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Monday 29 June 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 29 June 2015

I’ve only ever witnessed one fight between women in my life. It was a bitter January Sunday morning, at an Under 13s football match in a godforsaken place called Maltby. One boy went in hard on another and a scuffle broke out. It was sorted quickly by the referee, but the mothers of the two boys were on the floor scrapping. Can you imagine the embarrassment for all concerned?

And so it is with Gail and Eileen. Wholly embarrassing. Embarrassing for themselves, their families and for the idea that 2 middle aged women would stoop to a physical fight -unconvincing, slapstick, not big, not clever and not, sadly, entertaining.  Later, Nick tells his mother that he is doing his best to cope with the loss of a much-wanted baby, in order to put a perspective on events and that the last thing he wanted was to witness a circus like that.

Neither Gail nor Eileen are stupid women but here they behave stupidly. Eileen was mightily provoked and why on earth did Audrey and Maria not stop Gail throwing all the hair products.

 Eileen actually encourages Michael to sort things out with Gail, which he agrees to do. He explains how angry and upset he was over the deceit about Gavin. Gail faithfully promises no more dishonesty. Michael, warming to the theme, tells Gail that it was getting cosy with Eileen that brought on his heart attack. Some things are best kept quiet. Gail rails at Eileen, who she detests anyway. Eileen says that they only kissed and reassures Gail that she has no designs on him. Gail is in hot pursuit of Eileen and starts to fight.  Sweet heavens! Michael hoves into view and gets a ringside seat and consequently hears the unkind remarks Gail makes about him. ‘He’s a failed burglar, with a dodgy heart and a fondness for Y-fronts.’

Todd is highly amused. Discovering that his mother was ‘romping’ and ‘pawing’ he says, ‘I know you’re desperate, but that’s practically grave robbing.’

Tracy makes sure that Brian keeps his date at the Bistro with Julie Carp. Because Tracy is involved, we know that there will be something unkind involved. The Julie Carp, who is not our Julie Carp, says she would like to travel around the world. The poor soul is happy to meet Brian but Brian has to pull out.

At home, there is quite a disturbing scene where Amy seems to be Tracy’s mini –me. To see the 2 of them in cahoots that way is worrying. ‘He wanted to meet Julie Carp for lunch and we made it happen,’ says chip off the old block, Amy. Ken pulls his head out of his latest classic, Emma Bovary, to tell his daughter that she is monumentally uncharitable.’ Nothing new there, Ken.

Dev and his women are causing a rumpus. This has made for uncomfortable viewing. What was Talisa doing there, in Dev`’s house in the first place? Was she contributing to the family budget, did she realize that Dev was infatuated with her and if so was she using that to her advantage? Who did she think Julie was? Dev asks Talisa to leave her husband so that makes Dev’s motives clear. Dev and Talisa have behaved badly and now, spotted holding hands in the cafe by Brian, he feels he must let Julie know, maybe seeing this as an opportunity. ‘I’ve just witnessed a scene of great intimacy,’ says Brian. ‘I’ve seen his sort before – all hair oil and shopworn charm.’

Mary arrives at Dev’s to see Julie sitting very still, all alone. She approaches her and naturally Julie asks her if she knew anything. Mary admitted she had an ‘inkling’ and that she approached Dev about it. Should Mary have approached Julie too? Maybe, but it’s understandable that she didn’t. Mary tells Julie that Dev is worth fighting for.’ Julie’s response is definite. ‘No he’s not.’

Julie plucks up the courage and confronts Dev and Talisa. Dev is dev–astated and begs Julie for another chance. Talisa is not in love with Dev and she tells him that she is gay. When Talisa leaves, Julie rips in to Dev. She tells him that while he was away she looked after his children, his house and his business and in return he betrayed her. She did all she did out of love. What a tour de force that was, Katy Kavanagh! Now I’m even more sorry you’re going!

Great to see Carla as the Victoria Coren- Mitchell, of Weatherfield. Bring on the high rollers for a game of poker, brought about by Jason’s insomnia and his early morning TV viewing. Satisfying to see Carla win and irritating to see Dan so obnoxious towards her. What a dreadful man! I know they still exist, but Carla will be only too pleased to beat the cave man. When he won’t have another game, Carla says, ‘Coward, I was just warming up.’  It’s a good job that Liz didn’t witness the way in which Dan behaved towards Carla, because had she done so she might not be so keen to be with him. What a lovely thing Carla does for Kirk by handing him a substantial amount of her winnings and will take no refusal.

Erica must be feeling distraught. Doubtless she believes that the loss of her baby means that she will remain childless. She doesn’t want any contact with Nick and is refusing to take his phone calls. The loss of the baby is sad for Nick too, as he was very keen to have a child. What should Nick do? Should he stick with Erica out of a sense of duty or should he follow his heart and turn to Carla? As we all know, Alison King is taking a break from the cobbles, so maybe nothing will happen with Nick.
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Humpty Dumpty said...

The cat fight between Eileen and Gail was one of those scenes where you just know the actors are having more fun than the audience. The slapstick, the unlikeliness of it (Eileen putting a bin over her head)etc etc. All done to tell the audience that they're having such larks on set that surely the viewers must think it's hilarious, too. And didn't we have endless media hype about this great event!? What was funny ten years ago was that (probably, because I can't remember) we weren't expecting Gail and Eileen to roll about on the cobbles. In the great Corrie tradition, they were fighting about their offspring. Really, who would want to stoop so low for the likes of Michael Rodwell?

I only hope that Tracy's vicious nature is being given full rein atm so that Deirdre's contempt for her will be all the more effective. Ken will have a long list of nasty things Tracy has done.

Julie was wonderful and I hope she leaves Weatherfield on her own, deciding men aren't to be trusted. Actually, I think Mary did try to hint to Julie that she was reading too much into Dev's comments. Probably she should told Julie about her suspicions but they weren't the best of buddies. I doubt whether Julie would have believed her.

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd take Gail back to being the strong character she was in the 90s and 00s. Since the affair with Lewis she's been written as a clueless fool but this is a woman who ran her own business for years. The earlier version suited Helen Worth better.

Anonymous said...

Showed just how under-used Julie has been, I liked the similarities with Sunita's rants at Dev, he really does take women for granted.
Also realised how much Corrie misses a Brian type character - harmless, bumbling and a bit pompous - doesn't fit in with SB's ever increasingly nasty, depressing issue driven path the show is generally going down though.

Anonymous said...

That Gail wants locking up? Who would take her seriously? Can they make this character any more ridiculous? C'mon ... another writer for her badly needed.

Zagg said...

Who could ever believe that Nick really wanted a baby or a real relationship with over the hill Erica? I sure couldn't. She was just a distraction and his fun bit on the side. A serious relationship? Never.

Domestic God said...

Agree Zagg - Nick forced Leanne, his wife at the time, into an abortion, now we are supposed to feel sorry for him as the result of a meaningless fling which resulted in a baby (quite unbelievably) has now resulted in miscarraige. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for Nick, especially as Alison King is due to leave for a time. Doesnt work for me, Nick is a prize prat.


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