to pull out at the last minute, she suggests Mary goes in her place. That's when Mary and Dev end up sleeping in the same bed as the hotel only have a double bed left.  The two of them go up to the bedroom and get stuck into the mini-bar, drink it dry and Dev passes out on the bed.   So when he wakes up the next morning, he can't remember if they did... you know... or they didn't.

Will Mary tell him the truth?

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maggie muggins said...

I love Mary, and I'm not completely averse to Dev (just some of the time). This turn of events looks both comedy gold and cringe-worthy at the same time!

Anonymous said...

What will Mother say?

Anonymous said...

This seems like a really quirky match that might actually be both interesting and entertaining. It might give Mary a sense of stability that will see her focus on being a good example to the twins and being less manic. It might give Dev a chance to get off his faux high horse and enjoy just a normal, everyday relationship with an average kind of woman (instead of the glamour puss and high maintenance women he usually chooses).

MartesBC said...

Thank goodness it's not Steve or she would get pregnant!

Laura said...

I am so SICK of people falling into bed after a few drinks. This would have never happened while he was sober so why is this happening when his inhibitions are gone while drunk? It's a stupid stunt in my opinion. It's amazing anyone can make a lucid decision on this show as they are always drinking....they drink to celebrate, they drink to commiserate...they drink as a solution to all problems.

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