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Sunday, 7 June 2015

First look pics: Jenny and Jack in balcony horror

Here are some advance picture previews direct from ITV for Coronation Street, week commencing Monday 15 June.
Clutching Jack, Jenny Bradley stands dangerously close to the edge of the balcony.

As Kevin Webster and Rita Sullivan beg her to move to safety, Sophie Webster bursts into the flat scaring Jenny and causing her to step back further.

As Jenny clings to Jack she talks about the day Tom died.
Kevin pleads with her to see that Jack isn’t Tom and she needs to hand him over but can get Kevin get through to her before tragedy strikes?

The episode will be screened on Monday 15 June at 8.30pm.

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Anonymous said...

Am I confused or is this not exactly the same situation Ashley Peacock faced?

lizzieizzard said...

And Sarah with little Bethany on tge church roof ...

Simon Scarecrow said...

All I can say is that its a pity that Jennybradley wasnt kept on as she is a good character with a Corrie past but she has to be turned into the usual nutcase with another regurgitated storyline. Is that the end of the character now?

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's a shame that Maddie's exit was tied up with Jenny's story. Kevin might be willing to forgive her and move on, but Sophie will never be able to. That must mean Jenny doesn't stick around. Perhaps she'll be sectioned after being arrested and it might not be the first time. What isn't explained is where Hull comes into it and how Jenny thought she could hide from Kevin by going there.

We could have had a good story about grief but Jenny was turned into a panto psycho. The viewers have been yelling 'Look behind you!' at Kevin for weeks and you can't take a set-up like that seriously.

Anonymous said...

*Rita Tanner, not Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why doesn't anyone call the police?Little Jack doesn't seem scared to be with Jenny either?
After this,I hope Kevin spends more time with HIS son and less time in the pub!

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