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Monday, 1 June 2015

Pics: Maddie Heath's death in Coronation Street

These are the dramatic scenes from tonight’s Coronation Street when viewers saw Maddie Heath die as a result of the injuries she sustained in the explosion on Coronation Street last week.

A devastated Sophie Webster could only stand and watch in horror as the crash team desperately tried to save Maddie’s life.
But as Maddie slipped away she also took with her the dark secret that Jenny Bradley is planning to kidnap Kevin Webster’s son Jack.

On the night of the fire Maddie had found Jenny, disguised in a black wig, packing a bag full of Jack’s belongings. After a struggle with Jenny, Maddie managed to escape and ran to tell Sophie what she had discovered.
But as she rounded the corner to where Victoria Court was in flames she got caught up in a huge explosion from the builder’s yard.

Jenny thinks she has got away with it and resumes her plan but In the coming weeks viewers will see Sophie’s suspicions grow - especially when she hears a half garbled message left by Jenny on her phone just seconds before the explosion.

Has Maddie’s death given Jenney a second opportunity to carry out her dastardly plan or has Maddie left a big enough clue from the grave to stop the kidnap plot?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

They got it right by not messing about with 'will she/won't she live' when we all know Amy Kelly is leaving. They talked about Maddie's mother not wanting to be involved but she was very close to her brother. I doubt he'd come to the funeral but he ought to be mentioned.

Layman Battler said...

Short-sighted from the gods... their worst decision since killing of half the Harris/Nelson family... I know the actress chose to leave, but she was top drawer, and the gods have now extinguished any chance of a return somewhere down the line...

Anonymous said...

Well, cheer up..we still have Tracy Barlow around until hell freezes over.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why Amy Kelly is leaving. When she was brought on board, SB waxed rhapsodic about how wonderful this actress was. And after watching her over time, I agree - she is a great little actress. Why couldn't Corrie hang on to her?

OvenMaster said...

And Tracy Barlow still lives... proof that there's no justice in the world.

Anonymous said...

Yep, two more murders that Tracy will get away with because there's no mention of Kate Ford leaving the show any time soon.

They're going the american soap-opera route of having someone around who gets away with everything, and always escapes being convicted somehow.

Anonymous said...

strange how every actor that doesn't renew their contract is bumped off!!! SB really does his best to ensure that they won't ever come back on the show. He would much rather keep the little wooden actors that bow down to him and play like his little minions. Corrie really needs to get a producer that will take this series back to it's glory days. Lately it has just been trash.
Anon in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

I agree with comments about it's a shame that Maddie is killed off while the likes of Tracy,Sarah and Bethany[both of whom should've died in the fire instead]stay on to cause more misery for others without remorse.
I do hope Sophie gets in contact with her brother and he attends the funeral.

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