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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, June 22 - 26

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less. 

Week of Monday June 22 to Friday June 26

Faye runs out of Miley’s christening; Brian moves in with Ken; Kylie goes to counselling; Fiz becomes suspicious of Cathy; Yogalates starts at the gym; Erica’s rushed to hospital; Pub quiz in the Rovers.

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Anonymous said...

Saint Julie, who doesn't have a conniving bone in her body. Anyone else would use Brian's lovelorn presence as a means to make Dev jealous and forget about Talisa. I wish she would... but time is short before her departure, so it's probably impossible to fit in a complex (if engaging) storyline. Ditto Brian's return. It's lovely to have him back, but I doubt viewers want to invest too much in his return, as we already know he's leaving:/

Anonymous said...

I look forward to a happy ending for Julie as she reunites with Bryan. He does feed that need for romance....even to the point of being ridiculous. lol I hate what Dev is doing. The writers are really taking Dev back a step. Ick.

Anonymous said...

Why would Carla end up drunk in the street with Nick when she's guilt-ridden over boozing it up the night of the fire?

Zagg said...

And why would Audrey, Gail, Eileen, Bethany, & Carla be celebrating Erica's birthday? Have they even spoken two words to her? This is so contrived. I know they are trying to build sympathy for the baby she will certainly lose, but I could care less. Horrible story line. She's too freakin' old. Period.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why would Michael be at Kylie's family counselling meeting?Since he broke up with Gail,is he going to stalk her family now?Don't get be started on Fiz whose mission in life is to control Roy.Who does she think she is?

Anonymous said...

Fiz and Tyrone need to stop interfering in Roy's life and get one of their own. I am thrilled to no end that Erica will lose the baby - the very idea of it all is outrageously pathetic. Let Nick have some fun with Carla, who needs to find some way to feel good after all the crap being dumped at her feet with the fire. Erica can fight Talisa for Dev, who is a scumbag and a coward for not telling Julie the truth. Anna and Izzy both need to shut the hell up. They are conspiring to ruin the lives of both Faye and Miley for nothing more than their own selfish reasons. Izzy should spend more time focused on her build-a-baby and less time guilt-tripping Faye.

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