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Thursday 18 June 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 17 June

In this episode, David and Kylie are trying to get back to normal. David seems to have completely forgiven Kylie. This is mainly for the children; he tells her later when they are alone in the salon that it is all an act and not to believe everything he says in public.

Unbeknownst to them both however, Bethany has been eavesdropping. She tells all to Sarah in the presence of Callum.  In all honesty, I'm not keen on this storyline and I find Callum to be akin to a 'pantomime baddie'.
"A coffee would be nice when you've finished YouTubing"
"Well, whatever it is you do on that thing. I've never understood it"
"Looking at family holidays, actually"
Aunty Rita calls round to Kevin's house, bringing the news that Jenny has been sectioned. This is an interesting and entirely logical end to her character. However, I do hope we will see a reformed Jenny arrive back on the Street in time to come.

Over at the gym, Sharif is trying to fill the void his son left as manager. After a heated disagreement with a customer, he collapses and is taken to hospital. I am keen to see where this will go. I imagine it will be connected in some way to Kal's death. Any other option would be far too unrealistic.

A comic storyline playing out very nicely at the moment is the Julie/Dev/Talisa triangle. A la Legally Blonde, Julie mistakenly believes that Dev is going to propose to her. However, Talisa, a 'friend' of Dev's from India is proving to be a rather threatening spanner in the works.

Desperate to get rid of her, Julie tells her of a job vacancy. In Macclesfield. However, in true Corrie fashion, a job right across the road lands into her lap.  It looks like she is going to teach yoga at the gym. This works for Julie, as she's desperate to get her out of the house and off of her man. Of course, even if she is out of the house, she can't stay on the Street and not cause some controversy. That's just unnatural!
   Amongst all this, Brian is still persevering with Julie, begging her to go with him on the world cruise he has won. If it was me, I wouldn't care who it was with, I'd jump at the chance to go on a world cruise. Ha!

 "One of our suppliers knows where they're taking on machinists. In Macclesfield. It's a big company, she'll have prospects!"
Elsewhere, a story line involving Luke and some fake designer t-shirts started up. Yay...

A rather quiet 'bubblegum' episode of Corrie, but important for the transition of the characters and the progression of storylines.

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Anonymous said...

Callum looks like he has a bad case of hemorrhoids most of the time...can he find another expression?
Isn't Kylie just the cutest thing? And David Platt is such a catch..I can see why she's falling all over him, begging him time and again to forgive her when, actually is all down to him, throwing her out and telling her to bog off time and again.
Sophie bores me to tears but the bromance between Kevin and Tim is far.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to David, Kylie was taking Max's ADHD medication, which was enough to send her back on the drugs she'd been using before. What should he have done? Kylie's an addict. She may be clean now, maybe even for the rest of her life, but the craving remains, so the worry is always there for both of them. David handled the situation badly, but there is no good way, only "lesser of evil" ways.

ritaduck said...

i like kevin tim and sally there great glad the windas crew are lying low i like gary but anna and faye please move away been enjoying the last couple of weeks ,would love to buy that spotted top aurdry was wearing last night

Anonymous said...

Here's my ideal ending for Julie's story.

Figuring out that Dev has gone off her and is not going to propose, Julie finally realises that Brian is her true love and goes off with him on the world cruise. After she's gone, Dev recognises that Talisa is a tedious sponger and that Julie was the best thing that ever happened to him. Alas, it is too late!

Anonymous said...

What is up with Bethany? She must have quite a crush on Callum to be selling out her family like that. I wanted to like her, but I find her less cheeky and charming than nasty...
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

Bethany no mates - and is unlikely to find any in the next millenium the way she sells everyone down the river! She could be a friend to tracey though....(John H)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bethany is quite nasty. But, given that her mother is prepared to sell out her family for a roll in the hay with the local drug dealer, Bethany was probably raised that way.

Tvor said...

I think Sharif's crisis was there to freak Alya out, panicking because she couldn't bear to lose anyone else she's close to. That and Jason's intervention after she overreacted and she's putty in his hands while she's grieving. She's used to being the strong one and losing her dad has completely knocked her for six.

I think Talisa is being portrayed as too good to be true. So therefore, she's not. I think there's definitely something amiss with this Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Leanne should introduce Bethany and Sarah to her former employers, the escort agency, they would make a killing.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right Tvor. Talisa moves in with Dev and his girlfriend and, even though she seems to realise that Julie would like her to leave, she insists on staying put. Either she's enjoying the free ride, she's after Dev for herself, or she's up to something else.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bethany's betrayal is leading to the rumored storyline of her becoming Callum's drug runner?If that is the case I am not looking forward to Sarah whining to her family about evil Callum when she was the one dating him despite everyone's warnings.
The more I see these two,the more I think that it's a shame that Msddie was killed off in the fire instead of them.

Nikki NZ said...

I like your freeze frames Jordan. Nice touch.

Zagg said...

I sure wouldn't call the Dev/Julie/Talisa thing comedy. Julie is going to be DEVestated in the end. Too bad they went this route for exit stories.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid the writers will ruin the wonderful bromance of Kev and Tim. I bet you they will have Kev and Sal fall into bed and there goes that. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I would rather Kev and Tim fall into bed.


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