Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Baby charity's disappointment with Coronation Street

It seems that Corrie fans aren't the only ones upset and disappointed that Coronation Street rewrote history to omit the death of Kevin Webster's baby son Jake.

Kevin buried baby Jake after he was born with an infection called Group B Strep. The death of baby Jake ultimately led to the suicide of Kev's wife Alison.  However, Corrie never mentioned any of this throughout the Jenny Bradley kidnapping Jake storyline. Indeed, Kevin actually said at one point: "Must be hard burying one of your kids."

And, twice, on Monday night, Rita said to Kevin something along the lines of how hard it must be for Jenny having lost her child. Kevin stared into the middle distance in reply. How much more poignant and powerful this storyline would have been if Corrie had remembered Kevin's loss. His relationship with Jenny might have turned out so much more different. You know, better.

Now, the chief executive of charity Group B Strep Support has said that Coronation Street missed its opportunity to raise awareness about the potentially fatal bacteria.

Jane Plumb MBE, chief executive of Group B Strep Support, said: "It is disappointing because it was such an incredible story line at the time. It was probably one of the first times that the words 'group B Strep' had reached a national audience and the awareness that it raised was enormous. Jake's mum committed suicide as a result. It was very powerful and emotional. In reality, nobody forgets the death of their baby."

Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn apologised for forgetting Kevin's dead baby storyline. He said: "On this occasion, we did make a mistake."

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