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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Corrie Weekly Update: Mothers, sons and the return of evil Dave

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Mothers and sons are a soap staple and on Corrie this week, there was one with a twist.  Hayley wanted very much to meet her son Christian again, even though last time they met he beat her up, unable to cope with the fact that his dad was now his mum.  So it doesn’t bode well when Christian turns up at Roy’s Rolls after Hayley contacts him out of the blue and asks to meet up.  They retire to the Rovers but Christian still has trouble with transsexual Hayley.  Christian’s a dad to two kids, and Hayley tells him to “to be a good dad”.  “I couldn’t be worse than you,” he replies.  Hayley takes her cue, and with Roy beside her, walks out of the pub and her son’s life.   Back at the flat, Hayley encourages Roy to continue his driving lessons and to plan for his life when there’s a great big Hayley-shaped hole in it. I’ve already ordered my bulk-buy of tissues, have you?

Over at Underworld,  Peter upsets Michelle so wonderfully that she walks out and takes a job at the Rovers instead. When Carla returns from Antwerp she tries but fails magnificently to get Michelle back knicker-stitching.   And it looks like Michelle might be staying behind the bar of the pub, not as barmaid but as girlfriend of owner when the Price family put the pub up for sale and Steve wants to buy it.  He hasn’t mentioned anything to Michelle yet but she’s got other things on her mind when son Ryan ups and leaves to be a DJ in Ibiza.   He’ll not be much missed.  In fact, Michelle long-ago forgot that he wasn’t even her son.

Elsewhere, desperate to get away from Sally, Tim tells her he’s gone away to work but hides away up in his flat instead. Tim’s got Jason at his beck and call bringing him takeaways and booze while Tim’s daughter Faye’s develops an addiction to text messaging her new best mate, mardy Grace.

At th’ospital, Nick wakes up and squeezes Leanne’s hand at every mention of David, baby Lily or Kylie.  When he starts talking, the first word he spits out of his lips is “David” and he throws a panic attack when his eyes open to see David standing over his hospital bed.  Scared that Nick will remember everything about the baby and the crash and sleeping with his wife, David sneaks back into the ward when everyone’s gone and threatens Nick to stay quiet. It was all rather creepy and wonderfully evil in that way that David does so very well.

Elsewhere this week, Katy starts work for Owen who’s got problems with customers who refuse to pay up. One customer in particular’s causing him grief and he confides in Gary in a sort of manly way about it, over a pint in the pub, where that sort of manly way things are best talked about.  We haven’t seen the nastier side of Owen released in some time, he’s been all nice since he got together with Anna, all cushions and pies, but I detect the rumbling of Owen’s inner monster and it’s ready to roar.

And that’s about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Are these, novel TRIPLE WHAMMY and poetry book CANDY FLOSS GIRL NEEDED - APPLY WITHIN, available in hard copy? If so, where can I purchase, please? I don't have Kindle or electronic reader, but I'd love to read these!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Re: the David/Nick scene in the hospital, it looked like a re-run of Karl and Sunita. The whole story is based on the flimsy premise that David thinks Kylie will be mortified that he knows the truth and will vanish with the children. In all the conversations with Tina, he never explains why he feels like that so I don't find any of it very believable.

Flaming Nora said...

Sorry, anonymous, just on kindle. If you really are a sucker for punishment, I mean, er, keen, email me and I can send you the PDF versions of both for the same cost as the Kindle versions.

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