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Saturday 27 June 2015

Sizzling Corrie summer spoilers from TV Times

In this week's TV Times there's some Coronation Street spoilers worth blogging about.

The first story isn't a spoiler as such but it gives a little more information about Deirdre's farewell and funeral. Deirdre's 60th birthday is coming up and everyone is excited for her homecoming. Ken buys her a new oven for her birthday, only to be given the very sad news that she has died.  Stuart Blackburn, Coronation Street producer says: "Though tragic for Deirdre's family and friends, her funeral will be full of warmth, love and laughter." 

Deirdre's funeral should see Ken and Tracy unite but TV Times say the pair will be at loggerheads after he discovers that Deirdre didn't come home sooner because she was ashamed of how Tracy has turned out.  "Tracy must confront what she's become," says Mr Blackburn.

Elsewhere this summer, Carla Connor will develop a gambling habit. She starts online gambling but her problem escalates when she hits a casino in town and becomes obsessed with poker.  She risks losing a fortune but newcomer Aidan Connor, played by Shayne Ward, is all set to save her.  He'll play Michelle Connor's cousin.  "He's a clever lad through and through," says Stuart Blackburn. "Aidan will turn a few heads but never underestimate him for behind the jokes is a clever and ambitious young man."

Roy will take his driving test this summer in the Woody - but will he actually pass?

Callum gets dumped by Sarah when she decides she wants to go back to Italy. Kylie decides that Sarah needs to know how evil Callum is first and sets Callum up, with David's help.  But when Callum finds out what's going on he blows a gasket and gets physical with Kylie.  Bethany then falls into Callum's clutches and gets seriously out of her depth.

And it looks like little Simon will give Leanne even more grief over the coming weeks.  When Liz's new fella Dan turns out to recognise Leanne from her days working as a prostitute, his arrival in Leanne's life will be too much for Simon, it's the final straw. Simon takes out all his anger and grief out on Leanne.  

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Stephen said...

So, if Sarah "decides she wants to" return to Italy, does this mean that she actually will? Can she please take the conniving, disloyal, manipulative Bethany with her?

I like Kylie's character development since her return to the Street. It's wonderful to see her struggle to better herself. If the supercilious Callum "gets physical with" her, perhaps it'll get him into trouble and we can see the last of him.

Thank goodness, for every one-dimensional snot bag like Tracy, Todd the Turd and Callum, there are characters who are much more interesting, like Royston, Steve, Eileen, Liz (long may she reign), Norris (whose loyalty to Rita is a wonderful peek into his otherwise mean-spirited personality), Tony, Luke, Steph, Jenny (who, so far, was introduced and then squandered) and Carla. And then we have characters who are a sheer delight, like Fiz, Craig, Audrey, Tyrone, Michael, Jason, Sean, Rita, Emily and the still godlike Kirkeh. It's they who keep me watching.

Graham Green-Grasss said...

Carla was supposed to be an alcoholic, now glossed over, now she is to become a gambling addict. And yet another pin up young handsome man is introduced, no doubt to go the same way as Rob and Ryaaaan.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I was going to post something about Tracy's time being up on the Street. I got as far as two lines and then realised that I'm so bored with her character that I can't even be bothered to write about her.

Anonymous said...

Agree about Tracy boredom. Though I will add that serial killers are never redeemed by finding out(as if she did not know)her mother was ashamed of her.

Anonymous said...

If Deirdre felt ashamed by Tracy,then she should take some of the blame since she enabled Tracy's behaviour for years,thinking Tracy using a rape drug on Roy was 'funny',keeping quiet when Tracy lied about Gail murdering her husband Joe when they were cellmates and again kept quiet when Tracy lied about Becky pushing her down the stairs causing her to miscarriage Steve's twins,knowing full well,Tracy already suffered the miscarriage before the fall and again didn'tsay a word while everyone turned against Becky.
As for Sarah wanting to go back to Italy[yawn!],I wonder if it's another attention seeking scheme of hers because Callum wants to dump her?

Nikki NZ said...

I really enjoyed Tracy and Amy's mother-daughter scenes yesterday. I think Tracy is redeemable so long as TPTB get over their need for her to revert to a one-dimensional villain simply as a scene filler (eg her gratuitously nasty comments to Faye a few weeks back).

Anonymous said...

@Nikki NZ - could not agree more:)

Anonymous said...

Tracy realized her mother was ashamed of her? When? Before she killed her boyfriend? When she tried to sell Amy to the Croppers? Boy this is too stupid to comment more'm done.


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