Friday, 17 June 2016

Daniel Brocklebank: 'I've had two people ask me to marry them'

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Coronation Street's Billy the Vicar, is interviewed in TV Times magazine.  He says that some fans really believe he's a vicar in real life.  I can't understand, for the life of me, how fans get actors and characters mixed up like this, but it does happen, I understand.

Daniel says: "A couple of people have called me 'Father' when I've been out, which is a bit odd, and I've had two people ask me to marry them. I should get a licence - I could rake it in! Generally people are lovely but one woman came up to me in a supermarket and told me I was going to hell for playing a gay vicar.  She was wearing a floor-length brown corduroy skirt and I could see the venom in her eyes.  I just said: "Darling, all my sins combined are nothing compared to those of your skirt!"

We're big fans of Daniel and Billy, here on the Coronation Street Blog

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Daniel says his mum is a huge fan of Coronation Street and has told him that he's never to leave.
We say Amen to that.

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Anonymous said...

I originally thought people had proposed to him, which I could completely understand. He is a very attractive man and that vicar's collar just bumps it up to the next level (forbidden fruit, no pun intended). I am a straight woman and if I saw him in his full kit, I might be tempted to propose myself! :)

Sylvia Haynes said...

How bigoted are some religions? used to have a lot of time for the salvation army till I found out how homophobic they are and who is this woman to judge maybe she's going to hell for being so judgmental isn't it god who can only judge? great comeback though would of loved to of seen her face and no I'm completely straight just can't abide bigotry

C in Canada said...

LOL, that's the brown skirt lady told! Great line!

Anonymous said...

Daniel is one of the best actors on the cobbles at the moment.

Long may he continue in the show.

Superb actor.

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