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Monday 29 June 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 29 June

Monday 29th June
HONESTY ISN’T THE BEST POLICY FOR GAIL With some encouragement from Eileen, Michael sets off to clear the air with Gail, in the hope they can salvage their marriage. As they have a heart to heart, Michael explains to Gail how much she hurt him with her web of lies. Gail begs him to give her another chance and assures him there will be no more secrets. Agreeing that honesty is the best policy, Michael admits that his recent heart do was brought on by a moment of intimacy with Eileen. How will Gail react to the news that Michael got frisky with her nemesis?
DEV MAKES THE RIGHT MOVE WITH THE WRONG WOMAN Clearly in love, Dev puts pressure on Talisa to be honest with her husband and tell him it’s over for good. Meanwhile Tracy reminds Brian about his lunch date with Julie Carp. Brian’s bemused when a stranger approaches him in the bistro explaining she’d love to travel the world with him. What is Tracy’s game? Unimpressed, Brian’s about to leave when he clocks Dev and Talisa deep in conversation. As Dev takes Talisa’s hand, Brian grows suspicious. Finding Julie, Brian warns her that Dev’s intentions towards Talisa might not be platonic. Suspecting Brian is right, Julie goes in search of Dev, but will she overhear more than she bargained for?
ROY AND FIZ’S CURIOSITY GROWS OVER CATHY As her strange behaviour continues Roy wonders what’s behind it.
ELSEWHERE Jason, Kirk and Gary arrange a poker night in the Rovers. When Dan calls in the Rovers he invites himself to join the lads for the game.

Monday 29th June
DING! DING! IT’S ROUND 2 FOR GAIL AND EILEEN Gail rages at Eileen. Eileen does her best to defend herself, assuring Gail they only kissed and Michael isn’t really her type, but this only serves to fuel Gail’s anger. Gail pursues Eileen out of the salon and the two women fight on the street. The Platts watch in horror as Gail and Eileen brawl on the cobbles. In her rage Gail makes some disparaging remarks about Michael but her anger quickly turns to regret as she spots Michael who’s heard every word. Can he forgive Gail’s behaviour or are the couple back to square one?
JULIE’S WORLD FALLS APART Clearly embarrassed, Dev apologises to Talisa for misreading the signals. Julie explains to Mary how she overheard Dev declaring his love for Talisa. Over dinner, Julie confronts Dev and Talisa. Dev’s mortified and begs Julie to give him another chance. Will she agree? Meanwhile when Talisa delivers a few home truths to Dev it looks like Julie could be having the last laugh!
CARLA’S ON A HIGH AT POKER NIGHT Carla inveigles her way into the lads’ poker night, finding herself on a winning streak she wipes the floor with the men, much to Dan’s disgust. Oblivious to the contemptuous way he behaved towards Carla, Liz gets cosy with her new man.
ELSEWHERE Nick tells Carla that Erica has moved back to her Mum’s and is refusing to take his calls.  Carla’s sympathetic.

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Tvor said...

Can't wait! Some might say ho hum, another barney on the cobbles but I love 'em! It's a Corrie tradition!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Don't get too excited, Tvor! We were promised great fisticuffs between Tracy and Michelle in the salon. We only got a bit of shoving and pushing on the cobbles. It's over ten years since the last Gail-and-Eileen scrap. It might be more sedate this time unless they've got doubles!

Tvor said...

Tracy and Michelle were indeed a damp squib, all a bit of shouting pretty much. I'm optimistic. Gail and Eileen have form and Gail has rage fueling her.

Anonymous said...

The only joy I get out of the Gail/Eileen battle is the photo where Gail is laid out flat on the ground so hard her feet are in the air!

Gail has turned into a complete moron with the class of the nearest can. How often has she been seen taking on members of the public inside her son's bistro or her mother's salon? What sane person actually does that without receiving a visit from the police in return?

This is not classic Corrie, this are the insane actions of a total narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is happy to hear that Erica has fled to her mother's and isn't speaking the Nick? Nick should count himself lucky at this turn of events and take the comfort offered by Carla.

Anonymous said...

Erica still has a mum who is still alive?

Anonymous said...

Erica's supposed to have just turned 50. (In real life the actress is only a couple of years older.) Her mother would be somewhere in her 70's or possibly even 80's. There are millions of people "still alive" at that age, Anonymous 22:10 ! Harumph!

As for Helen Worth's character's slow transformation from a competent person into an idiot, I wonder if she's had any say in the unpleasant change, or does she just take her (40 years worth of job security) paycheck and say the lines, however ludicrous.


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