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Sunday 5 June 2016

Five Coronation Street characters I could live without

There are certain characters, at certain times in the life of Coronation Street, that I'm more than willing to give  a chance to.  I want to warm to them. I want to like them. I try my hardest, damn it, I really do try.

But there are some characters that despite trying as hard as I can, I have to admit defeat and give up on. Whether you agree or disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Here are my personal top five Corrie characters I could very well do without right now.

Rana.  What's she there for other than to get Zeedan all hot and bothered? 

Sharif. His chickens are more interesting than he is.

Sinead is a ditzy bit of fluff, and as such, a soap staple. Every soap has one and Corrie needs one, but for heavens sake, give her a storyline before I fall asleep. And break up her and Chesney, it's a relationship without chemistry. Dullsville with a capital Zzzz.

Is there anything likable, at all, about Caz? I can't see it if there is. Get rid, please and let Kate Connor breathe.

And I'm sorry to say this as I've watched Sophie grow up on Coronation Street, but her whining and moaning now define her.  I'm hoping that after actress Brooke Vincent takes a break from the show to star in a stage play, she'll be written out with a bombshell and come back with a new dynamic storyline to boot.

There you go.  Ooh, I don't half feel better now that's all off my chest.

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Peter said...

Good choices. Agree on Sophie. The few church-goers constantly see good in people, so he moaning is out of character.

Agree re Sinead - she broke her back, yet was out camping within weeks. While I prefer her and Chesney to Carla and Michelle, it can get dull, yes.

Rana - she could do better than what she's been given.

Caz - I like her.

Sharif is a safe pair of hands.

Otherwise, my five, incl Sophie, would be:

Eileen - moans and always the victim. Think she knows best, but she rarely does. Same with her sister, Julie.

Michelle - doubt her doom and gloom will change now Carla's gone. At least give her curly hair!

Can't think of his name, but the guy in the factory - Irish. Talent contest? Nothing excites me about him.

Alex - sometimes funny, but I'm always nervous when he goes out.

Sherrilan said...

Alright, someone else who feels the same way I do. The worst one who needs to go is Rana, followed by Sophie. The others I can tolerate. Sinead looks like a storyline could be happening for her. Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Great choice, I'd swap Sinead for Maria perhaps, but she'd still be in 6th place for the chop!
I'm hoping Phelan is a temporary baddie I'd not want to see him as a permanent character, alas I fear he will be taking on the builder's yard.

Abercrombie said...

I enjoyed the blog. Some good choices.
Rana - I find her a pointless pain. I guess there are people like her,self serving and manipulative. If she got what she wanted from Zeedan she would probably dump him as a weak conquest.
Sophie - a self professed Christian and yet judges others without compunction.
Eileen: I cannot stand her whining and playing the victim constantly when she creates her own karma.
Maria - so uninteresting, and lacks depth. Acting not great imo.
Michelle - say no more. One dimensional character - blame and shame when she is no different herself.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Only five? Nobody's mentioned Tracy so I'm assuming that one is taken for granted. I'm cheating by including couples - even those that don't exist!

Kate & Caz
Sinead & Chesney
Alya & Rana

abbyk said...

Rana - the only reason to keep her is that she is the only young professional to grace the street in years. She may behave like a skank, but she is a licensed nurse. At some point, for some reason, their going to need the services of an educated person and she's it. Stop messing around with your bezzie's brother and get a storyline, please. Maybe train to be a doctor. Let Michael die under your care. Ken can reassure you and you move forward.

Caz, and Kate, too - why. Sophie and Kate don't have to be friends or anything else just because they are both lesbians. Does every straight woman fall for Kevin Webster just because he's straight? Caz is controlling and hot tempered, we already have Gary for that. Kate is a little girl in a woman's body.

Aidan - Swap him for Sophie. He and Eva look pretty together but thats about it. He money stole from his father, he isn't clever, he is still sleeping on Steve's couch even tho his employees manage to pay rent. A man child when we need a mensch.

Sharif - I don't mind him as I like Yasmeen and she's better with him, and he also has a place at the gym that gives him something to do away from family. He's just an older guy who is settling into semi-retirement. That's always awkward. If Tracy hadn't killed Kal, I could see him and Ken being friends.

Sophie - agree that she needs a major personality shift, although getting out of Dev's shop has seemed to help. Have a blow out with your dad, go stay with Rosie while you do your play, come back chastened and get on with your life.

Sinead and Ches - the actress showed so much talent on Waterloo Road, so it has to be the character. What happened to the line that she and Alya were working on? That should have been a good place to start giving her her own life. If it fizzled, why isn't she doing something creative and selling it at the markets, a place that Ches knows. To me, he's the weak link in that relationship. He was a cute kid, but is a dull adult with a dull dead end job and a child living abroad. His biggest mistake was having a baby. He was a good student and coulda been somebody; instead, he gets to struggle to keep his kid fed.

