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Coronation Street Weds 3rd February episode review

Hiya! As usual, it's Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

The majority of the action last night's episode took place in Underworld and it wasn't even all about the Connors. Amazing! Rita rides to the somewhat rescue again by landing Jenny a job as a cleaner at the factory. Everyone on the Street always just happens to land a job on the Street, but let's just overlook that. According to Beth, Underworld desperately needed a new cleaner, claiming that even the mice are speaking to the reps. After donning the typical blue tabard, Jenny gets to work sweeping the floor and the knicker stitchers are dismayed as they march in, none moreso than Sally, who storms straight into the office to protest. Aidan refuses Sally's demand that Jenny is sacked immediately, so she quits.

"Excuse me! What exactly do you think you're doing?"
"What's it look like?"

The handsome but very arrogant Richie shows up at the factory to secure a deal with Underworld and witnesses a disagreement between Aidan and Johnny which he is desperate to get to the bottom of. Carla, who is only working part-time at the moment, spends some time talking him round, being insulted all the way but he relents. She reassures him that she is still the boss of the factory and that she oversees it all. Soon after, she gets a begging phone call from a certain Mrs Metcalfe. Staff begin to notice their belongings are going missing. Some food has gone missing, as well as £10 from Beth's purse. Everyone, especially Sally, points the finger at Jenny, who insists she is completely innocent. Later on, at the pub, Sally has another go at accusing Jenny but Rita steps in and soon silences her. So far, I am enjoying Jenny's  return. It will be interesting to see who the alleged Underworld thief really is. Performance of the episode definitely goes to Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Bradley- a very interesting character. At present, I have a lot of sympathy for her.

"Hi Sal. What do you mean you want your job back? I didn't even know you'd lost it. 
You've resigned?! And you want your job back within the space of a few hours? What's been going on here?"
"So you're back then?"
"Course I'm back. I'm not gonna let The Child Catcher get one over on me"
"Did you have to grovel?"
"Don't be daft! They now as well as I do this place wouldn't function without me. Carla practically had to beg me to reconsider"

One thing I am particularly enjoying at the moment is the friendship that is being formed between Erica and Mary. One is the queen of plastic surgery, the other the queen of paper backs. Rita pops over to what should most definitely be The Kabin's rival to see how Mary is (she looked a little out of place)but it turns out that she has still not left the house since the debacle with Brendan and his wife and labelling herself a harlot. Erica can tell that  Loose Women is definitely not Mary's cup of tea and suggests she come shopping with her to buy ingredients for dinner.  The shopping soon turns into lattes and gingerbread muffins and Mary is smiling once again.

"Loose Women? Didn't think that was your cup of tea"
"I've always had a penchant for irony"

Fiz gives Tyrone £3 pocket money to last him the rest of the week, sending him off to work with meat paste sandwiches in his packed lunch. She tells Tyrone to talk to Luke about increasing the price of his board, but of course, he doesn't. However, Luke can see how much Fiz and Tyrone are struggling and after sharing his fish and chips lunch with Tyrone, he offers to pay an extra £50 a month, which Fiz delightedly accepts. I am enjoying Fiz's character in this storyline- she's not done much wining about the situation, she's just getting on with it. Tyrone is beginning to irritate me though. When will he ever learn? He spent his £3 on comics for Hope and Ruby. I do wish he'd stop buying pointless presents for his daughters, but I suppose it stems from the lack of presents he received as a child. Nonetheless, grow up, Ty!

"We're tightening our belts, remember?"
"If I tighten it any more, I'll rupture my spleen. Is your spleen near your belt?"

Overall, a great episode with some great acting and small dramas.

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

When Fiz gave Tyrone his 'allowance'[degrading to say the least]I wondered how much money is she keeping for herself for the week?I also doubt Fiz will be having pasty sandwiches for her lunch either.
I don't think I can stand much more of Fiz 'punishing'Tyrone.Granted he went overboard with Lapland but he did it for HER daughter who they thought would be having her last Christmas,the same daughter that Fiz accused Tyrone of not being upset enough in her mind over Hope's diagnosis hence Lapland to prove her wrong.

kudos to Aidan for standing up to Sally and her witch hunt.I would love a scene where everbody inclsuding Sally apologises to Jenny when the thief is revealed.

