Monday, 15 June 2015

British Beer Day - Coronation Street style

Today, Monday 15 June is the first ever British Beer Day - find out more here.

In honour of British Beer Day, let's have a look at some Coronation Street characters who have been closely associated with beer.  

Jack Duckworth liked a pint.

As did Eddie Yeats.

And Stanley Ogden.  Beer, Stanley. Beer.

Here's Curly, Terry and Kev enjoying their beer.

And another trio in The Snug having a bottle of stout - Minnie, Martha and Ena.

And while there have been very many women serving pints from behind the bar at the Rovers Return, only one sticks in my mind as drinking pints in the Rovers - Angie Freeman.

These days, it's more likely to be Tim Metcalfe we see drinking beer in the Rovers.

And most recently we've seen Liz's new squeeze Dan, Dan, the Brewery Man quaff down a bottle of Hob Hole.  I can't be the only Corrie (and beer) fan disappointed that an employee from Newton & Ridley is chucking beer down his neck from the bottle?  Surely he'd ask for a glass to give the beer the respect it deserves. This would allow Dan to see the quality of the beer he's producing at the brewery as well as taste it properly and subtly rather than necking it down.  If he treats his beer that badly, how's it going to turn out with Liz?

Any more big beer drinkers in Corrie you would include in our list?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dan is showing his London roots - they love to drink beer from the bottle down sarf! I'm trying to get his accent also, he's trying a Northern twang, but I'm not sure if it's working. Still, it's better than Stella's attemрts!! John H

Llifon said...

Len, Alf and Ray Langton liked their Newton and Ridley. :)

Tvor said...

Not to mention all the women that have poured beer over their men's heads!

Anonymous said...

Janice Battersby and Karen McDonalds seems to have a liking for a pint too.

Beth said...

What happened to the dimpled glass? Do they still serve those in the Rovers?

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