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Thursday 25 June 2015

55 Years of Corrie in 55 Days - 2011

In 2010 when Coronation Street celebrated its 50th anniversary, our blogger Sunny Jim wrote some amazing blog posts entitled 50 Years of Corrie in 50 Days.

Every one of those 50 blog posts paid homage to every year of Coronation Street's history, outlining  events on and off the cobbles. Sunny Jim used Corrie reference books and online sources to create a wonderful resource for fans.

You can read them all here in this wonderful online book.

As Coronation Street this year will celebrate its 55th anniversary in December 2015, it's time to start updating our online book.  Today, we start with events from the cobbles from 2011 and will bring you 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 over the next few months.

55 Years of Corrie in 55 Days - 2011

Claire Peacock and her sons leave for France after she batters Tracy Barlow for calling her dead husband Ashley names. Audrey’s friend Claudia arrives. Tyrone develops a crush on Sally Webster. Graeme married Xin and both of them left the Street. Julie and Brian start dating. Gary suffers panic attacks after his ordeal in Afghanistan and suffers a break down with Izzy in her flat. Nick Tilsley gets Peter Barlow drinking again.
John Stape murders Colin Fishwick’s mum Joy.  He then imprisons the Hoyles and Chesney in the basement of the Hoyle’s house. Fiz is arrested for John’s fraud and he kidnaps Rosie Webster.

Speaking of Rosie, she moves into Eileen’s house and the queue for the bathroom gets long when she's in there doing her beauty routine: "It's cleanse, tone, vomit," says Sean.  Rosie needs a baby to take on a fashion shoot, she takes baby Jack but brings the wrong baby back home. Rosie’s agent Jeff chats up Sally and whisks her off to Paris for a holiday. 

Sally takes out an injunction against Kev preventing him access to his lottery winnings. There's a court hearing where the injunction's overturned – Kevin wins, Sally loses – but desperate to get his missus back Kevin gives Sally a cheque for the whole amount later, telling her he wants her back, loves her and always will.  Sally tells Kevin to stick his cheque and do one.

Frank Foster arrives at Underworld.  He tries to rape Maria who tries to warn Carla off him, but Carla doesn’t believe Maria and lets Frank invest in the factory. Carla’s mum dies and she kisses Frank.  The two of them get close and end up engaged but Frank rapes Carla. His mum ends up killing him.

Faye Windass arrives as foster child for Anna and Eddie Windass. Eddie leaves for Germany. With Eddie gone, Owen set his cap at Anna and she agrees to a night in the pub with him.

David married Kylie. It's fair to say that Gail and daughter-in-law Kylie didn’t get on that well. "She's a Tasmanian devil in a push-up bra!" snorts Gail when tensions grow. Little Max comes to live with the Platts.

Roy’s mum Sylvia arrived. She’s over the moon when she finds out she's won a cruise in the competition that she entered with Mary's slogan. She goes off cruising and returns with tales about a man she’s met, called Milton.

Katy's pregnant with Chesney’s baby and she gives birth in the manger at the nativity play at Bessie Street School.

Jim McDonald tries to rob a building society and gets locked up in the Big House.  Todd returns with new bloke Jools in tow.  Sean went to London to see son Dylan with Marcus.  Ken and Deirdre took up pottery throwing. Ken’s grandson James moves in to No. 1.
Audrey had a fling with Marc the transvestite.

Nick’s Bistro opens. Gail tries and fails to get the bar manager's job and ends up as the cleaner instead. "I'll just go and give the gents a good bottoming," she tells Nick before scuttling off in her pinny. 

Steve and Tracy went to Blackpool and stayed overnight in a B&B.  Tracy ended up pregnant with twins but after she miscarried the babies, she lied and said Becky had thrown her down a flight of stairs.

Dennis Tanner returns to Rita’s life as a down and out. Eileen and Julie discover they're distantly related to Dennis Tanner when he reveals that his mum Elsie's maiden name was Grimshaw.  Eileen Grimshaw celebrated her 50th birthday and falls in love with the fireman who comes to rescue her when she gets her head stuck in the railings on the roof of Underworld.  
Sunita’s aunties arrive in time to see Dev propose to Sunita but she turns him down. Over at the Alahan's, Amber upsets everyone by staying out all night with Tommy Duckworth and revealing that she's been kicked out of Uni.  Dev's head's spinning trying to make sense of it all.

Stella Price’s name goes up above the door at the Rovers Return. She reveals herself as Leanne’s real mum.

Lloyd lets his girlfriend Cheryl’s mate Chris and his pretend brain tumour move into his flat. Tina dates Dr Carter and he takes her out to meet his posh mates. On the golf course with Lloyd, Dev discovers son Aadi is a naturally gifted golfer and goes all out to encourage the kid buying him a brand new set of golf clubs.

Tyrone's new girlfriend Kirsty reveals she's a cop. Kevin asks Ken for advice on changing baby Jack's surname from Dobbs to Webster. ill WeBbster returned after months away, declared his love for Aunty Pam and told everyone he was going to wed her then he fell down flat with a heart attack, ended up in intensive care.

Over at the Barlow's, it's Ken's 72nd birthday and Deirdre's present is a hand-made pottery gift where Ken can put his nuts. “They're peanut bowls!” she shrieks in delight.

Schmeichel the Great Dane went to the kennel in the sky. Ciaran and Michelle forge ahead with wedding plans until he gambled away their wedding funds. Lloyd left the Street to a 10-horn salute from the Streetcars cabs.

Owen and David's spat turned nasty when Owen woke up to find his fish pond filled in with soil and all his fish have disappeared. This cut to a brilliant scene of Kylie at the Platt's screaming in horror to David: "Why's our bath full of fish?"

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Tvor said...

Whatever happened to Aadi's golfing? Seems to have gone by the wayside.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Websters winnings? I have no memory of them being mentioned since Sally mooted buying into the factory- Micky

maggie muggins said...

I miss Graeme. Stape! Frank Foster! Almost forgot about him. Gosh, remember Kylie's red wedding dress with the black trim! Deidre's nut bowl!

And yes, whatever did happen to Aadi's golf skills? Have 4 years gone by already?


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