Monday, 1 February 2016

Jane Danson on Leanne's future with Simon - and her new man

Jane Danson, who plays Leanne in Coronation Street, was interviewed in The Express over the weekend.

She talks about the upcoming storyline with Leanne and Simon, who is lashing out again at school. You can see some preview pictures of Simon in trouble, again.

And Leanne gets a new man too!

Jane says: “Simon has still got that aggression that creeps out here and there and on this occasion it’s fuelled by Leanne having a slight flirtation with Tom, the man she met the night before in the Bistro, who turns out to be the football team’s manager."

“He’s a nice guy. He makes her feel good and that she’s fancied again and she likes that. After they meet in the Bistro, she thinks she probably won’t ring him, but then he happens to be at the football.

“It’s a brief encounter, but it’s long enough for Simon to notice and think, ‘Hang on a minute, you’re supposed to be coming to watch me play football and here you are in a short skirt, flirting with the manager.’ Needless to say, it all blows up again.”

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abbyk said...

And there they go again, writing Simon like he is 6. Mommy, you're not watching me. Barf

Anonymous said...

simon creeps me out

Laura said...

I often see people comment about Simon's tendency to be written as younger than his age. I find it swings - one minute he's a surly teen, the next he's crying and clinging like a little child. After everything he's been through in his short life, is it really all that unrealistic that he would have disrupted behavioural tendencies due to a psychological problem?

It's also interesting to see how many people are looking for the character to simply be gotten rid of...out of sight out of mind. Sad parallel to the way the character is treated by his guardians on the street. I think exploring the result of the childhood trauma via Simon is a useful topic, uncomfortable viewing though it is. I just wish they had written it just as much (or more) from Simon's perspective, instead of making it a Leanne story.

Anonymous said...


great comment and agree --

Anonymous said...

Simon is one of the children on the Street. We should be surprised when we see him on screen (out of the children cupboard) more than when he's shuffled off somewhere. And let's not give too much credit to this soap character's psychological make up - he's just plain creepy if not repulsive.

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