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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, June 19 - 24

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Sunday 19 June to Friday 24 June
Note: More schedule changes next week

Sarah's taken hostage by Lee,  Luke gets suspicious about Caz, Sean and Billy reconcile, Tim’s brewery embarasses Sally, Beth upsets Kirk, Norris plays Boggle.

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Anonymous said...

Alex 'borrows' Roy's car gets a ticket for speeding and Roy is the 'bad guy' with Cathy again for wanting to report him to the police?!How about Alex taking responiblity for his actions?
I also wondered why would Alex want to visit Callum's grave anyway?Callum was nasty to him|!
I hope the Platt drama ends soon.

Anonymous said...

I think Cathy was considering that she was easy on Carla for running her over with the car - this was obviously because of Roy's feelings for no doubt she expected Roy to be considerate of Alex in the same way.
Also..did I miss something? When did Callum and Alex ever cross paths?

Laura said...

Sean and Billy reconcile???? I thought he was going to be paired with Todd?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[17;38]When Alex first started working in the café,Callum came in shouting the odds at Kylie and that's when he was nasty to Alex.
I don't think it's fair for Cathy to take advantage of Roy's feelings for Carla so Alex get away with trouble.
When Carla hit Cathy,it was an accident and there was a lot of confusion,also Carla was genuinely remorseful whereas Alex was not and even lied to Roy about the ticket.
If I were Roy I would be having second thoughts about marrying Cathy whose nephew shirks responsibility and is part of the 'package deal'.

Anonymous said...

Alex has been a useless, free-loading pain in the butt since Cathy invited him to live in Roy's place. Having learned from Cathy that there's no need to respect Roy's space or things he naturally just takes Roy's car, and gets a speeding ticket, and Roy's the bad guy for wanting his boundaries respected - which is complete crap. Carla drove Carla's car into Cathy, which caused a rift for Roy because of his torn loyalties. Alex clearly has only one loyalty, to himself... and that's where Cathy's loyalty appears to be as well!

Please let Michelle get on the nearest cruise ship and depart Weatherfield forever! So sick of the childish nonsense between her and Steve. Just move on already. Also want Sean and Billy to end for good.

The theme of this week is "be careful what you say, you never know who's listening".

Anonymous said...

Norris рlays boggle is the most exciting thing I'm looking forward to ;)

Cobblestone said...

Hope they're just stringing out the breakup before getting to the far more interesting and believable pairing of Billy & Todd.


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