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Monday 15 June 2015

Another Great Britton

The other week Flaming Nora published a blog singing the praises of the Corrie character Steph Britton. I was in full agreement, Tisha Merry has been a ray of sunshine on the cobbles of Weatherfield. It's nice to see a young character come on in Corrie without the usual baggage or being made to look old before their time. Long may she continue to brighten up our favourite street.

This made me think how much I enjoy both Britton siblings on screen. Steph's brother Luke has been in Corrie for a while now and I really like Dean Fagan, I think he brings a lot of charm to the role. I also think they make for a very believable brother and sister double act. It's just a shame they haven't really been given a major storyline of their own so far.

Luke's main role since arriving in the street has been as suitor to Maria. While I have no problem with this at all and it has been cute to see him win her and Liam over, I do fear for his long term future as past boyfriends have not faired well with the Corrie crimper. Sadly they haven't really had a great deal of screen time together either which hasn't helped. Luke has also been effective in his role as mechanic alongside Kevin and Tyrone - his banter with the latter in particular has been great fun. While Luke and Steph have great chemistry as siblings we haven't had enough opportunities to see them together in anything significant. I know certain storylines can dominate and at times but these two are crying out for something more to get their teeth into. 

I must confess to having fallen for Luke's significant charms, but trying to be impartial, I still think he's a character with plenty of promise. I think both Brittons have something fresh to contribute to Coronation Street at a time when some viewers feel it could do with a few changes.

So do you agree that Luke should feature in a more prominent storyline? And if so, what should it be?

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Tvor said...

Yes I like Luke, too. I'd like to see him with a more involved storyline. Prior to this brother/sister act, we had and have Kirk and Maria and I like their dynamic, too. They don't interact a whole lot but Kirk is always there at Maria's back when she needs him and it looks like Luke will be a good brother as well. I like that Steph is more direct with her brother than Maria is with hers, ordering Luke around and they seem somehow "tighter" than Maria and Kirk. Maybe that's because Kirk is so dependable that Maria never has had to really stick up for him or look out for him too much where I get the feeling Luke and Steph both have had their share of misadventures and the two of them cover for each other.

Rebecca said...

As I commented in the Steph blog, I love them both! In some ways I'd like to see more of them, but I worry that if we do the writers will give them unneeded personality transplants.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see them given more prominent storylines, but not "explosive" ones. And, as Rebecca says, no personality transplants. Maybe we could learn a little more about their past history.

Sam Scarecrow said...

Yes Luke has potential to be a good character. He just doesnt want to be dragged down by Maria and made a boring appendage to the dim hairdresser. But with her leaving soon on mat leave, lets hope Luke is given a meaty storyline of his own.

Anonymous said...

I'm odd (wo)man out here, but I find both characters dull. Rather than a prominent storyline, I wish the writers would give them better dialogue that made their perspective on life sharper. If I imagine sitting across from them in that photo at the cafe, I can't even think of what we'd talk about, save other people's gossip.

Alison said...

Attempting to put him with Maria was such a bad idea, so boring! (are they still going down that route, I lost interest?) I love his banter with the kevin and Tyrone, and his relationship with Steph. And he showed he is a nice guy during that thing with Carla. Personally I like having him as a background character but understandably that's not what the young actors want from a role.


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