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Saturday 13 June 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - two rovers return and one funeral

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Cast your mind back to last week when Michael discovered his son Gavin was Andy and Eileen discovered her son Todd was Jeff from Dubai. Michael’s way of dealing with his news is to get blotto in the Bistro. He’s so drunk he blurts out his family secrets to anyone who’ll listen. Fortunately, there’s only Maria and Kirk at the bar. “I like bus stops,” muses Kirk as Michael airs the Rodwell dirty laundry all over.  Back at Eileen’s, she confides to a drunken Michael about being taken in by Todd and the two of them get cosy on the sofa. “Oh, you are a tease, Eileen,” Michael coos. “I’d rather be the gin!” she replies.

Eileen and Michael get so cosy in fact, that she ends up snogging him on the soft furnishings. It gets a bit steamy (well, as steamy as Michael in a vest can be on pre-watershed telly) but steamy enough for Eileen to set Michael’s heart racing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop, it races away, Michael clutches his chest and is rushed to t’hospital with a heart attack.  Gail turns up to see her husband, who wants nowt to do with her after the lies she told about Gavin.  Eileen’s quizzed by the nurse who wants to know what she was doing with Michael when he suffered his attack. Eileen admits all. “I was lying on top of him,” she whispers to the nurse.  “You were what?” asks the nurse. “I was lying on top of him,” Eileen says a bit louder. Loud enough for Gail to overhear? It appears not, not this time. 

Little Simon’s feeling unloved and unwanted, and who can blame him? “Kal wasn’t even my dad!” he yells at Leanne when the Nazir family call round and make a fuss of everyone but him. His fury at Leanne erupts and he chucks a remote control at her, bruising her face. Leanne knows she has to do something to help Simon and takes him on a holiday to France to stay with Sheila Grant from Brookside.  Poor Simon, though. If he’s gone off the rails this much over Kal dying, heaven only knows how he’ll react when grandma Deirdre dies.

In the back room of the Rovers, Liz receives a bouquet of roses from Tony and she’s livid. Livid. How dare he try to butter her up with a bouquet, she demands. And roses too, they’re her second favourite flowers!  Tracy’s jealous when she hears about the flowers and tells Liz that Tony was the one who sent the thugs into the pub a few weeks ago. Liz lets her tensions out at a nattercise class at the gym with mate Erica, who I like a lot.  

Nick likes her a lot too, he even likes her more than Carla and after a kiss in the Bistro with Mrs Connor, Nick tells Erica he wants her and the baby to move into his flat. Once the fire damage has been sorted, of course. 

Elsewhere this week, there’s been a lot of comings and and one going. Michelle returned from honeymoon alone as Steve’s stayed on in Spain with twin brother Andy. 

Also back this week was Brian Packham, looking for love in the shape of Julie Carp. Beth sends Brian off with a flea in his ear and tells him that Julie is now with Dev. 

However, Dev’s got more on his mind than Julie when Talisa, the woman he met in India arrives on his doorstep.  Dev’s already told Mary that he’s met someone else but he hasn’t come clean with Julie just yet.
Another rover returned this week in the shape of Kylie Platt. She’s off the drugs now, begs David to take her back and is ready to take on Callum in the fight for little Max.  David isn’t sure he wants her back but crumbles when confronted by Callum, knowing the one way to win Max back is to put on a united front with Kylie.  

Also this week, Maddie’s funeral took place. Her little brother Ben arrived and Sally did the buffet. Nice words were said, tears were shed, and Craig did some amazing graffiti in Maddie’s memory down the ginnel.  So that’s where he’s been sneaking out to at all hours!

Finally this week, while everyone was at the funeral, Jenny made her escape with little Jack. They’ve gone to Hull where she moves into a high-rise flat with a balcony. Oh ‘eck, there’ll be trouble next week.  Speaking of which, there won’t be a weekly update next week as I’m going camping at a music festival.

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Anonymous said...

actually he said that Eileen was a tonic and she said she'd rather be the gin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe that was meant to be the joke.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Eileen say that Michael was lying on top of her? Which he was.

Anonymous said...

I thought Liz said that roses were her second least favourite flower. Did I hear that wrong? I was wondering what her least favourite flower would be.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,Simon is not that 'little' anymore and I thought it was a bit ironic to out it delicately for him to have a tantrum when the Nazirs came to visit Leeanne when not so long ago he was teary visiting his father's mistress' grave.

Cobblestone said...

I have to say that I found Max' reaction to Kiley's return strained credibility. After months of insecurities, wondering where his mummy is and if she still loves him, he greets her return enthusiastically but moments later is happy to leave for a weekend of bowling with Druggy Daddy. "Bye, Mum!" Pretty sure he would not have wanted to leave her side, despite his enthusiasm for novelty Callum. I've also found his coolness in ercent weeks towards David, who has always provided him with security, to be a little unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone, I found that odd too. If Max had been feeling abandoned by his mother, I would have thought he would have wanted to stick close to her until he was reassured that she was not leaving again. And the way he has been calling Callum "Dad" is just a little cruel towards David. What is he calling David these days, anyway?

Anonymous said...

@ Cobblestone and Anon 01.23 - just curious to know if you are parents? In my experience, children can be cruelly selfish and, if he doesn't feel like he needs Kylie for emotional sustenance, I find it completely believable that Max would gravitate toward the person in his life who brings the greatest novelty and attention at the moment, who happens to be Callum. It sucks to be Kylie.

Anonymous said...

Am I imagining this or was there a scene once when Liz said she hated lilies because they reminded her of funerals?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:58 - I'm sorry that you have had such bad experiences with children.


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