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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Coronation Street Weds 6th January episode review

Well hello there! Happy new year to you lovely bunch of Corrie fanatics! Welcome to this week's Wednesday review of Revelation Street.

We're served up some more of the stock storyline involving all the Connors. Carla plays the victim who takes an episode or two to come round, Kate plays the understanding one and Aidan plays the incredibly irritating one who decides to aggressively hate the perpetrator. Aidan is appalled to find that Johnny has spent the night in his own flat and that Kate hasn't thrown him out. He shouts, splutters and widens his eyes  through one of many angry outbursts which all culminate in a vicious punch-up. Kate nurses his wounds, but insists he must leave the flat. He packs his bags and on the way out bumps into Carla. Despite everything, Johnny believes she will forgive him one day. Both Aidan and Kate are of course confused, especially as it seems as though their mother's death occured as a tragic result of a row about his infidelity. After learning the truth many years ago, Johnny's wife stormed right out onto the street and into the path of an oncoming car. And they didn't even live on Coronation Street then!

"It's my family I care about. I'll make up for what I did if it takes til my dying day"
"I don't think you've got a hope in hell"
"You'll see"
I have said it before and I'm not shy about saying it- I don't like this storyline. It is a cliché storyline which has been done time and time again in soap. The writers spent years building Carla up as a strong, independent woman with a head on her shoulders. She was the boss of the factory, the bitch who brought men to their knees. Recently, they've smashed all of that down. . However, she is trying to be her strong self now, having sacked Johnny from Underworld and candidly confirms all the rumours to her staff and tells them it is business as usual.

Cathy is still reeling from the revelation that her late husband Alan had been having an affair with the Loch Nessa Monster, having found love letters in Alan's desk. Roy already knew but was persuaded by Nessa to keep schtum and help her find and destroy the letters. Naturally, this didn't go to plan and Cathy was already reading the letters by the time they got to her house. In tonight's episode, Cathy has not forgiven either of them.  We, as the audience are desperate for her to forgive Roy and are cheering at her outrage at Nessa. Cathy bought Roy tickets to an event as a Christmas gift, which they were supposed to go to tonight. Roy throws them in the bin, thinking Cathy would not be interested anymore and unfortunately, he's right. Anna, in a bid to be helpful, fishes the tickets out of the bin and sends Ken and Nessa round to her house with them. Cathy won't relent. As far as she is concerned, she and Roy are over.

"You must blame me, not him!"
"You'll always have a special place in my thoughts, Nessa. Don't worry about that"
I've not spoken to one person yet who acually likes the character of Nessa. It's not even that we love to hate her, like the ultimate Wicked Witch of Weatherfield Tracy Barlow- she is a thoroughly unpleasant character who the writers have created in order for us to warm to the idea of Audrey. I'm not saying she doesn't work as a character- she serves her purpose, but she just boils my blood. A sign of  good actress I think.

Elsewhere, Mary Poppins takes a stand for herself when she cancels babysitting plans to see her beau.  This leaves Dev flummoxed when he had planned to spend the evening with Erica tasting her pie. But all is not lost- she brings the ingredients over to his house insead.

"Brendan and Mary. I want to carve it on a tree in a heart with an arrow going through it"
"No one's ever carved my name on a tree before"
Performance of the episode goes to Debbie Rush as Anna 'Will Be Webster One Day' Windass. Kevin has been seeing the all round lovely but way too full on Joanne. After confiding in Anna that there's just no chemistry but he is unsure how to break things off, Anna takes matters into her own hands in a way that made me laugh out loud. She downs a glass of wine and confidently struts over to Kevin and Joanne's booth to put on an Oscar-worthy performace. I'm not normally keen when Corrie tries to make a couple out of characters who have known each other for years (Carla and Nick, for example, seem incredibly contrived to me) but I just love the idea of Kevin and Anna being together.  And tonight,  Anna showed us exactly how to get rid of a woman who's got the man you want:

"I've thought about what you've said and there's no way I'm getting rid of this baby. This is my last chance to become a mother and I'm not going to pass up on it. I'm sorry to barge in on you like this"

"Aren't you the woman from the cafe?"
"Oh cafe, chip shop, taxi office- he's had 'em all round here, love"

 A decent episode, mainly saved by Mary and, especially Anna's very comic performances.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan, Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Anonymous said...

