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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 24 June

Wednesday 24th June
ANNA FACES THE TOUGHEST DECISION OF HER LIFE Anna is left saddened by Faye’s obvious lack of interest in Miley. Tim informs Anna of Josie and Grieg’s offer and persuades her to go and speak with them. When Anna and Tim visit, Josie and Grieg assure them they’d take good care of Miley. Tim takes Jackson off privately informing him he’d still want to be a part of Miley’s life. But with her heart breaking will Anna agree this is the way forward and how will Faye react to the proposal?
IT’S ERICA’S PARTY AND SHE’LL CRY IF SHE WANTS TO Erica is appalled to find Nick has thrown her a surprise party at the Bistro, highlighting the fact that she is 50. As Liz, Audrey, Gail, Eileen, Bethany, Carla and Nick celebrate her birthday, Erica declares she’s had enough and heads home. Nick’s gutted to have got it so wrong and is comforted by Carla. As the night comes to an end they drunkenly begin to play fight in the street and it is evident there is still a spark between them. Will Nick act on it?
FIZ’S DISCOVERY MAKES TYRONE SUSPICIOUS Mary calls a meeting with Norris, Roy, Tyrone, Fiz, Chesney and Cathy in preparation for the Rovers Quiz Night. When Fiz catches Cathy having a wash in the ladies toilet, Cathy makes out her boiler has broken at home, but alarm bells start ringing for Fiz. Her suspicions heighten when Roy walks Cathy to the bus stop and she becomes flustered and leaves in a hurry. Is she hiding something?
ELSEWHERE Dev and Julie attend Talisa’s first yogalates class at the gym, but Julie is left unimpressed when Brian parks himself on a mat next to her. He takes the opportunity to offer Julie a last chance to go on holiday with him, will she finally give in?

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Anonymous said...

I wrote this once, but I'll write it again: how can Carla, still reeling from the guilt of drinking on the night of the fire, be drunk 'play fighting' in the street with Nick two weeks later? Do these people have the memory of a fruit fly?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Brian has lost weight, but that hasn't been mentioned. However, when he was heavier he was the butt of so many jokes and was constantly put down over his lack of willpower when it came to food.

Zagg said...

I can not stand Talisa. What a pointless and silly character. This is such a lame and unbelievable story line. How could Dev be such a dog and how could Julie be so clueless? This is a very bad exit story. These writers totally missed the mark on this. It sure seems like they need a complete overhaul starting with the producer and down to the writers. All of them are doing their jobs badly.

Anonymous said...

Julie is looking at Brian like he just farted.

Anonymous said...

Instead of playing 'detective' and harassing poor Cathy who's doing nothing wrong,maybe Fiz and Tyrone should just concentrate on their own lives and their jobs instead of being suspicious of Cathy?If anyone else like Eileen for example was washing her clothes in the Rovers bathroom sink because the washer is on the brink,I doubt Fiz would be suspicious of her but she is with Cathy and feels Cathy ahs to justify herself to her?Who does Fiz think she is?


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