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Wednesday 17 June 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 June

Wednesday 17th June
KYLIE AND DAVID PUT ON A SHOW FOR CALLUM David and Kylie make an effort to feign normality, but Gail isn’t convinced and wonders how long they can keep up their charade. Bethany overhears this, and as they discuss how they’re going to convince the court they’re a happy family, she reports back to Sarah and Callum. How will Callum react to the couple’s apparent display of solidarity?
ALYA FEELS FATE IS WEIGHED AGAINST HER Carla tells Alya she doesn’t object to her selling her own ideas, as long as it doesn’t conflict with Underworld. But Alya’s left embarrassed when she has to inform Carla that the deal is off. When Sharif then suffers an asthma attack, Alya panics. Will Carla be able to offer Alya the support she needs?
DEV’S STRUCK WITH AN IDEA Julie thinks it’s time for Talisa to get a job and suggests her teaching yoga at the community centre. Meanwhile when Brian approaches Julie in front of Dev, suggesting they go on their holiday together, Julie sends him packing. But how will Dev react to this?
ELSEWHERE Tim is worried about the state of Kevin and offers a helping hand. Talisa compliments Luke on his t-shirt resulting in Tyrone, Chesney, Kirk, Gary and Jason all asking him to order some from his mate. But when Steph studies the t-shirt she tells Luke it’s a fake. How will he break the news to the others now they have parted with their hard earned cash?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, where to begin? Why is Alya looking to Carla for support when she is apparently, at the same time, planning to take her empire away from her? It doesn't make sense. Why is Julie suggesting that Talisa teach yoga at the community centre when, from the spoiler pictures from next week, we can see that she ends up teaching her yogalates at Kal's gym? What gives? And finally, is Talisa such a babe that Tyrone, Chesney, Kirk, Gary, and Jason would fall over each other to buy a t-shirt just because she admires it? Really?

Beth said...

Ugh Bethany! No family loyalty from her and Sarah. Horrible the both of them.

Pippa Dee said...

PLEASE get rid of that awful Bethany together with Sarah and Callum.

I just cannot stand any of them any longer.

Anonymous said...

I'm adding Gail to that. I get she is supposed to be her mother-in-law incarnate, but dear god I'd kick that bitch out of MY house when she makes her judgmental snarky remarks. Nick and David's life would be much better if they cut her out, and the one who needs talking to--Sarah the stupid little cow--gets nothing but a pass. I have this story line (probably because I love what David and Kylie have turned in to...adore them!).

Anonymous said...

Why do Callum and Sarah keep walking into David and Kylie's house without knocking? Neither of them live there. Maybe it's time to start locking the door.

Zagg said...

I too despise Bethany. I really dislike that they have taken such an important issue as child custody, and turned it into a farce with little bratty Bethany reporting to Callum and Sarah like it is a game. Sarah has known him all of 5 minutes and sides with him over her own brother? It is stunningly stupid.
They seriously need to end this story line. It has been horribly written and the addition of Callum, Sarah and Bethany to the cast has really brought this show down several notches. I am sure they are all very nice people in real life, but collectively on screen, they are painful to watch. It's like watching a school play.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Zagg I agree completely. Awful characters. Shoddy writing. Unrealistic behaviour. Makes me want to throw something atthe telly!

Tvor said...

Julie did suggest yoga at the community centre and Dev then added in that she could also teach at the gym.

Sarah has never been on her brother's side and Bethany is indeed a brat.

I did emphasize with Alya, though, when Sharif had an asthma attack. After losing her mother and then her father, she certainly would be a bit freaked out at losing someone else close.

Anonymous said...

That asthma attack ....sorry, but it was very poorly acted, nothing like a real asthma attack and I speak from long experience of several family members, including myself, with different types of asthma.


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