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Thursday 25 June 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 24th June

"It's not like I hate her or blame her or anything.
She's just a little baby. But I know I don't feel about her the way you're supposed to"
Tonight we are plunged straight back into the storyline involving Baby Miley. It seems this week we are back on board with this storyline, after a quiet couple of weeks for Faye. Without barely looking at her daughter, Faye rushes out to see a friend in town whilst Anna and Tim are at loggerheads deciding what to do with their granddaughter.

They go to visit Jackson and his parents to discuss the possibility of Miley living with them instead.  By the end of the episode, it looks like that is what is going to happen. Jackson's family look to be reasonably wealthy and they  have a lot more space.  A somewhat relieved Faye kisses her baby on the forehead and apologises. It would be an anti-climax to just send the baby off to live with her dad and paternal grandparents. Hopefully this isn't the end. I was rather looking forward to, in years to come, someone referencing that  she was named after that 'now washed-up, twerking popstar.'

Someone very wise once told me that one of the most important elements to a soap opera is someone not knowing something that someone else does. How right they were. Currently, that element is being played for all it is worth with the relatively new character of Cathy. Fiz catches her in the ladies' at the pub having a quick wash. Cathy nervously splutters out that her boiler is broken, but only a few minutes later, when Tyrone offered to help, she insisted it was fixed. This, coupled with the fact that her fridge-freezer had broken only two days ago has made Fiz and Tyrone very suspicious; I for one look forward to seeing her story unravel.

After learning from Liz that it is Erica's 50th birthday, Nick hurriedly throws a surprise party at the Bistro. As Erica walks in, she is less than impressed with surprise parties. Bethany and Steph look on, Steph trying to extinguish Bethany's tongue-in-cheek yet acidic comments about Erica and stop her drinking leftover wine. I know Bethany hasn't been a popular character with everyone, yet I have found myself warming to her  After Gail presents her with a birthday card, Erica leaves.
"How old was your mum when she had you?"
"Thirteen. I think she had the record round here, til Faye popped one out anyway" 
Fast forward a couple of hours, a drunken Nick and a drunken Carla are walking each other home. It is then that they share a drunken kiss on the cobbles.

Now, I am sure we are all aware how well Corrie writes comedy. There is always something to tickle the funny bone. That something at the minute is undoubtedly the Julie/Dev/Talisa and now Brian storyline. Today, Juie, Dev and the barnacle-like Brian all attend one of Talisa's 'yogalate' sessions. Brian is still desperately trying to win Julie back. Standing in a challenging position, Julie proclaims that 'HMS Julie has dropped anchor in more exciting waters' before wobbling erratically and hitting the deck.  It would however, be unsurprising to see this comedy turn to tragedy as the essence of it is Julie, her man and a threat. Another comic touch to this episode was Mary's typically very serious preparation for the pub quiz.

"I am not going round the world with you. I wouldn't even go round the block with you!"

I am more impressed this episode than I was last Wednesday's. It wasn't a huge episode but it wasn't a 'bubblegum' episode either. Let's call this one a 'boiled sweet' episode.


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Vicky said...

I actually find Bethany quite funny, the writers are doing a good job with her "speak" and eye rolling.

abbyk said...

I think I like any night without Tracy. Even Anna was acceptable company this evening, as she begins to come around to what's obvious to the rest of us. Tim was an absolute star, picking up on cues even from Jackson who he barely knows, and being mindful of Anna's feelings.

I really liked the gym scene, although Julie should have noticed the weight Brian has lost. One raised eyebrow would have been enough, he is looking good. We know where this is going, so make it plausible.

I also wish David had been at the party that wasn't. We needed a snarky comeback to Gail and her card sending Erica away.

Anonymous said...

Vicky, I have to disagree with you about Bethany, she isn't even slightly funny, she is an obnoxious, rude little girl who should be written out as soon as possible, along with her pointless mother.

So glad it is looking likely that Miley will be going to her father, although it would be better if the baby went off somewhere that wasn't a few streets away. Faye should've given her up for adoption from the get go, and not taken her home at all.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Faye has really developed as a character and the same with Tim. I hope they have more scenes together beyond this storyline. Looks like baby Miley will be handed over without reference to any officialdom. I wish SB wouldn't spout about having to get it right with sensitive storylines and then disregarding the tricky bits when it suits. Not sure I'm ever going to like Anna after this. Fine if we're not supposed to, but I suspect we were meant to see the many layers of her character. Unfortunately, she's come over more as a fishwife than a mother pushed beyond endurance.

