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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Will Faye throw the baby out with the bathwater?

(reposted from State of the Street with Permission)

Now, I'm not saying Faye should throw the baby out with the bathwater, not literally. But the suggestion has been brought up that the paternal grandparents take baby Miley and raise her themselves. Jackson's parents seem to be implying that Jackson also doesn't really care a lot and that they'd be doing all the work, much like Anna is in the Windass flat.

From the time she found out she was pregnant to this date, Faye really didn't want anything to do with the baby. She planned to have Craig leave the baby at the hospital doors anonymously so nobody would have to know she ever gave birth but it didn't work out that way (much to Craig's relief). Anna has been doing her best to support Faye and encourage her to bond with the baby but it's clearly been of no use. Anna's tired, stressed and angry and Faye is indifferent which only makes Anna more tired, stressed and angry. Something's got to give.

And give it did, at the christening and Tim realized that Faye really can't handle parenthood. He intially resisted the Hodges' suggestion that they take the baby but he sees Anna at the end of her tether and he knows how Faye feels. Tim would hate to give up the baby because he's besotted and isn't it a grand thing to see him so over the moon about little Miley? I love it! He would never let that baby go unless he was guaranteed to be a continuing part of her life.

This week, Anna will talk to the Hodges and Faye will be told what's going on. Anna is Faye's legal guarding but if Faye, as the baby's registered mother, wants to let the baby's father's family bring her up, I'm not sure Anna can stop it from happening. I'm really mystified why we haven't seen hide nor hair of Social Services since that one visit after the birth. They knew then that Faye was uncertain and you'd think they'd be following up. I hate when that sort of thing might be happening but it's in the background and we viewers know nothing about it. There's been no scenes, no references, nothing.

Never mind. I don't know at this date whether Faye will give the baby up or if she'll realize at the last minute that she does want the baby after all. I haven't seen any sign of it at all. There have been no secretive looks, no loving smiles when nobody's looking, and Faye has been resentful and impatient whenever she's had to be in charge of the baby for any reason. I really want this storyline to be different. I really want Faye to say to Anna, I do not want this child and I cannot care for her. Take her away.

I want Miley to be brought up by the Hodges. I do want Faye to see the baby, have visits and such and when she's older and more mature, she will grow to love the baby even if she's not the primary caregiver. That's ok. I don't want this to descend into a sentimental schmaltzy heart rending sobbing at the idea of giving the baby away and see Faye clutching the child out of Mama Hodge's arms with Anna looking triumphantly smug.

We'll know soon enough.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope the writers don't think you can hand over a child like a bag of shopping. This is what the law is in the UK.

"Parental Responsibility means you are responsible for the child’s welfare and make all the major decisions involved in their upbringing. Following family breakdown, grandparents can find themselves caring for grandchildren and eventually taking over the parental role completely although, grandparents themselves do not automatically have Parental Responsibility, and the only manner in which you can obtain Parental Responsibility for your grandchildren is by a Residence Order or Special Guardianship Order."

Anonymous said...

Wow! Aside from glitches, like the absence of Social Services, I think this storyline has been brilliant. Look at the passionate responses it has inspired. Anna's self-serving martyrdom has been so well portrayed, we're all up in arms and wishing that both Faye and Miley could be sequestered and protected from her poison. This outcome would have been unthinkable in the era when Sarah Louise became pregnant. Remember Gail's plan to move to Canada and pretend that the child belonged to her and Martin? I really like the fact that Faye is not naturally maternal - it's something biological women are made to feel guilty about all the time - but also the fact that the supporting cast of male characters, from Tim to Craig to Gary, are emerging as the sentimental ones. (Tim's speech at the non-christening was strange and poignant.) My only regret is that it's Jackson's mum who wants to take over Miley's care. That goes back to women being defined by maternity. It would have been nice for one of the gents to step in and say, 'I've got this one covered,' Tim being the natural candidate.

Tvor said...

I have very much enjoyed the storyline. And let's not forget, Jackson was named on the birth certificate so he can be the one to make the legal decisions just as much as Faye.

Anonymous said...

"she will grow to love the baby even if she's not the primary caregiver" - this is a presumptuous statement. Faye may equally look back on this time of her life is a giant mistake that she does not want to ever recall. But for Anna and Tim jamming it down her throat all the time, we have no other reason to believe Faye wants a long-term relationship with this child. This does actually happen in real life, which leads to adopted children being disappointed when trying to hunt down their biological parents who do not want to know.

Graham Green-Grass said...

Faye is what 12/13? She made a silly mistake once and ended up pregnant. A prime case for abortion, she left it too late and had the baby alone in a flat, just aided by a schoolfriend. She is clearly too immature to be a mother and has had the baby thrust in her face by bossy step mother Anna Windass the whole way. I am sure Anna is supposed to mean well but her behaviour has not shown her in a good light, screaming at Faye in front of her schoolmates about droppng her knickes was unforgiveable. Now it seems to be more what Anna wants more than what Faye wants and of course what is best for Miley. But this is not 1930 and you cannot just hand over a baby, it would at least have to involve social workers - who always seem conspicuous by their absence in the Street - or at least a Court or solicitor. I feel sorry for Faye, why should her life be ruined by one stupid mistake? I am just glad Tim seems to be on her side.

Tvor said...

"she will grow to love the baby even if she's not the primary caregiver" was taken out of context. In that paragraph, I was referring to what I'd *like* to see, not what I predict will happen. Of course, Faye may never bond with the baby and if she does give it up, may never see it again by choice, especially if the Hodges are temporary characters. Tim may refer to Miley now and then and that could be the end of it. I really don't think Faye will say she wants to keep the baby and then become all interested and loving all of a sudden. It's not realistic given Faye's attitude all along.

Anonymous said...

I think this storyline has been effective somewhat in showing what life might be like for a very young girl to find herself a mother when she is in no way prepared for it. No one should be forced to be a mum if she's not ready. I guess Anna thought she could hold everything together but she fell apart herself. Tim seems to be talking sense as to putting the baby's needs ahead of everyone else's. Miley, after a couple of episodes will no longer be mentioned, just like Michelle's son who has gone ... where?

Beth said...

If Faye does give up the baby then it would be nice for once to see a young girl succeed in school and become successful and not be a drop out and work behind the Rovers Bar or sewing knickers. If she does do well then she isn't banished and never able to return to the street for making something of herself, which is usually the case.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.32. Ibiza?

Anonymous said...

The story has been well handled - and differentiated from the Sarah Lou one - apart from bringing back the Mark Casey actor and not letting him be Mark Casey. It wouldn't have altered the story but would have been a nice link to the past and could have led to stories with his old friend and enemy Kevin and his ex Jenny Bradley. Corrie needs stronger links to its past now it's slowly losing the 60s and 70s characters.


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