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Monday 29 June 2015

Joyous Julie

Never mind the much heralded re-match of Gail versus Eileen. While I always love to see these two exchanging unpleasantries, the highlight of Monday evening's Coronation Street was most definitely the glorious Julie Carp.

I knew I was going to miss Katy Cavanagh's Julie when it was announced the actress had decided to move on. I think perhaps I had taken Julie's presence for granted. Her cheery, ditzy good humour and joyous 1950s fashions have brightened up an increasingly dreary Weatherfield world over the past seven years. Julie has often been part of the Greek chorus, mainly in the factory. She has been comic relief, whether in her dealings with Mary or in her relationship with Brian. Like Mavis and Derek before them, they were painted as figures of fun, saved mainly by the writing and some terrific performances.

Julie's big moment came several years back when her desperate desire to become a mother took a tragic turn. It had the makings of an extremely touching and moving tale however as I remember it, this story took a back seat for other more "dramatic" offerings. A shame I think, and a missed opportunity to see these comic characters take on extra dimensions.

Anyway, Julie has dominated tonight's double bill of Corrie and I think Katy Cavanagh has really shined. Yes there has always been edges of comedy in this story with Dev and Talisa, but underneath it all there is a quiet heartbreak that once again Julie's quest for a family has failed. Although she had given up hopes of a family of her own, her blossoming romance with Dev had the added bonus of a ready made family. It was lovely to see Julie interacting with the twins (despite that tedious and out of character feuding with Mary). It is such a shame it has to come to an end, thanks to Dev's not uncharacteristic roving eye. Julie's description of Dev has a fading 1970s throwback shopkeeper was unkind but most definitely deserved! 

This storyline has also brought out the best in Mary. I always appreciate when the writers give Patti Clare something more to get her teeth into. The slightly deranged, winnebago dwelling Mary has run its course. I think it's time to show the caring, thoughtful, delicate side to Mary more often. Her touching bond with Julie has been a joy as this storyline comes to an end.

Julie discovering Dev's stupidity tonight was Corrie at its best. It combined the delicate balance of comedy and drama and while it made me laugh it also made me quite sad, not only that lovely Julie's dream has been dashed by another daft bloke, but more so because it means Katy Cavanagh's departure date grows near. I will miss both Julie and Katy. 

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John said...

A good write-up. Katy Cavanagh was excellent tonight.

Llifon said...

Yes a brilliant performance. And Patti and Katy was great.

I've now decided not to read spoilers. And do you know, I'm enjoying Corrie more. :)

Anonymous said...

Katy Cavanagh was awesome tonight. The lights on the street will shine a little less brightly when she goes.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you Julie, I am going to miss you so much! :'(

- Pod

John McE said...

I thought Katy's acting during the meal with Dev and Tulisa was terrific, and showed she is capable of so much more than the character has previously allowed. Hopefully she'll decide to come back after a break.

Anonymous said...

When did Todd come back?
I thought he was gone for good!

Anonymous said...

another great actor to leave the cobbles - Katy shone tonight as she was finally given a great storyline - she will be missed - another great loss for Corrie - isn't it about time that TPTB realize where they are going wrong???

Zagg said...

Crap....I am just bummed that she is leaving. I really do not like the whole Dev/Talisa thing as her exit story. It made her look clueless and Dev look like an idiot user. Not cool, writers, not cool.


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