Anonymous said...

My five to go would be Sarah and Bethany [especially Sarah!],Cathy [who I think is marrying Roy for security rather than love] and her nephew Alex [for the same reasons mentioned above]and yes Michelle whose martyr act because she cheated on Steve is gotten on my nerves and who doesn't acknowledge her nephew who lives on the same Street!

Tvor said...

Yep, Rana and Alya both unless they manage to give Alya something to do. Sinead and Chesney as well. This current storyline is at least that, a storyline which they haven't had in ages. I think Izzy seems at loose ends ever since she and Gary broke up. I'd like to see them get back together or else for her to find a new fella. I don't mind Sinead but find Chesney irritating. I like the Nazirs Senior and Zeedan but Alya is floundering. Haven't seen hide nor hair of Simon for months. We see more of Amy than we do of Faye.

Anonymous said...

Having read more comments, I'm making mine a top ten... The 5 in the blog plus:

Glenda Young said...

70sStreetFan - I'm afraid I had to delete your comment as it contained "sponsored links" to advertising sites.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Div... err, Dev. Each phrase begins with a whine, then it picks up speed to something utterly unintelligible. Send him off for some acting lessons!

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen Dev in ages! I'd actually forgotten all about him -- what happened with that tentative romance he was having with Erica?

Rana feels like a short-term character. I would get rid of Chesney (dull and judgemental), Sophie (ditto), Aidan (prat), Cathy (she's a taker in that relationship), and Izzy (moaner). Also WHERE DOES IZZY LIVE? I can't figure out where her place is.

Abercrombie said...

Ah, in the mode of adding a further five, here goes -

Michael - moaning Minnie. We have enough of those in life without watching more :(
Kevin - wooden actor and have never liked him.
Alex - is a bit of an embarrassment and am not sure why. Is it the acting or is it me?
Chesney - really irritating character, has one expression to convey every emotion.
The writers could open up some of these characters to wider dimensions and give them a different storyline.
Alya I can tolerate, but she needs a sensible story.

Linda said...

I agree with all your choices. I like Chesney, they should pair him with Gemma. He and Sinead are just too boring and he needs a little spice in his life.

Anonymous said...

I would put Tracy in there. I know soaps needs conflicts but a resident villain needs to be more rounded and have some redeeming traits for the viewers to endure their nastiness over the long haul. I find Katie Ford's acting range limited and her character has never progressed beyond a caricature despite her more than a decade on this show.

Anonymous said...

Gail Platt. She's the quintessential village idiot and just gets worse with every episode. If the writers are going for comedy here, they've flopped IMO.

I won't mention Tracy Barlow because it's obvious the producers have no interest in getting rid of her.

Ken Barlow

Anonymous said...

I could deffo live without:


Sorry, had to make it top 6 - there are others I wouldn't miss though.

Anonymous said...

Which five should leave?

Chesney - no character / no storylines. Perfect opportunity for him to follow his child to Portugal

Maria - one of my old favourites but no storyline for years and years. Time for a refresh

Fiz - whine, whine, whine - time for a break. Perhaps she can go back and look after Cilla some more

Izzy - some truly horrific acting and fluffy jumpers going on here. Time to move on as i don't see where they can go with the character

Luke - character just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the street. He can leave with Maria.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Caz as a character, just the person portraying her. To put it simply, the girl cannot act. Now maybe if Sophie and Caz got together, we could get rid of both of them.

Anonymous said...

My top 5 would be:

Sarah and Bethany: couldn't stand Sarah years ago, can't stand her now. Bethany hasn't grown on me, either.

Tracy, but I don't see that happening, unfortunately.

Anna: what a shrieking hypocrite. Can't see what Kevin sees in her, unless he likes pinched up, judgmental faces.

Kate: She seems pointless. And then Caz could go too.

I really hope the new producer trims the cast down.

Bonnie from Canada

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments.
In my books, Brooke Vincent should go. IMO she can not act her way out of a paper bag and makes the Sophie character worse than the actual script. I think that I read that Ms. Vincent has just signed a new contract, so I'm not holding my breath that she might be gone.

Don't like the person who plays Caz, either. There has been a hint of what may come in the future, when Caz became secretive and defensive about who was on the phone when she was perfectly well enough to go back to work after her accident, so she (actress) may not be going anywhere soon.

Honestly! Tracey is wearing sooo thin.

I don't mind Sharif or Sinead, but both need to have their scrips shaken up.

Anonymous said...

Do we have to wait until Rosie arrives before we vote for her to leave?


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