Bethany doesn't work for me as a young woman who has lived the last seven years in Milan. Instead of being the new chav on the block, she should have been a snobby, demanding princess, spouting Italian to impress. Only Audrey saves the Platt clan and we don't see enough of her. Totally fed up with Gail. Is it the writing or the acting?

Anonymous said...

How many scenes in the Bistro are going to feature Bethany trying to neck back a glass of whatever, then rolls her eyes and mouths off about how bad she is. Gag me. She does not come off as a 14 year old to me whatsoever. I also could have done without the Nick/Carla pretending to be drunk scene..snogging their faces off..more gaggery IMO.
Fiz..back 2 seconds and sticking her nose up in Roy's business.

Love Tim - hope he stays but not with Anna - that would suck.

Cobblestone said...

Having lived in various parts of Europe, including Italy, I'm aware that European teenagers are generally a lot better behaved that their British equivalents. Humpty's conception of Bethany as an entitled princess makes so much more sense. Her character is utterly misconceived. I can't remember detesting a character this much for - well, possibly ever. She's worse than the awful Lauren Wilson. Yet I'm loath to start calling for characters to be written out - we should recall that for the first six months of his tenure, most people disliked Tim, yet look at him now: one of my favourite characters, who seems to light up the screen whenever he appears, thanks to a combination of great acting and excellent writing. This was because the writers at that time he was introduced had no idea who he was as a character, other than 'Faye's Real Dad'. Similarly, Roy's Mum, Sylvia, drew negative comments when she first appeared, for being rude and obnoxious. (It never ceases to amaze me that people who cry 'Get rid of this awful, rude woman!' are often the same people asking 'Where are the classic Battleaxes, like Ena, Blanche and Maude?') Those with very long memories might recall that the Ogdens were also unpopular with viewers when they first arrived. It really is ALL about the writing. Great actors (Sue Johnston, Jimmi Mistry) are hobbled without decent material.

So how do you recover from a disaster like Bethany? Personally, I'd get rid of the make-up, stop the constant cheek, calling her gran & great grandmother by their first names (it's David's gimmick, not hers) and start giving her some depth: she clearly has behavioural problems, yet has demonstrated remarkable intelligence (how many 13 year olds have read 'Anna Karenina'?) Let them explore the difficulties faced by exceptionally gifted children, who often act out and attention-seek because of boredom and lack of challenge in their lives. I'd also like to see how she copes with being ostracised by most of her family - with the stunts she has pulled, I wouldn't let her over my threshold. She needs to learn that disloyalty and sh*t-stirring bring consequences.

Zagg said...

I can't be that charitable about Bethany. She is a horrible character with zero redeeming qualities. She
ruins every scene she is in. Badly written, badly acted, and just annoying.

Beth said...

I dislike Bethany enormously. However there's so much spite in that family that it's understandable how she turned out this way. The way Gail spoke to Erica the other night was awful. How are we supposed to feel sympathy for this woman when she treats another with such distain.

In fact, the writers are doing a 'great job', of spite and nastiness. Most of the characters are just that. It's a refreshing change to see Brian back even for a short time and I shall miss Julie enormously. Tim and Craig are always thought highly of on these boards along with Roy because they are the only few 'nice' characters around. All, or most or the others have been turned into winers, harridans, plotters or are plain nasty, spiteful and hateful.

Bring back some love and neighbourly friendships back to the street. I understand the need for drama but right now it's all so bitter.

maggie muggins said...

Sorry, Bethany fan here! She has stopped wearing tons of make-up, at least most of the time. When she first appeared, she had the bright red lipstick on all the time, now I notice she's onscreen a lot with almost a natural look, with her long hair braided instead of flowing loose. I think she's good at the funny lines, and could prove to be a character that doesn't change over time into a bitter, frowning young female, like so many of them do. She's good with fast come-backs and snark. If the writers give here good material, she could be hilarious!

As for her time in Italy, I recall she went to a school there with other Brit kids, so she could easily have avoided speaking much Italian or picking up the culture. Sarah Lou doesn't strike me as someone who would have helped her daughter to learn about the country. In fact, it's Sarah who is driving me potty behind the Rovers' bar. I don't usually dislike actual acting skills, but I'm finding her just so stiff and non-responsive in any realistic way to those around her.


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