Roy and Cathy splitting was really sad. I hope they get back together. I love David Neilson and Melanie Hill. They're my favourites. Anna was so funny and she and Kevin will be a good pairing. Enough of the Connors already.

abbyk said...

Funny review, Jordan!

We all agree that it is very wrong for 13 year old Simon to hit Leanne at home. It is just as wrong for 30ish Aidan to deck 60ish Johnny. More so, because Aidan is theoretically an adult who should know better. And because it was at work where one isn't supposed to dump one's personal problems. And because there was a time before your parents were married. And because he didn't kill your mother (no, she was upset and ran out. He didn't push her in front of a moving car). And because management doesn't wear undershirts to work. And because Eva was speaking from the heart but you didn't listen. And because you're an idiot.

I don't like Aidan very much.

Mary (Poppins, LOL), you aren't much better. Grow up. If you need a full day to 'center yourself' for a date, you probably need to be under supervision. You are not funny, you have mental health issues that need to be managed. Brendan has blown you off twice in a fortnight. You made a commitment to Dev. Keep it.

I don't like Mary very much, either.

Cathy, I'd say listen to Roy, but somehow I think you know you will. In a few days. Perhaps after a chat with the lovely and wise Yasmeen. Or perhaps after Billy sticks in his vicary oar.

Anna, I usually don't like you, but tonight, girl, you had me cheering. Well done, funny as all get go, and a total surprise. I may need a rethink.

Anonymous said...

I LOL'd so hard at Anna at the end of the episode

Tvor said...

Loved your comments, abbyk! Eva's words to Aidan were very thoughtful. There always has to be a hot headed young man doesn't there? If someone isn't getting punched, they're getting a beer thrown over their head.

Maybe Mary is having inner turmoil, knowing that seeing a married man is wrong and knowing he's just stringing her along but emotionally wanting to be loved.

I'm one of the people to "love to hate" Nessa. In that respect you could say I'm a fan. The actress is fabulous and the character is cringeworthy, coarse, selfish and good fun to watch, much like Cilla was. I know Cilla was detested by lots of people too but Wendy Peters made Cilla great fun to watch for me. I really find the sister chemistry between Cathy and Nessa believable, opposites with a history that they can't really turn away from.

Anonymous said...

The Connor clan: Overeaction Street! Get some perspective!

I also a Nessa fan. She's delightfully awful and very well played.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination but was tonight's episode about everybody sleeping with everybody else at some time or another? Sure Jonny slept with Carla's mum, but Carla is no angel, I'm sure Aidan has slept with many women who could easily have borne his child and he really does not do anger very well, it was a bit OTT. Ken, well we all know infidelity is not his strong suit. Anna never married, not even to Eddie Windass, which btw why is her last name Windass? Anna had a son out of wedlock as they say. Kevin, well we don't need to go over that history. Ditto Dev. Erica the same. Nessa slept with Cathy's husband and who knows who else. It wouldn't surprise me that Cathy's husband turns out to be the father of Nessa's son. So by my reckoning the only people who are pure are Cathy and Roy and unfortunately they have fallen out. More the pity.

Anonymous said...

sorry it should have read "Ken's fidelity is not his strong suit" infidelity is

Humpty Dumpty said...

Mary's a complex character. If she has actually done the adventurous things she talks about, it's very curious that she apparently hasn't had a lover before. A woman can be duped at any age but it's Mary's innocence that has got her in this particular situation.

It would be interesting to discover that Mary is a Walter Mitty character and hasn't done much with her life or travelled further than Scotland in her campervan. Like Walter Mitty, her fantasies are way over the top and maybe that's why she sticks with the oldies in a back street. None of them could possibly challenge her tales. About time she was found out or came clean. There could be a great story of how she confronts her demons and moves forward.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mary so needy anyway? Remember when she tried to sabotage Roy and Haley's wedding? She was a nasty piece back then. Now she's all wide eyed innocence? No..there's something very dark underneath all that I think.

vintgal003 said...

I LOVE the drama that is Mary!! Debbie always!!

Anonymous said...

I keep being reminded of Maya Angelou's quote "When people show you who they are, believe them." Of course that only applies if you're not working very hard at self-delusion.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Nessa grab the tickets out of the bin and Anna try and stoр her? Or did I miss something?


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