Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bag of Audrey's air for sale on eBay

This is probably the daftest thing I've ever seen for sale on eBay.  Not only is it a bag of nothing but the current bid stands at £7,000. 

The description for the item is as follows:

This is a bag of air that Audrey Roberts from out of Coronation Street used whilst she was in Boots looking at hand creams. 
She was also making 'The Audrey Roberts Noise' at the time. 
Excellent condition.

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C in Canada said...

Ahahaaa! Some people will buy anything!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it said 'air, as in Audrey's hair - oh well.

Anonymous said...

"Bye heck! Some folks have more money than sense."

Ena Sharples.

Anonymous said...

There's one born every minute

maggie muggins said...

Har! That made my day!

Zagg said...

Is this for real? How can anyone be bidding so much? Tis funny though. Now that I think about it, I lived in Florida for a while and sent my Aunt Lil a can of Florida Sunshine...empty can, cute novelty label......and.....she opened it. So, I guess this is totally possible. Of course I only paid $1.29 for the can of sunshine!

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