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Monday, 1 June 2015

State of the Street - May

Coronation Street in May certainly went out with a boom! The month was up and down, a bit frustrating for me at times but I think a few storylines are going to break this month so that will be something to look forward to.

Kept me watching: Jenny Bradley;Tracy and Tony's quest for pub domination; the fire; Billy and Sean.

Todd and his endless boring games. I think Todd is an interesting villain but I don't buy his motivation and I hate when he is forgiven over and over; Callum and David snarling at each other; Anna bullying Faye into trying to bond with the baby.

Now that Kylie's back, I'm looking forward to this endless custody battle kicking into high gear. I'm anxiously waiting to see how Jenny is going to fare after she cracks completely. I hope she's not going to be leaving, and that Kevin will help her recover. I think Michael is going to find out about Gavin/Andy so that will ramp that story up to the next chapter. I've been enjoying it all along.

I'm dreading the villification of Carla at Tracy's hands and with Deirdre's death imminent, that is going to be tough to watch yet I'm sure it will be beautifully written and handled.

Lots more detail here on State of the Street

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abbyk said...

I can't wait for the battle for Max to end. As far as Mary goes, she's had me gritting my teeth for years. I wish she would reclaim that bus and park it in greener pastures. Far far away.

The Nazirs are finally gelling as a family with a place on the street and I'm glad Kal went out a hero, even if it was a bit dramatical, but how cruel was that to have elderly parents and the son watch him die? And then only one neighbor paying condolences? And Simon, finally being allowed to grow up a bit and dance with a girl, is still kept in the dark about his death even tho' he was staying over at Amy's who must have known what happened? Aren't they the same age? And, btw, why isn't Amy traumatized? I hope that she remembers a detail that exonerates Carla and does the right thing.

JennyMac said...

I think Mary is great, a terrific actress with a super sense of comedy timing which I wish they would make more of in the storylines. The one character I would definitely get rid of is the endlessly grinning Andrea, who is neither use nor ornament. What are they going to do with her when Lloyd goes?

Humpty Dumpty said...

We've probably seen the end of the gym. There was some reference to the it being damaged and it's now lost one of its owners. Zeedan might decide to go to uni to make something of himself, as his father wanted, which would leave Ayla and the grandparents. Of all the Nazir computations, that is the one most likely to work. The writers have overplayed Tracy's character and I wouldn't mind betting that when a new producer is hired, Tracy will be written out. Sarah and Bethany have been a huge disappointment after a promising start. It's possible that Sarah has regressed since coming back home. That does happen, and Bethany could tell one of her relatives that her mother didn't behave half so stupidly in Italy. I'd like Eileen to kick Todd out. He might stay with Auntie Julie but he'll be homeless when she moves away with Brian. Hopefully, that will be the end of him. Another character that seemed like a good idea but was left without a purpose. Looking forward to seeing Peter Barlow again even if it is on a sad occasion.

Anonymous said...

The storyline I despise the most is Anna-baby-Faye. It's appalling that Anna is forcing Faye to bond with a baby she categorically stated she did NOT want. I find Anna to be horribly abusive of Faye and it's very difficult to watch. Anna seems to think she's a great mother figure, but she's sooooo far from that. She's cruel and vicious towards Faye, merely because Faye is smart enough to know that the baby's life will be infinitely better if it's given up for adoption. I'm very disappointed with the writers because it seems to me that Child Services would've been very actively involved in Faye's case & concerned over her welfare and that of the baby.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

The thing with Sarah and Beth is that they are the same character. I cannot find one thing that separates the two. The act the same, smirk the same,,big gobby mouths on both of them and pretty much wear the same clothes, make-up etc. Time for them to go.

Anonymous said...

JB and Anon 23.01 I completely agree with all of your comments. I find Anna's treatment of Faye, abusive and Children's Services should certainly be stepping in. As for Sarah and Beth can't stand either one of them Sarah acts like a teenager she hasn't grown up or matured one single bit since she left. As for Bethany she is one rude, spoilt little brat. Time for both of them to go.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the last 3 anonymous posts.

Anna, Sarah & Bethany - time for all three to go.

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