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Saturday 27 June 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - June 27 2015

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It’s baby Miley’s christening and just as in any good soap scene set in a church, it doesn’t go to plan. Sometimes it’s a bride who runs out of a wedding. Sometimes it’s a grieving relative who sneaks out of a funeral. This time it was the mother who abandoned her baby halfway through its christening. And I did a little cheer inside. Faye doesn’t want the baby, she doesn’t love it, and finally she has the guts to stand up to bossy Anna and tell her all of this. It’s Tim who consoles his daughter and talks Anna round to seeing things through Faye’s eyes.  It’s a hard decision for them all to make, but one that’s ultimately for the best, and baby Miley goes to live with the Hodges, her other grandparents.  She’s done well for herself, mind, has Miley. It’s very bay window round by where the Hodges live.
At the Barlow’s, Brian lounges around in Ken’s kimono and makes himself at home. Tracy is not best pleased. Brian does his best, and fails each time, to get back together with Julie. She’s adamant that she’ll have nowt to do with Brian, and that it’s Dev she loves. Dev’s not so sure, he’s got his eye on Talisa. Julie might be blind but Mary can clearly see what Dev’s game is and she isn’t happy with him for stringing Julie on, not one little bit.
Roy’s friend Cathy meets Fiz, who returned this week from looking after her mum in Wolverhampton. Fiz, quite rightly, is protective of Roy and wonders what Cathy’s game is. Don’t we all?  Cathy seems very nice but there’s summat not quite right. And when she tells Fiz first that her boiler’s broke at home, and her freezer’s packed in, and then a pile of unpaid bills comes tumbling from her handbag, it seems clear that Cathy’s in a bit of a state. If anyone can help her, it’s Roy. But first she has to come clean with him about whatever it is that she can’t cope with. If anyone can understand, it’s Roy.
Kylie drags the Platts to a drug counseling session at the community centre. I wouldn’t have thought it was an ideal place for a confidential counseling session, in front of plate glass window looking directly out onto the street. Anyway, it doesn’t go to plan and the counsellor’s confusion over just who is junkie Mrs Platt brings a smile when she assumes it’s Gail.
Nick’s got some thinking to do as he falls deeper for Carla this week and the two of them share a snog on the cobbles. Not that they can take things much further with Nick living at Audrey’s after his flat burned down, and Carla living with Roy for the same reason.  But then Erica suffers a miscarriage and loses the baby. Where will Nick’s loyalties lie? Whatever happens between Nick and Erica, I do hope she stays on the Street as a mate for Liz. Corrie’s supply of middle-aged women, the bedrock of the show, needs to be supplemented and Erica’s a good start - but we do need more.

It’s quiz night in the Rovers Return and Ken sets the questions, aided by Deirdre over the telephone who gives him some questions about popular culture. Mentions of Deirdre are there to guide us, I believe, to her upcoming farewell which will not be easy for any Coronation Street fan.

Michael studiously ignores Gail and goes drinking with Eileen, he still can’t bring himself to forgive and forget Gail’s lies about GavAndy.  But when the real Andy goes out in Nick’s Bistro’s new van and has an accident, he ends up in hospital. Michael’s genuinely concerned for the lad, it was a nice touch as a way to bring Michael’s defences down and he thaws a bit towards Gail, and Andy. But he still goes back to drinking with Eileen. She warns Michael not to let things fester for too long. “Either you go and give her a hug, or I’m going to have to, and that’s not an experience I want to repeat.”

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Louby said...

Who noticed baby Miley had changed into another baby between Monday and Friday? Faye had a social worker visit just after the birth - would they not have had a say in making the new arrangements?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please remind me which premises the Community Centre took over? Thanks!

Louby said...

I think it was the old butcher's shop, Fred and Asley's place.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though history is repeating itself for Michael and Eileen.After running out on his first wife and son,his second marriage is now kaput ironically because of his son Gavin and he's seeing Eileen who also had an affair with another married man whose wife had Alzheimers and yet they have the gall to judge Gail?Is this why Michael was kept on, another triangle storyline?


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