Louby said...

Loved the scene with Carla sorting everyone out and showing them all that she's still the boss.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone is an immature, not-to-bright boy-man. Fiz was right when she told him that a few toys would have been more than enough for baby Hope who is too young to remember anything anyway. Instead, Tyrone went all out, out of control with his spending and put his entire family in financial jeopardy just to satisfy his need to play hero-stepdad. I don't think Fiz is "punishing" Tyrone. She's merely taking control of the family finances since Tyrone has proven to be totally incompetent. What a spoiled little boy Tyrone is. You got money problems? It's rice and beans or in this case, mystery meat sandwiches until your finances are back on track. He's a lovable teddy bear but he's also stupid and can't see the long-term consequences -- so he must bear the brunt of a tough household budget.

I wish Rita had told Sally flat out to button it. She certainly does to often enough to another annoying, self-righteous character Norris.

I thought Eva had an amazing singing voice. I hope she gets a chance to do more singing on the show.

Laura said...

I know people are saying Tyrone overspent for Hope, to make her happy, and also to prove to Fiz he loves Hope as much as his own daughter, contrary to the cruel and thoughtless comment she made. I don't really buy that completely though. Hope would have been over the moon with some extra gifts - the whole Lapland affair was overboard. I think on a subconscious level he did it for himself, to feel in control of something (providing a "perfect" Christmas) at a time when he felt helpless in everything else.

And as annoying as I find her at times, I'm tired of people giving Fiz a large share of the blame in all this. Yes, she made a stupid comment, but Tyrone is an adult who made a bad decision. HIS action, HIS decision, knowing full well the consequences would impact not just him but his family. And I don't blame Fiz for setting up an allowance, not only because he lied o her repeatedly but also because he showed he couldn't even be responsible with that - wasting it on comics? When is he going to get it?

In the same vein, I hope we don't see Fiz in the cafe or the Rovers. Let's face it though, this debt will all be forgotten about soon enough. Maybe Fiz will be a surrogate for someone a la Tina, or they will just drop it altogether, much like the Windass/Armstrong debt where one minute Anna was at a food bank, then the next having a drink in the Rovers.

corrierules said...

Don't Fiz and Tyrone own their home outright? It was left to them by Jack. A low-rate mortgage could pay back all their high interest debts. But where would be the drama in that?

Newfy Pearl said...

Great point corrierules!
Another character who shut Sally down was Billy...who by the way reminds me of a young Sean Connery!
I really hate Sally when she is in this mode. And you can easily see where mother like daughter comes in to play with Sophie being so judgmental and harsh.
And yes...Tyrone's allowance! Will Fiz pass up on the cake run at the factory? I think not!
Anyhow - great show overall. Thanks for the writeup and hosting a place where we can share our thoughts on the show.
Hugs to all! lol

coconno196 said...

It's right for Fiz to take control of the purse strings. Tyrone may have meant well, but he went completely over the top and is still spending irresponsibly on prosecco and comics. However, meat paste sandwiches and turning the heating down won't make much of a hole in their £10,000 debt, which is probably even more now with interest. Corrierules ' suggestion of them borrowing against the house is an obvious solution, but soap characters never do the sensible thing. Fiz clearly should give up her cakes and pub lunches but probably won't. The meat paste was just a plot device to trigger Luke into offering more rent. Plus, all the supposedly hard - up folk can still afford breakfast in Roy ' s and frequent meals in the bistro.

Cobblestone said...

I could be misremembering this, but I don't think Jack did leave them the house. Didn't Tyrone & Molly buy it from him while he was still alive, with him remaining as their lodger (as well as lodging with Connie)? He certainly left everything he had left to Tyrone, but we don't know if he used the money to pay off his mortgage or not. It's a mystery to me how Kevin has been doing so well on a 50% share of the garage (the original business, not the new expansion) yet Tyrone, who has an equal stake, seems to be struggling on a mechanic's wage.

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