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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Coronation Street weekly update – Sons, secrets and lies

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After the excitement of the fire and explosion last week, you’d think things might be quiet this week, but no. There’s explosions of a different kind as one of the biggest bombshells goes off in the Platt household this week. When a photo album arrives for Michael from his ex-wife Susan, Gail does her best to keep it out of Michael’s hands. The album contains pictures of Michael’s son Gavin from baby to boy to adult to the son who looks nothing like the Gavin that Michael thinks is his son. Michael of course views the photos and his whole world comes crashing down on his head.

Andy tries to explain his deceit to Michael but Micheal won’t listen, he’s LIVID!  Then Michael finds out that Gail knew what was going on and he’s UP IN ARMS! Then he finds out that David was in on the deceit and Michael is FUMING! Then Gail tells Michael that she met his ex-wife Susan. Michael is ENRAGED! (Hang on while I go to as this could go on for a while). He wants to know where Gail met Susan and when he finds out it was at Gavin’s funeral, well, he’s FURIOUS! And of course he’s MIRED IN GRIEF to discover his real son is dead. And finally he’s INCENSED to find out that the secret about his son has been spread as far as Steph in the Bistro and to her brother, Luke.  Michael RAGES against Gail for all the lies about his real son and he threatens to leave. Gail tells him he can’t, that No. 8 is his home. “This is not my home,” he tells Gail. “It’s just a house I tried to burgle.”  He does leave, and spends the night in his car before Eileen takes him in the following morning. She cheers him up with a bacon butty and one of Sean’s old jumpers while Gail whimpers and wonders what she’s gone and done.

Dev returns from India this week. All is not well in the Alahan household as Mary and Julie continue to bicker over the bloke.  Mary takes a call on Dev’s phone and it’s a woman calling from India, a woman who Dev has befriended while he’s been out there. She wonders if there’s something more going on and doesn’t mention the call to Julie.  Meanwhile, Julie gets herself all ready for Dev to propose when he takes her out to the Bistro to ‘talk about their future’.

Maddie died in hospital this week and Sophie went into meltdown. This is not a story I care about and weeks of Sophie crying and weeping are not something I’m looking forward to, not one little bit.  Sophie finally listened to her voicemail from Maddie from the night of the fire, warning her about Jenny.  Kev still won’t listen to Sophie’s theory that summat’s up with Jenny. He’s not the inquisitive, or intelligent, type.
Kal’s funeral was held this week, a Muslim funeral where the men and women are kept separate. It was interesting to watch but that’s as far as I enjoy this storyline. I’m just glad Kal has gone, he was a complete waste of space who never fitted in. Mum Yasmeen (who I do like) finally welcomes Leanne into the family and gives her the engagement ring that Kal had chosen for her.  “You’re our family now,” she tells Leanne. “Always.”  I did a little shiver on Yasmeen’s final word. 

Everyone, of course, continues to blame Carla for the fire and she’s doing her best to keep a low profile, along with Roy’s help.  Why then, she sent a cheque (a cheque?) to Kal’s family to kickstart a memorial fund, and why Roy delivered the cheque to Kal’s family on his funeral day just doesn’t make sense. It’s not what either character would do.

Elsewhere this week, Beth drags Craig to see the doc as he keeps falling asleep in class. Craig says there’s nothing wrong with him, but he’s clearly up to something. Kirk wonders if Craig is spending too much time under the bed covers with his computer watching ‘Australian Football’. But it might be that Craig is helping Faye with the baby and he doesn’t want Beth to know. All will be revealed soon.

And finally this week, Jason smacks Todd in the face. It’s a well-deserved smack in the face. If Jason hadn’t done it, I might have had to do it myself.  Todd lures Eileen to the Bistro on the pretence of her meeting ‘Jeff from Dubai’ for a meal. When she gets to the Bistro, Adrian’s waiting for her, ready to whisk her off for a romantic night in a forest hotel. Eileen’s not sure what’s going on, she was hoping to meet Jeff but doesn’t want to lose Adrian.  Todd winds things up between his mum and Adrian and then reveals that he’s really Jeff from Dubai, and has been stringing Eileen along for months. It’s all a bit sick. Instead of Eileen getting angry with her son, she just gets upset.  It’s left to Jason to smack his brother round the chops for what he’s said and done and Todd leaves in a cab with his what-nots in a hold-all as Eileen does a little cry. Todd might be a nasty piece of work, but he is still her little boy.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Mark Burt and Simon Crowther (Monday); Martin Allen (Wednesday); Jan McVerry and Damon Rochefort (Friday).  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Stephen said...

So, has Todd the Turd left for good? Seeing as there's been no mention of the actor being part of this year's general exodus, we can only assume that he isn't. Hmph!

Mind you, comeuppances are jolly gratifying, aren't they.

Anonymous said...

I agree that commeuppnaces are gratifying and both Gail and Eileen finally gotten theirs. Gail for lying to Michael all these months and Eileen for being full of her own importance,keeping in touch with 'Jeff'deapite dating Adrian,a decent bloke.Sean did warn Eileen that she was playing a dangerous game and should just have deleted 'Jeff's' profile but no,Eileen knew better and got burned in the end,rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

That cheque from Carla, delivered after the funeral, was crass and out of character for both Carla and Roy.

I was puzzled by something Eileen said in the bistro. She told Adrian that Todd had always been like this. Are we now expected to forget about the change in his character for which we've all been awaiting the explanation and pretend that Todd has always been a nasty, conniving character?

Tvor said...

I think perhaps Todd has always been jealous of Jason but in the old days, Todd was the favoured son just the same. He certainly was never a manipulator.

Anonymous said...

Eileen said that Todd had always been "jealous and twisted". He may have been jealous of Jason, although I don't remember that being emphasized particularly, but he certainly wasn't twisted. I suspect that this is just another case of the viewers being expected to ignore a personality transplant.

Anonymous said...

It was fantabulous acting on the part of Todd and the Nazir family this episode. I wasn't too sure about the Nazirs' at first but now I really like them. It is sad Kal is gone but the rest of the family have staying power. Finally we know why Todd is a jerk. He is a petty, jealous wanker. Too bad Todd, move on and get a life! He could of redeemed himself months ago but he didn't try. He was always putting down others and scheming, no wonder he wasn't well liked by ones on the street.

- Pod

Humpty Dumpty said...

We had a throwaway remark that Todd was jealous because Jason has a dad in his life. I don't think such a story arc has been in the writers' minds, but a new development could be that Todd had come across his dad in London and was rejected. (I don't know how, but the writers don't seem to worry about that sort of thing so neither will I!) Maybe the scar represents rejection by *everyone* Todd cares about. Even if this was the case, it's too late for Todd to be redeemed. Surely, Eileen won't let him back in the house so he's now homeless.

It's bad news for Leanne to be drawn into the Nazir family. Inevitably, she'll meet someone else and Yasmeen will be accusing her of disloyalty and want the ring back.

Les Dennis has just had his contract renewed so I guess Michael and Gail reconcile. Wish they would give them some proper comedy storylines, both actors being capable of delivering.

Anonymous said...

Okay, last time Todd was booted from chez Grimshaw, he ended up at Julie's. Tony's about to come back without a place to stay - maybe they'll both hole up with Tracy. In any case, please don't let him bed down at the vicar's. Please!

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