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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Corrie weekly awards for June 1 - 5

Judas Kiss award.

New Direction award: Zeedan wants to run the gym. Not a bad idea, I think, but he may need his grandfather's experience to get him started.

Musical ambiance: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" playing while Eileen is talking to Liz about Tony's betrayal.

Desperation award: Gail suggested perhaps "Gavin" had an accident to explain his looks being so different from the man in the picture.

Barking up the wrong tree award: Rita reckons Jenny will have to be the strong one for the Webster family.

Fashion Fail: Bad enough the jumper was too small. But wearing a heavy Christmas themed one in June?

Blinders award: Eileen discovers Todd was Jeff all along and still doesn't disown him. Kevin can't see that something's just not right with Jenny.

Lines of the Week
David about Kylie "She's like Bigfoot at the moment"
Jason quoting Charlie Stubbs "If there were no bad women in the world, there'd be no bad men" (and look where that got him!)
Michael about Andy "He looks like he's ready for the gallows" (he is! his life as he knows it is about to be over!)
Michael "Which one of you isn't my son? Him or you?" Andy "" (and there it is, folks! Cat's out of the bag)
Michael "Instead of worrying about my heart stopping, you should have been more worried about my heart breaking" and "This isn't a home. This is just some place I tried to rob" (Ouch)
Sophie to Carla "You're the one with the life sentence" (She's right except it's Tracy's not Carla's)
Michael "How did you lose weight, Sean?" Sean "The gay way...caesar salads, spin class and stress!"
Julie about a Mongolian sky funeral "You couldn't do that round here. We've got enough of a problem with the pigeon population as it is!" (line delivered perfectly!)
Beth "Well... I say 'oil rig'. It was above a petrol station on the A56"
Eileen about Jeff "I feel like I've known him for years" (you have)
Sean to Eileen "If you're gonna behave like a trollop, you might as well look half decent doing it"

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Simon Scareccrow said...

Blame award: Why was Sophie blaming Carla for Maddie's death? As I saw it she ran across a police cordon in the middle of a raging fire despite being told to keep back by a police officer? Am I missng something here? Sophie is always so disagreeable.

chartreuse said...

Agreed. That was quite a stretch - even for Miss Sophie! On a similar topic - what is Alya thinking? As if Carla will give her free rein to undermine her business; in the real world Alya would be let go - maybe offered glowing references, even a golden handshake. Unless she is suddenly going to develop a real poker face - her days are numbered! "She is not worth it" does not speak of a good professonal relationship in the future! She could have said "It is not worth it/it will not solve anything".

Keep Calm and Carry on said...

Flame of doom award: Wasnt it the candle that Sinead gave Steve as a wedding present that caused the fire? Perhaps they were duds. An interesting theory. Was Kal trapped in the flat or did he run in their of his own free will following Superwoman Leanne? Everyone is so eagar to make a scapegoat of Carla yet nothng is black and white or even grey.

Anonymous said...

Miss directed blame - towards Carla. As I see it, Leanne insisted on running back into an inferno and Kal right after her. Then, they take the time to have an emotional chat on the balcony while the fire raged around them. And that candle..why would Sinead, who wouldn't even spit on Steve to put him out if he was on fire, suddenly gift him with a pair of candles that she made herself? How would she have accomplished that task from a wheelchair? How did Tracy, who would have been almost blind going into a dark apartment find not only the candle, but the package of matches in a matter of 2 seconds? However, I do see the conundrum that the writers have to come up with to explain yet another departure of a major character. IMO Carla has had her day anyway and needs to go, but not in the favour of Alya Nazir.

Anonymous said...

Lack of credibility award,Since it was Tracy who started the blame game rolling about Carla starting the fire,I wondered considering her history why would anyone believe her especially Ken who knows exactly what lengths his daughter would go to when she's desperate?!
Ken is going to have egg on his face when the truth comes out [and I hope soon] and maybe feel so ashamed he'll join Peter in Portsmouth?

Beth said...

Will the truth come out about Carla/ Tracy though? With Carla leaving and Tracy staying put (as there's been nothing saying otherwise) maybe Tracy gets away with it AGAIN! Seems the powers that be are ok with Tracy Barlow, murderess, free as a bird, to do as she pleases. Just doesn't sit well with me at all, even after Charlie Stubbs.

Humpty Dumpty said...

SB says the truth will come out - eventually - but will be unprovable. My guess is that Amy will begin to question what happened and traps her mother into confessing. Perhaps she demands to live with Steve and Michelle so it quickly gets round the Street. Tracy will stay for as long as the writers can squeeze a story out of her. She can start redeeming herself by taking care of her old dad rather than expect him to support her.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,If it does come out that Tracy was responsible for the fire, and t deaths due to a botched murder attempt on Carla,I think Corrie would have zero credibility if Tracy is allowed to stay on the Street.As for Ken,perhaps the shock of his daughter's latest crime spree is too much for him and he dies of a heart attack?With both Deirdre and Peter,I think it should be the end for the Barlows.

Anonymous said...

Since blame is being portioned, why hasn't anyone blamed the fire brigade? Here in Canada a response that slow would demand an inquiry.

The.HR.Doctor said...

It was a weak storyline altogether. They could have gone down the ladder one after the other, there were enough people on the ground to support.

Sadly, they decided to go down one-by-one at five minute intervals...

Slug said...

Dont forget not only go down at five minute intervals - also stop in the middle of the ladder (who would do that really?) to give an answer to a marraige proposal!

Also agree there would be a public outcry at the time these emergency services take to any of the many emergencies in and near Weatherfield.

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