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Sunday 21 June 2015

Sally Ann Matthews hints at Jenny's return

Further to our post the other day on whether Jenny Bradley will be back, there's an interview in the Mirror today with Sally Ann Matthews on the social media reaction to Jenny's actions and she also hints that we may not have seen the end of Jenny Bradley.

The reaction on social media has been wide and varied ranging from praise to death threats and wishes throughout her storyline. It doesn't seem to have intimtidated Sally Ann, who appreciates all the feedback. She has this to say about the negative reactions:

"Basically people thought Jenny was weird and then they blamed her for Maddie’s death. But the episode when I slapped Maria Connor was when it all really kicked off on Twitter.

There were some pretty dramatic reactions. When you read them one after another it’s quite overwhelming – people sitting on sofas in the comfort of their own home sending out the vilest things.

It is so weird – these people hate you because you are playing a horrible character."

She points out this happens more often with soap characters where regular drama baddies are hated but people are more aware they are just actors playing a part.  She is overwhelmed by all the positive feedback, too. When she was in the show 22 years ago, all that happened when someone didn't like you was that you got shouted at in public but now the feedback is immediate.

On Jenny's future, she says:

“I know there are stories for Jenny. I don’t what they are and I don’t know when they will be, but you haven’t necessarily seen the last of Jenny Bradley.”

“There’s definitely scope for future stories… history and relationships which not been resolved or explored."

“I think there is a lot of potential for Jenny – which is about as much as I can say about it.”

But will Jenny be back? Sally Ann isn't say for sure and, reading between the lines, it *could* be wishful thinking but then again, maybe she knows something we don't? I really hope we do see Jenny again.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

While Sophie is living on the Street, I can't see that Kevin would stay involved with the woman Sophie holds responsible for her girlfriend's death. The two Webster factions would always be squaring up to each other whenever they met. I feel that kind of gritty storyline belongs in East Enders. Actually, the best result for me would be if Kevin did exactly that and Sophie felt so betrayed that she leaves the Street.

Anonymous said...

"There is scope for future stories.." could be said about a dozen other existing characters who have been under explored. That does not mean the writers have the will or talent to develop them. It is much more sensational to bring in younger, fresher faces and invented half-baked plots.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,If Kevin is that desperate to go back to Jenny who kidnapped HIS son and contemplated committing murder\suicide,he should be the one to leave not Sophie as he did not take her concerns seriously and even had the gall to take it out on her. Obiviously the writers don't know what to do with Kevin if they had to recycle a pschyo kidnapping plotline to justify a storyline for him.

Anonymous said...

Yet another actor on a soap that can 'act' as opposed to some who just seem to stand around, spout a few lines and collect a paycheque..the 'untouchables' I call them. Oh well.

Scott Willison said...

Wait... people sent her death threats because she slapped Maria?

I don't understand humans.

Anonymous said...

@ Scott Willison - voice of reason:)


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