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Monday, 1 June 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 1 June

Monday 1st June
ANDY TRIES TO AVOID A PHOTO FINISH Gail’s shaken when Susan phones, revealing she’s sent Michael a photo album documenting Gavin’s life. Gail and Andy vow to intercept the parcel before Michael can see it. But when they miss the parcel and it ends up in Norris’ hands it looks like they’re in trouble. Norris refuses to hand it over as it’s addressed to Michael so when Michael returns to No.8 clutching his parcel, Gail and Andy are beside themselves. Michael’s touched by Susan’s thoughtfulness with the album. As he coos over baby pictures of Gavin, Gail and Andy are filled with dread, certain the game’s up. As he turns the pages will Michael realise he’s looking at pictures of a different man?
JENNY PREPARES FOR HER NEW LIFE WITH JACK Jenny’s edgy, knowing she’s on borrowed time. With the Websters distracted by the aftermath of the fire, Jenny packs two bags and books a taxi to Hull for her and Jack. Will she make her getaway?
TONY’S DONE A DISAPPEARING ACT Eileen’s disgusted that Tony’s disappeared and not even bothered trying to contact Liz. Jason attempts to defend his dad but will it fall on deaf ears?
ELSEWHERE Julie and Mary look forward to welcoming Dev home from India but how will he react to news of the fire? David prepares for a home visit from a Cafcass representative, Kylie’s reappearance not far from his thoughts.

Monday 1st June
MICHAEL LEARNS THE SHOCKING TRUTH As Andy is forced to reveal his real name, and that he was Gavin’s flatmate, Michael reels. Andy burns with shame as he explains how he came to pose as Gavin. Michael’s stunned when Gail admits that she was in on the deception. Gail blusters that she feared the truth would give Michael a heart attack, but he’s furious that she’s been lying to him. As David shows the Cafcass officer into No.8, they’re stunned to walk into a bitter row between Michael, Gail and Andy. The Cafcass officer beats a hasty retreat and David’s furious. Matters go from bad to worse when Gail’s forced to divulge that the real Gavin is dead. As Andy implores Michael to believe he looks on him as his father, how will Michael react? Can he forgive their betrayal or will Michael turn his back on Gail and Andy?
A DESPERATE JENNY NEEDS TO GETAWAY Struggling with the weight of her guilt, Jenny realises she can’t stick around and offers to take Jack away for a few days so that Kevin can focus on his family in the aftermath of the fire. Will Kevin unwittingly agree to Jenny leaving with his son?
ELSEWHERE Julie is perturbed by Dev’s distant demeanour. Meanwhile Mary’s intrigued when she takes a call on Dev’s mobile from a woman named Talisa. Dev assures her they’re just friends who met during the charity project but Mary’s unconvinced.

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Anonymous said...

Again David is caught in the crossfire of his mother's lies.First she misses a mediation meeting to attend Gavin's funeral and now he may lose Max altogether now that it's hit the fan about Andy[whom I don't feel sorry for].I bet either Sarah or Bethany will gleefully tell Callum what happened with the Cafecass worker too.

Zagg said...

The more they show the Platt's, the more I dislike them. They have made them so dysfunctional, it is becoming hard to watch at times. From Gail down to ridiculous Bethany, they just screw each other over again and again with no remorse. Audrey needs to disown them all and move away. There used to be characters on the street who you could route for or at last have an invested interest in....but they sure are dwindling.

Humpty Dumpty said...

This has been one of the most ridiculous storylines. It's hard to feel anything for any of the parties involved. Right at the beginning of the storyline, Michael went ahead with his search without even asking for an up-to-date photo of his son. His aunt could have at least described him in the event that she didn't have a photo of Gavin as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Gavin was probably on some sort of social media, so Michael would very likely have been able to find a picture just by googling him. Also, wasn't Michael around when Gavin was a child? If so, wouldn't he notice that Andy bore no resemblance to Gavin the child, and wouldn't he have noticed some resemblance when he saw the adult Gavin? People's faces don't usually change completely when they grow up.

George Dunning said...

Didn't anyone else kind of laugh when they made reference to David looking different than he did as a child? I just instantly thought "Yeah thats because of a recast".

Anonymous said...

I don't think David has been recast. Nick was, twice.

Anonymous said...

I think it was meant to be funny because David (Jack Shepard) hasn't changed very much at all.

Anonymous said...

David has been recast, but that was a рicture of Jack Sheрhard at 9 years old - exactly the same!!

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