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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Another rover returns to Coronation Street next week

Yay! Look who's back in Coronation Street next week.  It's Brian Packham!

The return of actor Peter Gunn as Brian Packham has been rumoured to be tied into the storyline of Julie Carp leaving

The previews for next week's Corrie say that Beth spots Brian knocking the door at No.12 for Julie. She tells him that Julie's happily dating Dev now and sends Brian away with a flea in his ear.

It's Mary who tells Julie that Brian's back in town - and Julie's speechless at the news. When there's a knock at No.7, Julie dives for the door hoping that it'll be Brian. But it's not. It's a striking-looking woman called Talisa.who's asking for Dev.

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vintgal003 said...

Excellent...wish he would have never left....he and Julie were a fabulous couple....well suited for each other...

Zagg said...

So, once again the writers could not come up with any other storyline for Julie's exit, other than but Dev cheating on Julie
while he was in India. Cheating and more cheating. It's all they know how to write. Sad and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I really love Coronation Street and I really love this site. Like many people who come here, I imagine, I have a volume of personal problems I deal with on a daily basis, meaning I value the escape a street in Weatherfield provides.

That said, it sometimes bothers me to read so many negative comments directed at the people who make the show. I'm sure they're trying their best. We're all armchair critics here.

Can you imagine what it would be like to invest yourself in writing a storyline you believe in, to float the spoilers, and have viewers, who haven't even seen the episode air, say that you lack talent and imagination? I would hate to be a writer.

I agree that the show probably suffers from writers and crew members who don't know the history, don't understand the overall story's roots in class conflict and sexual warfare, but, at the same time, these people are on the frontlines every day, making a product, shipping it out, battling for ratings...

Can we not have a little more empathy for them and the contribution they make?

I am not Stuart Blackburn, I am not one of his agents, I am simply a viewer in Canada who would love to read more constructive criticism rather than endless potshots and put-downs.

Imagine for a moment that you had creative control of the show and how you would feel if everyone began shooting down your ideas before they were even seen.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they don't drag out the knock on the door business and that Brian and Julie can find each other and reconnect quickly. It's not that I am looking forward to Julie's departure in any way but rather it would be nice to see her have a happy ending unfold before she goes.

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