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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wig wearers of Weatherfield, unite and take over

Jenny Bradley in a wig has taken twitter by storm. It even has its own twitter account - .  It's started me off thinking about other Coronation Street characters who have worn wigs in the show.  

I don't mean theatrical wigs for parts in pantos and plays, shows and such-like when dressing up is called for, but rather wig / toupee / hair-piece wearing as part of the character's storyline.

Norris once donned a wig. Mary bought it for him for his 70th birthday in 2010. However, he didn't wear it, he only briefly tried it on in the Rovers' toilets.

Coronation Street's most famous wig wearer was Reg Holdsworth. Mother-in-law Maud was thrilled when he burned his wig in an act of frustration.  

Fred Gee wore a toupee to try to impress the ladies when he worked behind the bar at the Rovers Return.
Marc / Marcia wore a wig.
Vera Duckworth donned a red wig to pose as "Carole Munro" 
With thanks to the podcasters at Conversation Street, here's Jack Duckworth in a wig as Ida Fagg for the ladies bowls team.

If you can think of any more characters whose wigs played an important part of their time on the show, do please leave a comment and we'll add them in.

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Tvor said...

Even though Rita's hair is meant to be her own, she has famously been known on t'interweb for years as The Big Red Wig.

Conversation Street said...

Don't forget Jack and his Ida Fagg wig!

Emma Hynes said...

Honorary mention for Liz's hair tinsel

Anonymous said...

Bet Lynch always wore a wig behind the bar in later years. When she was depressed (after another bad affair) we would see her with her own limp hair and no make up, fag in hand. Her wig reminded us she was always putting on a show behind the bar.

Anonymous said...

I know it wasn't meant to be seen as a wig, but Hayley Cropper's brunette helmet hair was known to be a wig worn by the actress.

Anonymous said...

Gary Mallet also wore a wig as he's always been 'bald as a coot' - like me! :) John H

Gracie said...

I'm sure I read an interview years ago when Jane Danson revealed she wore a wig for the part of Leanne. Think it was in the mid '00s when Leanne was having if off with Danny.

Zagg said...

I honestly thought Hayley's wig was the worst. It was SO obvious and horrible styled....well no style really.

Unknown said...

Does Robert wear a wig0

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