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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Corrie's Michael Rodwell - and affairs of the heart

We haven't seen the last of the Eileen vs Gail feud, not by a long way.  After last night's uproar in the Platt hosuehold, Michael tries to get as far away from Gail as he can, and pops along to see Eileen. 

The previews for next week's Coronation Street say that Gail barges her way into Eileen's house insisting to see Michael. He's furious to see Gail and slams out. Michael later bowls into the Bistro, roaring drunk, loudly revealing that Andy's an impostor and that Gail concealed the death of his real son.

Eileen and Michael try to cheer each other up as they lament their disastrous lives. Michael eans in for a kiss and they end up getting, er physical on the sofa. However, Michael starts to struggle for breath and collapses in agony. He's rushed to hospital, Gail wants to know what's been going on and demands answers frm Eileen about Michae's collapse.

Michael orders Gail to get out of his hospital room. When Michael's doctor questions Eileen about his collapse, Eileen admits they were getting frisky at the time... she's horrified to see a tearful Gail standing nearby. 

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Anonymous said...

This "feuding" between Eileen & Gail, it's just so lame now. Who on earth would want to get physical with Eileen?

Anonymous said...

Well, Gail must be a real dishrag in the sack if a quickie with Eileen would bring on a heart attack.

Zagg said...

That is pretty awful for Eileen to mess around with Gail's husband. What is wrong with all these people? Why do they have to make them so horrible? Eileen is a grown woman who would HATE for someone to do that to her. I don't care if they have a feud going on. That is really crossing the line and makes her no better than Tracy in my book. On the character scale, she just sunk to loathsome.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty awful for Gail's husband to mess around with Eileen.

Anonymous said...

I personally find it very amusing that it takes Michael "getting frisky" to finally break his heart, after everything else that was concealed from him to avoid just that! Watch as Eileen kills her latest lover through sex; she has the worst luck with men and most often of her own doing. However, I suppose both characters are draw together in that "misery loves company" sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Zagg, I agree with your comments and I thought it was low when Eileen was having an affair with Paul whose wife had Alzheimer's but she sunk even deeper going after Michael.
As for Michael,is this why he's staying for yet another triangle storyline?!

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