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Friday 26 June 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 26 June

Friday 26th June
NICK BRACES HIMSELF TO BREAK ERICA’S HEART Desperate to talk, Carla agrees to meet Nick at the Rovers Quiz Night. David notices the chemistry between Nick and Carla, so interrogates Nick, will he reveal how close him and Carla have become? As Nick prepares to bare his soul to Erica the quiz night begins with Erica acting as Question Master for Liz. But as she’s delivering questions Erica suddenly experiences pains. Liz orders Nick to take her to the hospital, while Carla watches in concern.
THE PRESSURE BECOMES TOO MUCH FOR ALYA Alya tells Jason that she can’t live with their guilty secret, but Jason implores her to keep schtum, pointing out that no one will benefit if it comes out. When Alya and Gary are left alone in the cafe, will the guilt make her confess?
BRIAN’S GRAND GESTURE FALLS FLAT Refusing to give up, Brian once again attempts to tempt Julie with two golden holiday tickets and a bottle of champagne. But she strides past him unimpressed. Will the realisation kick in for Brian that she’s not going to leave Dev?
ELSEWHERE As Faye contemplates the prospect of Miley moving to the Hodges’, Izzy pays her a visit to point out she’ll regret it. Will Faye be able to give Miley up? Andy sets off to collect a wine order but Steph is shocked to get a call telling her he has been rushed to hospital. When Roy and Tyrone help Cathy pick up some dropped paperwork, they’re worried to discover unpaid bills.

Friday 26th June
NICK’S WORLD COLLIDES In hospital Erica and Nick fear for the baby, will everything be ok or is her pain a sign there’s something wrong with their unborn child? Overcome with emotion Nick takes his anger out on Gail, pointing out that she’s never liked Erica. Gail is left hurt by Nick’s words and Michael approaches her to offer his sympathy. How will Eileen react to this? Meanwhile when Carla finds Nick alone in the Bistro, will she be there for him when he needs her the most?
ANNA AND TIM FACE A HEARTBREAKING GOODBYE Anna, Tim, Faye, Craig, Gary and Alya attempt an emotional goodbye to Miley. But when Josie arrives will Faye be able to let Miley go?
TRACY’S SICK OF BRIAN CARPING ON Tracy’s determined to send Brian packing on his golden holiday, so decides to search for another Julie Carp online. Amy’s amused at Tracy’s plan. Tracy tells Brian she’s spoken to Julie Carp and she’s agreed to meet up with him. Brian’s thrilled as Tracy and Amy snigger.
ELSEWHERE The Rovers Pub Quiz continues but as Norris and Mary bicker over answers, Liz decides to call time on the quiz, leaving Norris annoyed. Will Liz hand over the trophy to him? Alya is overcome with love for Gary but can she continue to conceal her guilt in order to she accept his proposal?

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Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven's sake. Let the baby go, get rid of bloody Erica and let's get this Nick and Carla thing on the road already. Infuriatingly slow and pointless.

Pippa Dee said...

Couldn't agree more. If Faye does change her mind, she's had it changed for her, which is so so wrong.

Graham Green-Garden said...

I thought it was Ivy for a minute in the picture!

This 50 old Eric having a baby thing after a meanigless fling and now losing it is not one of the greater stories of Coronation St. For one thing I dont think anyone really cares about Erica and we know Nick's heart is elsewhere so we dont really have a lot of sympathy for him.

Anonymous said...

How old is Nick anyway? He looks older than Erica IMO.

Cobblestone said...

I happened to see Adam Rickett on The Wright Stuff yesterday morning and was struck by how impossible many of the Nick storylines would be if he had returned (I understand they DID give him first refusal). He still looks so young that there's no way Carla would have looked twice at him and Erica would be the subject of police enquiries! Even the Leanne/Peter/ Nick triangle would have looked peculiar. I've got used to this Nick now. I also have to say - greatly to my surprise - I think he and Carla have enormous chemistry. I like their mutual playfullness: it's not a side many people bring out in Carla.


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