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Sunday 14 June 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for June 8 - 12

Acting award: Les Dennis did a great job acting drunk.

Rebound award: Michael and Eileen snogging on the sofa. But understandable under the circumstances.

Hilda Odgen award: I was absolutely sure Michael was going to add "Stanley" to that "Womanly" remark. Let the sucking up begin award: Flowers and a lame apology from Tony.

15 seconds of fame award: ME!  (see below)

Memory loss (aka continuity fail): As we've all been saying, Kevin acted as if he didn't know what it was like to bury a child. In fact, this week was the 15th anniversary of the death of his wife Alison and his baby Jake.

If You Can't Be with the One You Love, Love the one you're with: Dev has met someone. But that might not even go anywhere. What to do, what to do?

Fashion Trend: Patterned leggings are everywhere these days. I *loved* Kylie's black and white ones! Even Liz was in on the style with somewhat less success, I must say.

Supporting character win: The character of Callum is a bit, ok, a lot ridiculous. But his two sidekicks, Macca and Gemma are the bomb!!!

Psychic award: Only Beth knew Brian was sniffing around. How did Mary know? Beth wasn't at the funeral or the Webster house after.

Musical Ambiance: "You gotta have Faith" when Liz was talking about how she intends on handling Tony if he shows up.

Banksy of Weatherfield: Craig. Awww what a star! A memorial murial to Maddie! (but did nobody notice it in progress in the ginnel)

Lines of the week:
Michael to Steph "Are you deaf as well as daft?"
Todd "Wake up and smell the hair extensions. She was thick!"
Michael "Inveigled (giggles) I can say it!"
Liz "If he thinks he can get round me with a few poxy roses, which are my second least favourite by the way, well he can forget it"
Kevin "Must be hard burying one of your kids" (you would know, or have you forgotten baby Jake?)
Dev "You don't think I could just break it to her gently?"
David "Hashtag Kylie"
Beth "I’m the one with the stretch marks so I’ll ask the questions thanks" and "That is some serious nozzle control son"
Liz "If Tracy Barlow is nothing else, she's a survivor"
Sarah to Kylie "You can't just turn up after God knows how long" Kylie "Oh, like you did?"
Tim to Sophie "You can read me like a book" Sophie "You're more like a pamphlet"
Emily about Norris "What a ridiculous statement" Rita "He's plenty more where that came from"
Sophie "To my Maddie. Funny and Fearless"
Liz "You're pining for Bistro Boy" Erica "It's a waste of time. He likes the cargo, not the container ship" (give it 5 minutes, love)
Julie "As if werewolves and vampires are going to tempt Dev to pop the question"

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Pippa Dee said...

15 seconds of fame award:

I'll take one of those too, since I was also mentioned!!

My immediate reaction when Kevin uttered those words: "WHAAAAAATT????"

Tvor said...

I'll gladly share the 15 seconds Pippa! ;)

Pippa Dee said...

Fair enough Tvor :-)

Anonymous said...

When Mary told Julie that Brian was back, she specifically said that Beth had told her.

Anonymous said...

I think Erica was right - Nick likes the cargo, not the container ship. It reminds me of when another of his girlfriends got pregnant (can't remember her name). He was ready to dump her until he found out she was pregnant, so she tried to cover the fact that she had already had an abortion. When he found out, she was history. It feels like the same sort of thing with Erica. He's more interested in the baby than in her and, if she loses the baby, it would not surprise me if he dumps her too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous16;00 It was Nastasha the hairdresser who Nick was going to dump for Leeanne when he found out she was pregnant.He also forced Leeanne to have an abortion when she was pregnant with his chilc and lied that she 'miscarried' only to dump her to live in Canada with his uncle Stephen.So if Erica does lose the baby,I think it will be a a comeuppance of sort for Nick who may I add blackmailed David into doing a DNA test on Lily.
Who do you think you are?award,to Sarah who gets involved with a drug dealer who'd her brother's worst enemy and she has the gall to question why Kylie is back with her family?Why couldn't Sarah have died in the fire instead of Maddie?

Anonymous said...

Thick 1 and Thick 2 - Callum and many times did David tell them to get out? 3-4 times and they just sat there like a pair of dorks her gurning and Callum gnashing his teeth as per.

Sorry..the return of Sarah is just droll IMO..they'd better do something with her other than have her the catalyst between David and Callum. Maybe Callum is really after Beth..creep that he is.

Anonymous said...

And why would Gail have put on that show in front of Callum and Sarah? She couldn't wait two minutes for them to leave before having a go at Kylie?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping Mary was showing a softer side by having contacted Brian to encourage him to come back to Julie after Mary learned from Dev that he'd been two-timing her in India.

I am flabbergasted that the writer's are so lame that they can't even come up with original names. Kevin's son Jake, now his son Jack? The post above also refers to Elsie Tanner (nee Grimshaw - no relation). Really? Names are in such short supply in Manchester that we need to recycle Grimshaw?

Beth said...

I already love having Kylie back and hope she will put the 2 cheeky madam's Sarah and Bethany in their places. Loved her come back to Sarah
Sarah: You can't come back here after all this time
Kylie: What, like you did
Quick as a flash she was. She won't get the last word with Kylie and good job too. Hoping for more.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Elsie was related to Eileen and Julie.

"In 2011, it was revealed that she and her son Dennis were distantly related to Eileen Grimshaw and Julie Carp, as her cousin Arnley Grimshaw, was their paternal grandfather, the father of Colin Grimshaw."
- courtesy of Wikipedia entry for Elsie Tanner

Tvor said...

And to be fair, Kevin wasn't the one that named his son. Molly and Tyrone named him Jack for Jack Duckworth.

Nikki NZ said...

Yes Tvor. Although the writers knew that Molly's baby could turn out to be Kevin's. But to be fair, while Tyrone thought he had a son he was always going to be called Jack.

What I've never really understood is why TPTB then decided to name another Street baby Jake. Although we so rarely hear about the young Master Windass, let alone see him, so perhaps there is little risk of confusion.


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