Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kym Marsh "horrified" over attempted sale of alleged sex tape

The Sun today reported that it was offered a film of Kym Marsh (Coronation Street's Michelle McDonald) performing a sex act on a man, believed to be her partner at the time, for £30,000.

A spokesperson for Kym Marsh has now told Digital Spy:  "Kym is understandably horrified at the claims made in today's newspaper. The matter has now been handed to the police who have launched an investigation" 

The source added that The Sun will co-operate fully with any police investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Why is she surprised? The amount of men she has been with, there was bound to be a few bad ones.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will serve as a cautionary tale to teenage girls who look up to her. We complain about government surveillance as invasion of privacy yet we ourselves bring a camera to our most intimate events. I am assuming here she knew she was being recorded. If not then has a right to sue for damages.

vintgal003 said...

Gosh...I have never read a complimentary story about this actress..never....there always seems to be some controversy surrounding here! Either she is engaged to someone / divorcing someone / dumping someone and always seems to don the skimpiest frock she can find. She is a very attractive woman...but come on Kim...scandal seems to surround you!

Anonymous said...

Please consider that such a tape may not actually exist. We shouldn't be quick to make judgements without knowing the facts.

Jo said...

If there wasnt a tape, she would surely laugh it off as most would, if there is a tape, theres lessons to be learned. Dont make it if you dont want it online when an ex is short of cash/jealous/whatever to release it.

C in Canada said...

If you film yourself doing intimate things, there is always the chance it will end up on the 'net.
*sigh* some people will never learn....even from other's mistakes.

Of course, as was noted above, this video may not even exist.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Revenge porn was made a crime last year so The Sun wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Anyway, it's not much of a story; not exactly a senior politician nipping out of a meeting for a quick one. Not only that, Kym Marsh's publicity people will know it's illegal. On the bright side, she's in the news again.

70sStreetFan said...

I do sometimes wish that this woman would just go away!

Anonymous said...

I know I should care but I honestly can't feel anything except suspicion that this is yet another attempt at getting her face in the news. She is a publicity hound, that's for sure.

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